Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi3 – Temperance


Outlander S6 Epi3 – Temperance

Written by Shaina Fewell | Directed by Justin Molotnikov

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Ayana, Caty, Marsha and Evelyn. Arranged and edited by Vida.

A: Hmmm, biblical. I’m wondering if someone was trying to kill this baby, or send the baby away for adoption?

C: That is a beautiful shot of the stream…Now who put the baby in the stream and why?! I hope it doesn’t turn tragic.

E: That’s a jarring opening, a baby floating down the stream.

M: Beautiful cinematography! I always look forward to Outlander’s opening scenes because this show has some of the most beautiful landscape views on television. That said, I was not prepared for the opening scene to show Henri-Christian floating down the river! Give me a heart attack right away Justin Molotnikov!

Roger continues to show up in a big way, establishing himself as a strong leader in the MacKenzie/Fraser family. He is showing “Jamie tendencies” by doing whatever is necessary to protect the family. He was determined to save Henri-Christian no matter what. Whew!

A: His hand looks a little too far choked up on that ax handle, but glad he’s aware of his surroundings.

M: He shows his awkwardness chopping wood, a regular rite of passage for males back then. He’s giving it a go, but he looks like he would rather be doing something else.

C: He is a scholar. He didn’t sign up to do this kind of manual labor, but he is trying his best.

A: Are these children helping or nah?

C: These children are not there to help; they are there to irritate. I hope Roger will get to the baby in time because he’s struggling in the rapids.

M: What the heck is going on?! When I saw those boys chasing the basket with the baby in it, I knew they were up to no good. Roger sized up the situation at hand in two seconds and he was off on a mission to save Henri-Christian before he went over the waterfall. Will he get to him in time??!

E: I was confused for a quick bit. I thought those boys were alerting Roger, but no! They put that baby in the river. Roger to the rescue!

C: Oh no! The basket went over. Did Roger make it in time?

M: I knew this adaptation was not going to end that baby’s life tragically like that! I know it’s Outlander, master of plot manipulation where it pertains to the books, but that would have been a terrible way to end Henri-Christian’s life, especially after all that Marsali endured throughout her pregnancy.

M: Yes, Roger, come thru!! He walked out of that stream like a “G” (gangster)! Uh-oh… heads will roll!

C: Thank goodness! His fatherly instincts kicked in and he did what he had to do!

C: Looks like the people on the Ridge have been talking about Henri-Christian, and not in a nice way. I like how Roger summoned Germaine back as he tried to run away with the other boys. He knows he’s in serious trouble. Doesn’t that remind you of when you got into trouble with your parents as a child?

A: I would for sure be getting my butt whooped. Is the show forgetting that Roger was hung a while back? How has his voice all of a sudden recovered? Or, will it just show up when he sings?

M: Roger seems fed up with all the bigoted tales about Henri-Christian. He was having none of it from the boys and I am here for it!  I want to see that same energy when it’s time to talk about their punishment… especially for Germaine! He was so disappointed in him.

A: Quick thinking Roger!! The children’s clothes are cute. Germaine is well kept.

M: Agreed! Very quick thinking. Since religious superstitions run rampant, it was wise to attach the fear of God to any thoughts of harming this baby.

C: Yes, Marsha…that was wise of Roger. He was in a state of rage, but he kept it together and quickly baptized the baby in front of the children. Hopefully, they will go and tell their families what Roger did and help put some of the Ridge folks’ minds at ease for the time being.

E: They just can’t shake those highland superstitions. I am so glad Roger baptized Henri-Christian right then and there, but we all know those superstitions are hard to kill.

A: I’m feeling Marsali, right now. I need a whole bunch of people dead after this.

M: I loved the idea of the family meeting of the Fraser clan. Since they’ve been on the Ridge, I think this may be the first time where I recall seeing them together to address a family problem.

Marsali was visibly shaken to her core and rightfully so! Fergus stood there (quietly) as if he was being scolded by Marsali. The acting in these scenes are so believable. I love this cast!

C: They say don’t mess with mama bear. She’s rightfully angry at the situation, but Claire is right, Henri-Christian is safe. Whew! What wild beliefs the folks on the Ridge have about dwarfs. It’s unfathomable today and thank goodness for that!

E: Right, Caty! I wouldn’t mess with Marsali. Those boys and the Ridge will not know what hits them, if they get on her bad side.

A: Oh, so we are adding more to the list of people that need to be dead? I agree, Caty.

C: I am not sure what Fergus is thinking right now…Does Germaine believe that Henri-Christian is a demon child? Fergus has not exactly been thrilled himself about Henri-Christian’s condition, so maybe it doesn’t surprise him that his son may be conflicted.

Well, it’s good to walk away from a situation to cool off when you don’t know what to do in the moment.

M: I could tell Fergus was a ticking time-bomb… about to snap. I don’t think he could take one more bad thing happening, as he continued to work on his recovery. This was it for him! He looked helpless and defeated as far as knowing what to do. Hmmm…. What will he do?

