Outlander S6 Trailer Breakdown by Blacklanderz® Jessica L.

Once again, we have the Outlander S6 trailer breakdown from Jessica L. Enjoy! ~ V

Spoilers Alert: For non-book readers, below may contain some spoilers. If you don’t want to know, stop here!

The Outlander Gods smiled upon us this week and provided a ton of new content to quench our thirst during this extended Droughtlander. We were not only given the anticipated official trailer for S6, but also provided with new stills and character promos.

If you’re like me, then I know you analyzed the trailer frame-by-frame to ensure you captured every aspect of what the trailer had to offer. Now, before I jump into a frame-by-frame analysis, I just wanted to discuss my initial thoughts on the trailer in its entirety.

First, I love the song, Wolves, in the trailer by a Trills. I think the song matches the tone of what we see in the trailer, and I know I am patiently anticipating adding this song to my Spotify playlist when it is released in Feb. 2022.

Another initial thought I had after watching the trailer is that this season will be jammed packed as we only have 8 episodes, no filler episodes this season. Thank the lord! In previous seasons some of the filler episodes were some of my favorites, but A Breath of Snow and Ashes (ABOSAA) has a lot of storyline the show needs to get through, so we don’t have time to lallygag this season.

Lastly, my initial thought after watching the entire trailer was that I needed to rewatch it about 100 more times, so I could grasp every small detail of what’s to come in S6.

So, let’s jump into a deep dive of the Outlander S6 trailer.

The Outlander trailer opens with the scenic views of Scotland of course. As the sun rises in the distance, we hear Jamie’s voice as he speaks to Claire,

You helped pull me from the darkness, you are always with me.

The soft smile on Jamie’s face melts my heart and the gentle and affectionate look Claire has upon her face gives me ALL THE FEELS. This scene in the trailer is from a J and C clip that Starz released late last year, where Jamie calls Claire an angel. Jamie and Claire is the ship of all ships.

Also, I love the way Jamie is such a real man and doesn’t mind Claire wearing Frank’s ring. He is willing to kiss her hand with another man’s ring on her finger. Reason number 500 why Jamie Fraser is the King of Men.

Next, we have this precious moment of Roger and Bree. My heart cannot handle how adorable they look here.

I am excited to see these two in S6. In ABOSAA, Roger and Bree really settle and become a solid couple. I was so glad to see them return at the end of S5 and not go back to their time. Roger, Bree, and Jemmy belong with J and C on the ridge.

Jamie deserves to be surrounded by his grandchildren and children (and no this does not include Willie, he doesn’t exist) because he was robbed of getting to raise his children with Claire!!! I will never step down from this soapbox. NEVER.

Moreover, Roger and Bree are clearly celebrating some exciting news. I wonder what it could be???

After Roger and Bree, we see Malva Christie flirting and smiling at Young Ian in the next clip. I struggle to be unbiased when it comes to Malva because she has such a complex storyline coming this season and I don’t want to spoil anything for the non-book readers.

BUT, judging the look she is giving Ian, her glances are serving manipulation and deception to me.

All I can say to young Ian is….RUN IAN RUN!!!

Next, we have Fersali & another baby (I honestly don’t know how many babies they have at this point LOL. It feels like number 15).

Marsali and Fergus are in Claire’s surgery, holding a wee bairn. Based upon promos of their characters, Marsali and Fergus will go through a lot this season.

Marsali looks tired and has aged a bit and Fergus looks rough and unshaven. I am going to tell my mother to put these two on the prayer line because they appear to need some prayers.

The next scene in the S6 trailer, shows Jamie and Claire walking on the ridge and being met by redcoats. There is always so much drama and strife happening that I tend to forget the upcoming Revolutionary War is looming around…. And I need to rant for a moment.

These history/war parts of S6 will be very difficult for me to get through because we honestly don’t have time for it at all this season, especially considering we are only getting eight episodes.

If we had more episodes, I wouldn’t mind the war and historical aspect of the series. But, I need these war scenes to be a minimum of five minutes or so in an episode or two. LOL. Time is of the essence. But I digress, back to the trailer.

I assume the redcoats have brought Jamie some guns to help aid in the fight against the rebels. After what happened with Roger and Murtagh last season, it will be interesting to see how Jamie responds to the crown asking him to join the fight once again.

For those who need a reminder, Roger was hung by the British for being a rebel and Murtagh was killed in a battle.

Then, we see him alongside some men from the ridge, Bree, and a few redcoats doing some target practice and testing out the new guns. As the guns fire, we hear Claire’s voice stating,

It’s starting, if only they knew what was coming.

Based on what happens next in the trailer, I think the guns the redcoats bring Jamie is to lure the Native Americans to the British side of the incoming war.