Jamie was so calm, like he was talking to his clan. Germaine looked like he wanted it to be over already. I think he feels terrible that he has disappointed his family. Sometimes, that is the worst punishment, knowing your family is disappointed in you.

C: Agree, Marsha. The best thing to do now is gather the culprits and address the problem.

C: Fergus discussing Henri-Christian’s condition and why he fears for Henri-Christian’s life is touching.

Claire is trying her best to assure him that Henri-Christian can live a full life regardless of the perceived shortcomings. But, I don’t think it is getting through to him.

He only knows what he has seen in the Parisian brothel and streets. I am feeling very sad for him, right now.

A: The tears are flowing for me right now. You’re right Caty, it doesn’t seem like it is getting through.

He is forgetting his own triumph over a perceived shortcoming. He needs a moment to really reflect. Henri-Christian is blessed to have him as a father and the family he has. I’m glad he is getting this out though. But, he does not seem to be okay.

E: I feel for him. It has to be hard to think you are the cause of your baby’s malformation. There is nothing Claire can tell him. Hopefully, he will come around.

A: I actually believe Tom about Henri-Christian. But, how does he get to just show up demanding an operation, like Claire is at his beck and call?

E: Agreed, Ayana! Claire was too calm in her response back to him and should have told him to come back like she did last week. That man is creepy and demanding.

C: Seems like he has changed his mind about the surgery because he realized he won’t be able to use them to discipline Malva again, if it’s not repaired. He’s diabolical! And, he is really selective on which occasions he wants it known that he’s an educated man. Give him what he needs so he can go away, Claire.

E: I would really like to know how educated he is. He sure clouds it all in his faith.

M: First of all, I am going to need you to dial it down a little, Tom. I just averted a crisis with my grandbaby… I don’t give a sh.t about your trigger finger right now. I don’t know. I am getting obsessive vibes from him regarding Claire. I feel like he is lusting after her, but he is in denial. He is always turning up, staring at her and being unsettled by her touch.

Like in their first scene together, he stared at her like she was a snack (and Jamie noticed it too – remember his lip twitch… and his eye gave that extra glare at Tom)? Mhmmm… he knew something was amiss there. In addition to everything else he has to worry about Tom, this is just one more thing to keep an eye on. After what Claire recently went through with the Browns, Jamie is determined that no one will ever harm Claire again in life, if he has anything to do about it.

M: He is a religious zealot. Okay, mister tough guy, here we go! No ether for you then, sir. Strap on your seat belt.

C: He does not pass the vibe check.

C: Sometimes Claire forgets the era she’s in and casually drops modern vocabulary. How is she to know ya’ll don’t know that word? But, I love how she quickly explained it away.

A: That look between Claire and Jamie was hilarious. She has a habit of accusing people of being a masochist. I think it was back in S1 where she was giving Jamie the definition.

C: Oh yes! She called him a sadist.

E: LOVED this! I thought Jaime was going to giggle. He had that all knowing gleam in his eye of what it’s like to be called something and you have no idea what the word means. Tom was so confused, but he didn’t have a rebuttal after she explained his disposition.

M: Honorable scars indeed…. the jerk! Claire: Jamie, would you like to stay and watch me carve up this turkey? Jamie: Why sure, I think I would like to stay and watch this big BABY! 

C: If he won’t listen to Jamie’s advice, let him endure the pain then.

C: What could possibly be in that milk? These folks and their superstitions. If it can’t be explained by religion, they are always thinking something they don’t understand must be witchcraft.

Wouldn’t you know it…it’s just a bullfrog! The kids on the Ridge are a menace!

Also Roger, we know you mean well, but be careful providing aid to women. Let’s not forget the predicament that kindness landed you in the last time.

A: It almost seems like the show wants us to forget, with his speaking voice being unencumbered. I like the peas drying in the window.

The children of Fraser’s Ridge suck. Why hasn’t Tom started that school yet?

Are there no chores to do to keep the kids busy?

M: Amy needs a husband… her OWN husband!

E: Hopefully, she finds a man soon on the Ridge. I’m sure there’s someone there who needs a wife. I didn’t notice the peas drying in the window. I was still laughing at Roger jumping back from that pail of milk.

C: Bree is out here making useful apparatus to make life a little easier and I love it! Marsali especially needs it. Her daily to-do list is longer than a CVS receipt!

So, for that reason, she’s really trying to squash her itch to be herself and to invent things. But she also knows that inventing things could help the Ridge. Now, she’s got to turn it into a positive, to find a way to be excited about creating things that provide convenience, that are from the future. She’s got to turn that challenge into a positive and think, ‘How can I do that with the things that are at my disposal, that won’t turn heads in a negative way?’ It’s almost an exciting challenge for her, even though it is frustrating at times.

~ Sophie Skelton

C: Bree also bringing up modern words. Didn’t Rodger already mention “vroom” in the previous season or am I confusing it with the book? I can’t remember.

This “sister” moment between them was sweet. I like the family interactions they are giving us this season!