We see Jamie and Ian talking with the Native Americans. Young Ian went and joined the Mohawk in exchange for Roger’s life at the end of S4, but he came back to the ridge in S 5.

Naturally, Jamie would take Ian along with him to the Native Americans settlement. Ian explains,

It would be a shame if our Indian neighbors became our enemies.

Then, further on in the S6 trailer, Ian defends, “If ye won’t help them, then I will.”

Aside, can we take a moment to admire the costuming for the Native Americans. The rich colors and detailing of their costumes is magnificent. The accessories on the them and Young Ian look authentic and historically accurate.

One of my favorite parts about Outlander is the inclusion of the Natives story because it is a crucial element to the American history.

Now before we move onto the next sections of the trailer, I just want to note that Sam does this look multiple times in this trailer. LOL. Here is the look once.

And here it is again.

I find it comical because it’s clearly different scenes and the look he is giving in both scenes says “WTF” and “they have me F-ed up” at the same time LOLOL. Thank you Sam Heughan for this meme. I will be adding it to my meme album for later use.

Back to the trailer. We see men scurrying and holding on to the reins of some horses. It is difficult to see who those men are, but if you look closely you can rule out Jamie as the men have dark hair. The events taking place in this scene show the ridge is being attacked in some capacity and the men are rushing to defend it.

I canna be two things at once, Claire,” Jamie admits in the next clip. I love when Jamie bares his soul to Claire and talks about how he’s feeling and how he is conflicted with the decisions he has to make.

Moments like this, we are reminded of Jamie and Claire’s closeness and how much he trusts and relies on her. A true partnership like no other. Jamie and Claire being the blueprint for the best ship on TV.

This next sequence in the trailer had me SHOOKETH! I watched it multiple times because it’s so dramatic and chaotic I needed to map out exactly what was happening.

So, Jamie and Claire are gathering all the guns and weapons in the house. They are clearly getting ready to defend themselves against men, who I believe to be the Browns. I assume the Browns are responsible for this mayhem because we will see Richard Brown shooting at the big house later on in the trailer.

As this sequence continues, you can see Claire with her back to the wall as things are being thrown through their bedroom window and they are being shot at.

Also, notice how Claire‘s hair is short!??!!! You can tell in the front that it isn’t her usual length and it’s not pinned in the back. I have a feeling we will explore this short hairstyle Claire is rocking at some point in S6.

More of this sequence shows Jamie, blocking himself from the shattering glass and bullets coming at him and Claire. The chaos of this small clip has me SHOOK! If this entire episode is anything like I think it will be, we all will be on the edge of our seats holding our breath.

Also, I want to throw hands with whomever is busting those windows because I hate to see glass windows being broken. Glass is not cheap especially in the eighteenth century. LOL. J and C need to sue for damages along with attempted murder charges.

You can’t live your life being afraid of who you are.

Claire states in the next small snippet of the S6 trailer.

Based on this still that was released for S6, Claire must be talking to Brianna in the trailer and encouraging her to embrace her engineering mind. Things we love to see!

After that snippet of Claire talking to Bree, we see a flash to a scene of Claire getting emotional.

Every time we see Claire throughout this trailer, you can tell she is different. By different I mean she isn’t the same Claire we are used to seeing. In all the promos we have gotten so far, there are moments or stills of Claire either getting triggered or emotional about something. I think she is more raw after what she experienced in S5. Also, Caitriona always depicts Claire’s exact thinking and feelings with her face so brilliantly.

Thus, Claire’s trauma journey will continue on this season as she is dealing with PTSD. I am still an emotional wreck after 512, so the writers better leave Claire alone for the first couple episodes of S6 because that queen needs time to heal and so do I. OL writers give my girl Claire a break PUHLEASE.

Something about Alan Christie gives me creepy vibes. In the trailer, we get a snippet of him in Claire’s garden. The look on his face is menacing and I have a feeling he isn’t in the garden with good intentions.

In the trailer and in this S6 still, Alan looks sinister and troubled. Like what could he be watching so intently? Why is he in Claire’s garden in the trailer and why is he in Claire’s surgery in this S6 still? If he touches Claire all hell will break loose because I will COME for him.

All of the Christies look strange and have a dark presence about them in everything we’ve seen in S6 promo so far. Whatever happens with the Christies this season, all I know is that Jamie should’ve told Tom Christie no when he came looking to be a tenant…

In the next scene of the trailer, Roger and Tom Christie are pushing a church bell. Tom says something about who the bell tolls for or something of the sort. I will admit to having little interest in what he is talking about. But, I will point out that we see him multiple times throughout the trailer being religious in some capacity.