A: The Engineer engineered something useful! So, about that indoor plumbing? Why doesn’t Marsali know the family’s time travel story?

Well, if I can tell you a secret about that wheel.

We spent so much time practicing and actually learning how to do it all. I mean, I can put it on my CV.

~ Lauren Lyle

M: Marsali, marvelous Marsali, is so determined. She will make a way for her family no matter what. Lauren Lyle is exquisite in her role as Marsali! I just love her. She always brings just the perfect dose of emotion to every scene.

E: I love that Bree is finding ways to be more helpful and making everyday things easier. I just cringe every time she introduces something that may be “out of time” . I start to worry that she is going to be branded a witch too.

Ayana, that is a good question! Why doesn’t Marsali know about the time travel story? Fergus has always known and now that Ian knows, lets nip that little secret in the bud. And fingers crossed Fergus does stop drinking.

[V: Fergus does not know about Claire, only Ian. That’s why she doesn’t know.]

C: Haha! Jamie is the surgery technician! This should be interesting.

E: LOL. Tom’s face when Claire is walking around with her scalpel. He is having second thoughts.

A: Doctor Claire is my favorite Claire, both in the show and books. Will we ever see the ether used in the way it was meant? I should not be laughing, but I am. This show is great at balancing the heavy emotional stuff with comic relief.

M: I howled when Jamie told him to hold still. He looked so impatient with him. Not so tough, are ‘ya Tom?

Jamie had all his fingers operated on and he didn’t move. Of course, he was bright enough to get sedated. Sam and Mark play this scene out hilariously for me!

C: Prayers aren’t going to do a damn thing to numb the pain, but suit yourself TC!

A: The lord already answered your prayers, Tom. You are deciding to only hear half his answer. You have an experienced healer AND a way to outright not feel pain during the operation. But go on ahead and only see part of the answer. I’m going to go on laughing at this scene without feeling badly at all.

E: AND right on queue, he feels the pain! I thought he was going to get up and run out of there.

A: Ain’t no way! Ain’t no way! How are you not asking for something stronger than whisky? The Lord needs to move on you to try ether. Because again I say, AIN’T NO WAY!

C: Jamie said listen buddy, you’re not about to waste my precious whisky! I think Jamie is enjoying TC’s agony entirely too much. A bible verse is what you prefer? Okay, then I’ll read you the bible verse… Just pure comedy!

M: He most definitely is enjoying watching that jerk ‘s torment. And, I am here for all of it!

E: Jaime shaking his head on the pure stubbornness of TC. Very appropriate bible verse to read. This was a great scene.

It’s a lot of fun. We have our own Dr. Claire on set, our medical advisor. It’s a great puzzle when we bring her in and go, ‘OK, how do we do this in a way that’ll look realistic, but with what Claire has available to her?’ We got to do an operation on Tom Christie and the only difficulty was getting through a take without us cracking up, with Mark shouting and moaning in pain!

~ Caitriona Balfe

A: Malva scared the shit out of me. She could not creep me out more. I like her top though.

E: I saw a shadow and is that Malva?

M: When I saw this scene in the preview, I thought she might be peering in the window at Jamie and Claire having a private moment. I just don’t trust her at all. She gives me creepy vibes. She looks mischievous and sneaky.

C: Is that a hint of satisfaction I see on Malva’s face? I know she enjoyed watching TC in pain for once.

E: She is way too curious. She definitely enjoyed hearing her father screaming out in pain. Ian thinks she is sneaky though. I can see it in his eyes. Is he going to walk with her to learn more about her?

A: This is the most ‘normal’ she has acted since she was introduced.

M: Ian is worldly now. He’s sensing something in the air here. Me thinks, he wants to take her on more walks through the woods. LOL

C: I sense a little flirting. Is that what they want us to think? To throw us off the creep factor of this Malva girl.

E: She is just odd. She is flirting with Ian yet, at the same time, throws up her piousness and purity when she gets close to her place.


A: The Lord with you whispering, “You should have used the ether.”

M: Yes! Agreed.

C: Indeed, it would’ve saved him a lot of pain. He is now a believer in Claire’s skills. Will he be giving his testimony at the church? LOL

E: TC to stay overnight in the surgery??? Hmmm.

C: Oh, wow Malva’s mom was hanged as a witch? What an interesting parallel to Claire being tried for witchcraft in Cranesmuir.

E: The question is why people thought she was a witch.

Is that what Malva and the rest of the Christie family are hiding?

My favourite part of the day is the make up in the morning, I get to sit there and have a goss, have a blab, and then go from looking scrawny to being a ‘warrior’. I put that coat on and Caitríona [Balfe] comes up to me and says, ‘You’re looking butch today, John.’ Oh yeah’!

~ John Bell

When the new book [the ninth in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series] came out in November, I flicked right to that last page to check: ‘Is he still there – great!’ I was thinking ‘Please don’t die, please don’t die’, so of course I want to keep going.

~ John Bell

A: Love seeing Jamie with young children. It feels like he and us were robbed of 20 years of this.

Touching that hot poker never entered their minds. They have some sense.

C: Welcome to the real-world boys! Life will always present you with choices and you will have to be decisive. Jamie is helping them develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

E: Jaime is so clever. He knew just what to do to get through to those boys. However, these kids are feral and I’m sure they will be off terrorizing someone or something soon enough.

C: This was a beautiful teachable moment. Grandpa Jamie is giving them a valuable lesson, not to fear people and things they don’t know or understand. It will carry them through as they grow up and meet new people.

A: Very true Caty and not the, I’m-beating-all-your-asses moment, I would have made.

The leader of men and boys.

C: Jamie is letting them know that if they mess with Henri-Christian again, they will have to answer to him.

M: Even when he is being firm, I love how tender he is with his family.

C: He is a grandpa now and takes the responsibility seriously to impart his wisdom on the upbringing of his grandchildren.

E: I do love how he tells Germaine that he has to protect his little brother too.

Sometimes peer pressure can be hard to shake, but Grandpa Jaime will set you straight.

They really, really took on the challenge of wanting to learn what it is to be a producer and what goes into it. It’s something, to them, they’re taking on to broaden who they are in the industry, so when the day comes that there is no Outlander, they can go out and produce their own things.It’s a testimony to wanting to learn and to make yourself not only a better actor but producer, too. The sky’s the limit for both of them. They’re crazy talented.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

A: She is better than I am. I would have started yelling the second that door opened and he’s just there drinking. So, we’re breaking promises now.

E: No! If this is what he is going to bring this season, she is going to have to put her foot down. How are you going to just sit there and drink? You promised you would stop. He needs to get over himself, right now.

C: Oh Fergus! The kids are hungry and you’re just sitting there in your drunkenness. Agree Ayana, there would be no peace for him if, after working all day, I walked in and our children were asking to be fed.

Marsali is a real one! She has more than enough on her plate, but still wants to help her husband with his problems. Sometimes women don’t get enough credit for constantly being responsible for holding the family down. It’s too much!

M: Maybe I am wrong. But, I believe Fergus heard Germaine say he was so hungry and he felt like, good, you’re hungry…. oh, you need me now. Think about that the next time your brother needs you. Hmph.

When Lauren and I were both working together on the conversation of Fergus and Marsali for Season 6, of how to level it perfectly so there’s still hope, there’s still a chance for this couple to rebuild. Even if Fergus can be abusive and all, he’s hurting himself most, which triggers the love of Marsali for him. But it’s complex.

~ César Domboy

C: I think confessing what she did to Lionel just worsened matters rather than helped. Fergus feels even more insecure now, oh boy!

A: I’m super proud that she is standing firm and proud of herself for protecting her family. He is not seeing it that way though. This isn’t going to end well at all.

M: Stay strong Marsali! You are right. You are determined. You are fiercely protective of those you love. It never dawned on me that she hadn’t told him she killed Lionel! Well, he has certainly killed before, so they have something else in common here. Surely, he understands why she had to do it. Lionel threatened the entire house.

E: I am so glad she told him that she killed Lionel. She had to get that out. But now, he is really outdone.

M: Yes, he does need protection. That is all.

C: He needs to show a little more gratitude for her and all that she does to keep the family afloat. Who else is going to protect him?

E: He needs her, but she is right to kick him out.

[Marsali] is in a much darker place than we’ve seen her before. She’s not coping in a way that she’s always been able to cope before. Marsali has always come from such a place of strength. She’s such a formidable young woman, and that’s the tagline for her. Marsali is normally quite spritely, excited, and can be quite funny sometimes. You don’t see as much of that this time.

~ Lauren Lyle

M: Bravo! Wake up, man. It is, what it is. We are stronger as a team…. C’mon and let me help you help me!

C: She didn’t have to pour the drink on him, but I understand girl! Sometimes, just talking is not enough.

E: Yes, she did! It should have been a larger pitcher.

C: I think she is trying to avoid the type of marriage her mother had with her previous husbands and aspires to have a marriage like Jamie and Claire. She’s doing all she can to keep it together, while also standing up for herself. This entire scene is giving a bit of newlyweds Jamie and Claire fights.

A: This should not have turned physical. I commend her for wanting to break the cycle and being strong enough to do so. I miss Joan. Wait, he was asking her for a drink? Like to go get him one?

M: He flees when he can’t stand the heat. Marsali is a fighter in the literal sense. If I were her, I would think she could sense he is losing it and she would warn her family to help her keep a closer eye on him.

E: I think she is being restrained. She usually hits first and ask questions later. This is the new Marsali and she didn’t do anything she can’t take back later.

C: I hope the poker lesson will be effective too, Claire.

Yes. Diana’s books get deep into the characters’ feelings and emotions in their heads, and what we’ve discovered over the course of five seasons [is] that’s really hard to do visually onscreen. You could spend hours with Claire reading those passages in her head, and those are hard to dramatize visually.