And I am at the point where I am just going to fully embrace my bias and reiterate I do not like the Christies. Throw the whole family away.

It wasn’t until I watched the trailer for a second time that I realized that this is a small baby basket floating along the river at Fraser’s Ridge.

Based on this S6 still and the scene from the trailer, there is a baby in that basket that Roger saves from drowning. I have so many questions…like whose baby is it? Why would someone send that baby floating down the river? Who is Roger looking at as he rescues the baby? I need answers ASAP.

Then BAM, the next flash in the trailer shows that the baby Roger is FERGUS AND MARSALI’S BABY. The baby is wrapped in the exact same blanket. WHAT IS GOING ON? Who is trying to kill their baby?

Also, why does Fergus look like he is barely sober here? What is going on with him in S6 because he does not look like himself at all. I am worried. And why did they age Marsali so much? She looks so much older. Maybe it’s the wig. I don’t know, but she looks older.

If you look in the background, you can see Jamie and Claire standing there like they brought Fergus home to apologize to Marsali. I love that they are standing there watching because it’s almost like Fergus is their little boy they made go apologize for being bad. LOL

Here goes Malva again, being sneaky. I believe she is in the big house, and she is staring at J and C. For real, this little girl needs to go sit down and find something to do…

I’m sure someone needs help with laundry or something. Go read a book or something because she is giving Obsessed.

I have stared at this screenshot of the trailer to determine what Bree could possibly be emotional about and I have no idea. But I do know, whatever it is, Brianna Ellen Fraser MacKenzie must be protected at all costs!!!

The trailer switches back to Jamie and Claire’s room. We saw earlier in the trailer that someone was attacking the house and Jamie and Claire were held up in the room while it looks like Jamie will fire back.

I can already tell this entire sequence will be intense in S 6 and I’m ready for the angst and drama, but at the same time not a single hair on J and C heads should be harmed.

Then, of course, the trailer shows flashes of Jamie and Claire getting it on. I have nothing to say about this, just know any J and C kissing or touching scene in the trailer has been added to this analysis for scientific purposes.

If you are to stay, my word at Fraser’s Ridge is law.

Jamie saying these words to Tom Christie in the trailer. King of Men energy coming through hard! I like Jamie calmly putting Tom in his place. He also looks so dominant and attractive here, making me feel a type of way.

Then, we see two men bringing Alan Christie to kneel before Richard Brown in the next clip of the S6 trailer. Everyone on the ridge is watching, even Roger, Bree, and Claire are standing behind Jamie. I wonder what Alan could have done for Jamie to give him over to the Browns?

One thing we do know, the Browns form their own militia, so perhaps Jamie must turn Alan in for a crime he has committed or maybe Jamie has brought Alan forth to deny any wrongdoing the Browns are accusing him of. Whatever the situation, Alan probably is guilty. He deserves no trial because I don’t like his facial expressions while he is in Claire’s garden. GUILTY. BYE.

And here Bree, Roger, and Jem go for a walk together. I love that it seems like Roger and Bree are in their own small world throughout the trailer.

They went through hell in S5. They deserve a much needed break from drama and pain. Look at wee Jem, he is so cute and precious.

Furthermore, I love this dark burgundy coat Bree wears, it looks great on her with her red hair. That coat is one of my favorite Bree costume pieces from S5, so I’m glad we will see it in S6.

Of course, LJG makes a random cameo in the S6 trailer. I know everyone loves LJG, but we only have eight episodes so we don’t have screen time to waste on him just because.

Like I know everyone in production loves David Berry and I like him too, but please give us a break and focus on what is necessary. I hope his scenes won’t take away from the storytelling, as there is so much to unpack. Also, spoiler alert, he isn’t in ABOSAA heavily, so his cameo needs to be short lived in S6.

And I pray the S6 writers room spared us from seeing Willie. I promise you no one wants this. Not a soul or spirit wants to see Willie… Jamie’s ghost from S1 doesn’t even want to see Willie in S6. PLEASE SPARE US. I BEG OF YOU.

Switching over to Claire grabbing a gun and I need to point out again, LOOK AT HER SHORT HAIR!!!! I was so stunned at her short hair.

I didn’t realize until my fifth watch of the trailer, that she is going for the large gun, her favorite go to when she is trying to take something or someone down. Based on what we see in the next part of the trailer, we know who she is trying to take down.

The Browns are back, unfortunately. You can see Richard Brown pointing his pistol at Claire. In the next part of the trailer, we see Richard standing behind Jamie as Claire calls out Jamie’s name.