From day one, we wanted to push that, push the boundaries of getting into Roger’s head with the hanging and getting into Claire’s head with the rape and abuse. We’re going to try to do that again in season 6 but not deviate from the story. That’s the key to doing the series and doing it well: In every scene, we want to keep the essence of the book if we can’t do the book. There’s so much more material in the books than we could ever hope to produce, so it’s always a struggle and a challenge.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

C: Aww, I don’t like seeing our beloved Claire like this. Damn this PTSD!

A: That was creepy and well shot. I wonder if she remembers Tom is in the surgery bed. She’s going to have to resist the temptation.

M: Sadly, I believe Lionel is going to torment her for a while. This ether story line is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

We see Claire unravel in a way that we’ve never seen her before. Claire is such a resilient character and it’s not easy for her to ask for help. I think that that’s one of things that probably is why she’s struggling so much, because really when you’re experiencing the darkest of times, you should be sharing. Her inability to sort of share in that way was hard for her as she’s usually the ear for people.

~ Caitriona Balfe

E: They are doing such a good job depicting PTSD and how you can be having a really good time and something triggers you. I feel for her. As she thinks she is getting better,  then bam, Lionel shows up in her head.

C: She needs a distraction from her own inner nightmare. I wish she would talk to Jamie. You don’t always have to be strong, Claire.

A: She does remember, so where is she going to use the ether then?

E: She really needs to talk to Jaime. He’d understand. At a minimum, talk to Bree.

C: Fight the temptation, Claire!

A: Can we take a moment to admire Claire’s night robe? It’s really gorgeous and my favorite costume piece so far this season.

M: I am glad he is in the room, so she can’t get to that ether.

E: Oh, I fear she is turning into an addict. I’m glad Tom woke up and distracted her. You could see the gears moving in her brain on how she was going to get to that ether.

C: The first time he has actually been useful. Calling her name helped her snap out of it and thwarted the temptation.

A: He has me over here happy he woke up too. Let’s put Claire back into doctor mode.

C: It has been a hot minute since he’s felt the softness of a woman. So, I understand he feels uneasy at the thought.

C: Mind your business, Tom! I know she is tired of hearing about that St. Paul! Since the very first episode of S1 when she shut down Rupert with the quickness! Uhh Tom, is her hair making you feel things you don’t want to feel? Because why are you concerned about how much of it she has? LOL

A: She isn’t the only one. Bree goes about without a cap as well.

E: Exactly! If Jaime don’t have a problem with his wife not covering her head, then don’t worry about it! I think the covering is to alert men that you are taken and not to inquire or even look. But, we know that doesn’t stop all from looking. He is too much.

M: See what I mean about him lusting after her? Why is he soooo unsettled about Claire’s hair… because it is not about her hair, it is about Claire herself. That man is burning for her. And she is a reminder that he loses control of his self-righteousness when it comes to thoughts of her.

C: Adso also came in a clutch to help Claire snap out of it.

And we’ll definitely get more of breakout star Adso the cat. Claire couldn’t have a surgery without him these days. He’s the most chilled, docile cat I’ve ever come across – speaking as a cat owner for many years.

~ Caitriona Balfe

A: Ummm . .  is that cat on the kitchen table? Oh, hell no. Wonder if it was cat hair Tom was wiping off the table in the first episode?

E: Cats on the table are a no go, but they don’t like to be told what to do.

C: Relax Tom, it’s just a cat.

C: Good because I thought, for a minute there, he was thinking she might be a witch with her talking to the cat!

A: I actually believe him. I’m still not forgetting his main reason for being here is the ability to hold a belt and beat Malva.

E: Him saying he doesn’t think Claire is a witch is interesting. I’m sure we will see why that is.

C: Jamie is a G! He can handle anything.

A: This conversation is a bit strange and telling. Of course, Claire would know about Jamie’s scars and the reason behind them. Makes me wonder a bit about his relationship with his own wife.

E: Yes, him trying to measure up to the King of Men is what this conversation is ALL about.

C: I think Claire was messing with him here a bit, implying the Highlanders are a lot braver than he is.

A: Nobody is asking Tom Christie to be their man.

E: Why is  Jaime’s additional floggings any of his business?

And why does he feel the need to tell her like it’s something she wouldn’t know already?

C: I love every time iconic moments from the book are unlocked! This entire scene was purely chef’s kiss!

M: Their scenes are pure magic. I love watching their intimate moments. They are filled with such kindness and concern for each other. These two are lovebirds, totally in sync.

A: The show seems to hit on all cylinders when they take scenes directly from the books. Tears again.

C: It’s an adjustment to welcome another person back into your personal space after being alone for so long. It must’ve been hard for all the men at Ardsmuir, surely. I guess the men did what they had to do.

E: I hadn’t thought about how prison affected the men. I’m sure it was very hard for all of them.

He was lucky to have had the memories of Claire to pull him from the darkness.

C: I enjoyed his recount of how he coped with loneliness at Ardsmuir, being without her. Dreaming of her certainly gave him hope to survive as best as he could in prison.

M: Ha! Somebody is dropping some knowledge during this conversation. We know how to count the number of months, y’all!

E: Wow! I did not see that coming. Malva may not be his.

A: So, Tom Christie is out here beating his adult daughter?

You never get to see the domestic daily life of a couple who actually make things work. There’s plenty of that in season 6, despite fewer episodes. We do somehow spend more time with them. There are some lovely moments where you see Jamie and Claire just being in each other’s company.

~ Sam Heughan

C: The subtle sweet moments, including the light touching and holding hands, slightly moving the blanket for her to get in the bed and gently kissing her knuckles. Tender loving J&C moments are just the best!

A: I love Bear McCreary’s work here with Claire’s theme being played underneath. Draws me back to the first season.

C: Hm, this flirtation vibes again. Is she flirting with him?

M: Yes, I think she is flirting with him. She also looks devious as hell. Watch out Ian!

But, Malva doesn’t know, he has another side too. She’s gonna eff around and find out, if she’s not careful! He is kind, fiercely protective, and loyal as well.

A: I’m going to pray that Ian is careful. Bear’s music isn’t going to pull me into this budding relationship.

E: I think she doesn’t even know she is flirting, but she always questions things in a weird way. Not sure if it is curiosity or just to be asking. She is thirsty for sure.

C: Jamie doesn’t mind the markings on his face at all. He understands.

C: His worldview has changed so much since being with the Mohawks and that is a good thing.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to the ways of the world and I think he tried to reconcile his new outlook with that of his Scottish upbringing.

C: He is looking for a way to come to terms with losing his Mohawk family and wants to be at peace in his heart with the situation. I hope he’s able to find a sense of belonging again at the Ridge.

C: It’s obvious that Tom enjoys talking to Claire. He opens up to her rather easily…let’s hope he’s not falling in-love because the last thing he wants is to face Jamie’s fists.

M: The man has it bad for her.

A: He and Malva both move fast. Are we sure she’s not his biological daughter?

E: She is lying about what she does when she doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t like fiction, but prison changed his mind because of Jaime. Here we go again. He is trying to needle his way into Claire’s good graces by flattering her husband. I still want to know what his end game is.

C: This man is too eager to be able to continue lashing his daughter again.

A: His entire demeanor is screaming, “Be calm, you can beat her in just a few”.

A: Hell to the no! I hope she retrieved her books and hid them from him.

C: Of course, you would throw your wife’s books away! SMDH

C: It comes as no surprise that Jamie would tell stories at Ardsmuir.

He is a “born-storyteller” as Claire said in the wedding episode from S1.

C: Oh Tom, don’t remind her of the Browns and that sham committee of safety. Her husband is handling it. Okay? Thank you very much.

E: What are the Browns up to now? Conniving bunch of crazy folks.

A: After learning this man threw books away, I would not be too keen on lending him mine. He never gave a response. He never said what he told Richard Brown. I don’t like this at all.

E: Claire will learn. Don’t loan something out that you may not get back.

A: Is medical care included in the rent?

C: Haha, it better be. Claire must have the means to restock supplies in order to keep caring for the Ridge.

C: Don’t go near her, Jamie, she’s trouble! I still maintain that Jessica Reynolds bears an uncanny resemblance to Laura Donnelly in her acting and a bit of her look.

E: I had the very same thought, Caty! She reminds me a lot of Laura.

M: Oh, good lord! Walk the other way man. Malva is trouble… I can feel it in my bones. She will use your own kindness for her own selfish needs. I see it brewing in her confrontations with her father. She has a treacherous streak about her that’s just waiting to come out!

I think one of the things that we always dig into is that the Frasers and the MacKenzies put themselves out there. The reason why I think they are so affected by traumas, and all the turmoil that goes on in the era, is they put themselves out there; they try to help people, whether that’s people coming to the ridge, or them going out and trying to stop something. They put themselves out there, they put themselves at risk, and inherently when you do that, you suffer.

~ Matthew B. Roberts

A: I get wanting to pump information from her, but he has to be smarter than this.

C: She is not interested in marriage right now, not if TC has anything to say about it. Look at how scared she was at the mention of it.

C: Yeah Jamie has to get reacquainted with what TC has become now. It has been years, people change. She hinted earlier when speaking with Ian that her brother would not be pleased if he saw her chatting with a young man. How does Allan treat her, I wonder? She is scared of him too!

E: Right! I wonder what goes on in that cabin. Seems like she gets the brunt of all the bad behavior.

She has to pick and choose how she’s going to portray herself and show herself to certain people. She does have a genuine interest in learning. I think, she’s a very intelligent girl. Throughout her whole life, she hasn’t been given the opportunity to learn. But, I think, she has that drive in her, and I think that comes from her mother.

~ Jessica Reynolds

C: He is curious about her upbringing. But, she better not be getting any ideas just because he is being nice to “ye.”

A: It’s more interesting that she has picked up that he’s pumping her for more information. Something tells me, in her head, this will seem more than it is. However, he walked into it.