Look at Jamie in horror as he realizes who Richard Brown is shooting at. Lionel Brown has done enough damage already to Claire, now his brother is trying to kill her? Oh hell naw! Jamie needs to handle that, forget honor and all that crap, get rid of all of the Browns.

I mean look at this next flash of Claire, this is haunting and squeezes my heart because we know Claire has PTSD. You can tell she is triggered here; she is in shock and frozen. Obviously, she is traumatized from what Lionel Brown did her last season.

Then, we see in the trailer this brief moment of Claire rushing into a cabin, (Bree and Roger’s perhaps?) trying to escape. I think this is another moment of her recalling the horror of what she went through.

Additionally, I have an outlandish theory: The image of Bree in the trailer earlier, the one of her teary eyed, that could be her coming into the cabin and seeing Claire have a moment. My mind is just coming up with random scenarios.  Who knows maybe my theory is true and we will get a Bree comforting Claire scene.

Yes, I keep including all of the screen caps of Roger and Bree sitting together and just being because it is lovely to see. These two deserve to be a family and enjoy their time together. They have been through hell since they got handfast back in S4.

Happiness for Roger and Bree this season is what we need. I also think it is important for the writers to show Roger and Bree are a lovely couple and they go well together. I think showing them in a happy phase could lure some fans to not dislike them so much.

This next image of the trailer elicited a loud and excited yell out of me when I saw it. Here is a brief look at Lizzie who appears to be in distress gripping her stomach. All I will say is that I am very much looking forward to seeing what Lizzie gets up to in S6. 😉

This next image from the S6 trailer shows Young Ian carrying a coffin and Roger is leading the way at someone’s funeral. Someone from the ridge must have died and whoever it was must have been close to Ian because he is one of the individuals helping to carry the coffin.

ALSO, look at Bree in the background with what I think is a baby bump!!! I am yelling! Finally, Jem is going to have a wee brother or sister!!??!! If Bree is really pregnant here like I think she is, I really hope the writers redeem themselves and give us a birthing scene with Jamie and Claire beside Bree, as their grandchild is being delivered. It’s what the fans deserve after we were robbed of a similar scene in S4.

On to the next. More images of death in the trailer. Bree, Claire, Jamie, and Lizzie stare as Roger walks towards them. There are multiple graves dug up in the background with onlookers to the side and surrounding one of the graves.

The cloudy dark skies serve as a metaphor for death on the ridge. But on the bright side at least our faves are all safe and alive according to this image right? RIGHT?

The trailer switches back to Jamie and Claire being shot at. You can see Jamie is running behind Claire to shield her from the bullets. Richard Brown must be firing at them and I say again JAMIE NEEDS TO OFF HIM THIS SEASON!


I don’t know why, but this part with Lizzie running from the big house is so funny to me. LOL. Like what could possibly have her running like this?

My girl is angrily sprinting away from something in dramatic fashion. Also, I love Caitlin O’Ryan, but Lizzie is always dressed like mother goose every time we see her, bless her heart.

After we see Lizzie running from the big house, we get this image of Claire in the S6 trailer. Something about this image of Claire, looking at herself in the mirror, is ominous and melancholy.

The outlines of Claire’s face and body are lit up while she is surrounded in darkness, a metaphor for Claire’s internal feelings and trauma she is trying to process.

I desperately want to see some of Claire’s healing process in S6; she needs and deserves that time to work through her trauma.

Finally, the last 40 seconds of the trailer, we hear Claire say vehemently,

I don’t belong here. Brianna and Roger, they don’t belong here. But yet here we are, all of us because I loved you. More than the life that I had.

There is something about the way Claire says those words that gives me chills. The trailer doesn’t actually show Claire saying these words, but the tone in her voice echoes the emotions of betrayal, pain, and anger simultaneously. We also know that she is talking to Jamie  because she says “I loved you” and the other words she says tells us she is arguing with Jamie.

Could it have something to do with the Christies? The Browns? Whatever it is, we need to see the resolution of this argument in the same episode. Starz will have a mutiny on their hands, if we are left on a cliffhanger.

In conclusion, there was so much to unpack and analyze in the S6 trailer. From the looks of the trailer and what we know so far about this season, each and every episode will be packed with drama. The season is shorter, only eight episodes, but it’s clear that they are going to cover a lot of ABOSAA.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis of me trying to remain impartial to the Christies (but failing, they can go in the trash), reiterating Claire Fraser deserves a break (let her heal and leave her alone please), and Jamie Fraser doing whatever he can to protect his family (King of Men in every way).

I am ready for the tears, the heartache, the pain, the joy, EVERYTHING new episodes of Outlander has to offer. It’s been a long Droughtlander with finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Outlander returns March 6th, 2022. I will be patiently waiting until then.



Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended.


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