C: Tom is like, alright let’s see what’s in this book.

M: Tom: Claire gave me this book to read. The book is a trigger for what he feels. Why is it that she comes to mind when he reads it then?

Ha… sorry!  All I read on these pages were eff eff eff…. Lol, sorry y’all. He reads these pages and feels lustful…. Period! I do not know what “fuch” really means, but I do know it was all over that page lol. When I read it, I see “eff”. So, sue me.

E: LOL Marsha, that’s all he can see on the pages. Its all hyper focused on those words for a reason. He is beside himself.

C: Are the words in the book triggering, TC?

M: Tom: Eff  eff eff eff… I want to eff  . . . .

C: He is about to blow a gasket!

[V: The pitiful part is that he just focused on select words, rather than reading the whole book. He probably has no idea that it is a fictional comedy, using satirical elements, that focus on human nature, weakness and behavior. It’s a portrayal of life in the first half of the 18th century in England.]

C: I like it when everyone gathers around the big house for a drink and some nibbles.

M: Lizzie has matured, and she is happily on the market.

E: She has gotten flirtatiously sassy!

I was actually really, really pleased we got in some Lizzie stuff. And I actually was pretty pleased this season that we hit all the high points.

~ Maril Davis

C: Looks like they are setting us up for Lizzie’s story line.

M: Yes! They are bringing this story line forward fast! Let’s go…. The twins and Lizzie! It should be fun and interesting to watch unfold!

A: This woman stays thirsty! I hope we get her story line in true and not just winks and hints at it.

E: Yes!

C: Fergus looks a hot mess! Pull yourself together, Fergus.

E: Oh lord…he is already two sheets to the wind. People are giving him side eye.

M: He has truly relapsed. It is unfortunate that he is community gossip now. Poor Marsali. She can’t catch a break.

A: No, it seems she can’t. I hope with the Bugs being mentioned and having speaking roles this season means we get another story line I first believed was long gone.

C: How lovely to see them recreate this scene of when Ian and Jamie collected the rents in Lallybroch. Jamie is a proper Laird. You can hear the music from S1 as well.

M: I enjoyed this scene as well!  A cheerful reminder of the scene at Lallybroch! Jamie will always be Laird…it’s in his blood, forever. You can tell.

A: This also reminded me of the Rent episode. Do you think they collect enough to afford what they have? Jamie and Claire live like plantation owners. I hope the show mentions how they got their money.

C: A Joanie mention! I wonder how Laoghaire and Joanie are fairing back in Scotland.

E: Did you see the Fergus side eye he gave Evan when Marsali and Evan were talking? I see trouble coming.

C: Lizzie is the diamond of the season, quick! Somebody get Lady Whistledown on this gossip!

C: Bree wants to set up Lizzie and Evan Lindsey? Hmm…, I don’t know about that, but he is showing that he can be a provider and that is most desirable in that time period.

M: Evan is too old for Lizzie. She needs someone full of life.

A: I’m mad Bree hasn’t noticed Lizzie. Hopefully she’s been too busy engineering indoor plumbing.

E: Roger is right…Bree has been blind to how Lizzie and the twins get on.

M: Fergus did not need to see this… especially in his current state of mind. I think he was imaging Marsali’s life without him in that very moment. He was probably feeling like she could go on with someone else, someone “whole” to take care of her and provide for their children. Fergus’s self-esteem at this point is non-existent.

C: He is at an all-time low right now; he does not need to be provoked with another man talking to Marsali.

E: It’s going to happen. Fergus is going to get his back up over his own inadequacies.

C: If looks could kill, poor Fergus!

A: He is about to pop off.

E: I knew it!

C: *Gasp* I know Mrs. MacGregor did not just call Henri-Christian grotesque!

A: MARSALI, this b*tch needs to be handled. I need a female family member to throw hands.

C: The Whiskey was the only thing he could think to throw at the time.

C: I don’t blame Fergus for fighting back at all.

A: Not at all, Caty. And who asked for Allan’s input? Not I.

E: Lizzie right on queue, standing up for her adopted family! That Christie boy chiming in wasn’t needed, but Mrs. MacGregor needs to close her mouth before Claire sews it shut.

[V: She better be glad Marsali didn’t hear her, or it would have all she wrote or said! And, Tom is worried about Claire’s night cap for her hair and I’m wondering where the bandanas are.]

E: My head is spinning. Tom is standing up for the Frasers? He was looking at Claire, while he said all of those nice things. Something’s up.

As we all settle
in this new land,

C: Roger looks like he’s in his element, with a proud Bree looking on from the back.

A: He seems so comfortable this season. Like he found his 18th century groove or something. He wears it well. Oh, who didn’t see this sermon coming?

E: He fits in as the preacher. I think this is what he was raised to do. I like how he incorporated the story of Moses to teach the lesson of loving your neighbors.

so far from the soil
in which many of us were born,

C: The background score they are using for this entire scene is full of suspense……lets you know something is coming, I like it!

I want to reflect on the words
“thou shalt love
thy neighbor as thyself.”

I feel compelled to tell
a story about a helpless child
who was floated down a river
in a basket.

His name was Moses.

A: I’m going to let the note go, for now. I’m more impressed that he returned the book back on time and in the same condition in which it was lent.

Pharaoh ordered
that all Hebrew boys
be thrown into the Nile
and drowned,

C: Right? I thought for sure he’d have burned the book! Claire just gave the note a shrug like whatever, Tom!

E: Damn. Just when you thought he was coming round to being sensible. We all know why he thought it was filth, but toss that note aside and move on.

an edict
that nearly killed the child
that would later lead
God’s people to freedom.

C: He’s assessing whether it is well enough to wield his switch, oh those poor children of his!

A: This man was on his physical therapy. He is going to weld that belt come hell or high water.

E: He has things to do! A little rehab is not going to slow him down.

It was fear
that made him do it.

C: Was the Tom Jones novel that terrible that TC took it out on Malva? Allan is emotional and helpless watching his sister get beaten. I wonder what that’s all about because he didn’t seem like he would care in the previous episode.

M: This scene made me very uncomfortable on so many levels! That is all.

A: Knowing she’s an adult add another level. Just throw the whole family away.

E: I want to know why he beats her. Can we get that story line, please?

C: Marsali is just happy she can do this one thing with ease. I like the sunlight coming through, it’s a beautiful shot!

M: Marsali is so bright, with an entrepreneurial mindset. She always looks for a way to make money for the family.

A: This is just a bright scene. Outlander is about to f*ck us.

E: Ayana, you’re killing me!

For months,
Moses’ mother kept him hidden,
risking her own life.
Until he was too big to hide.

She placed him in a basket
in the River Nile and prayed.

C: My boy Fergus is going through it! César and Lauren are the MVPs of this episode…outstanding performances from them both, they are very talented!

M: Magnificently portrayed by César Domboy! Excellent! I feel Fergus’s anguish and utter pain! I’m not crying, you’re crying.

A: I’m so glad both Lauren Lyle and César stuck with Outlander this long. They are finally getting to their meatier roles.

She entrusted him to God
in spite of her fear.

C: Jamie just knows something is up with Fergus and watches closely to see what happens. Also, he is the Laird and will wear his kilt on his land, I love it!

M: Jamie arrives just in time. I think Jamie had a flashback to when Fergus lost his hand. Jamie felt he needed to get to Fergus as fast as possible. The energy in the air felt like death to him.

A: I can’t even enjoy seeing Jamie in a kilt. Fergus got me scared shitless. So glad Jamie is following him.

E: I had to rewind. Jaime in his kilt. We don’t get to see it often, so I was going to enjoy the view.

Many of you are parents.
To what lengths would you go

to protect your innocent children?

You never know what you’ll
be willing to do until —

C: Oh no Fergus, don’t do it!! This breaks my heart into little pieces. Fergus feels hopeless and useless and wants to end it all.

M: This is such a sad scene. He has hit rock bottom and lost all will to live. He is in need of an intervention at this point. He is not emotionally strong enough to work his way out of this deep depression he is experiencing. Mental health is critically important to one’s emotional health and well-being. Fergus needs the help of others to face his pain, work through it and heal.

E: Poor Fergus. He is so low right now. He is isolated and no one knows how to help him.

C: Jamie to the rescue! Hope Jamie will be able to talk some sense into him.

M: I thought Jamie was going to know Fergus the eff out. He knows what it feels like to feel like to be a ‘useless man’ desiring to end his life to find peace.

E: Jaime, please help Fergus.  He needs you right now.

C: Mon fils! This scene brings back memories from the Dragonfly in Amber episode where Jamie instructs Fergus to take the house deed to Lallybroch.

He calls him mon fils for the first time (J: I love you like a son. C: like our very own son).

How can this moment not reduce you to tears?

M: Jamie knows the words his son needs to hear to bring him back. Right on Jamie!

A: Tears, yet again. These words are so important to have Jamie say and Fergus to hear.

But it’s you, not what you do
or . . . give or provide.
It’s you we need . . .
to come home.

E: Hopefully, this is the way up for Fergus. He has gone as low as he can.

M: This was such a beautiful scene. Jamie and Claire see their son back home where he truly belongs, with his wife waiting to welcome him back home. This scene is all about love, forgiveness, and support.

I really, really, really struggled with it during the season. I had conversations with the writers saying, ‘But I would never forgive this guy.’ Now, me, I would walk out. I’d be like, ‘Absolutely no chance am I sticking around.’ But on a base level, women at the time, they couldn’t, that was not an option. She, of course, has to stay. But I also think she loves him deeply and this is stressful for both of them.

~ Lauren Lyle

C: Agree Marsha, family is everything.

It is nice to see the care, love and support Jamie and Claire have for Fergus, so sweet!

Aww, he returns to Marsali and Henri-Christian.

They brought back this beautiful score from Marsali & Fergus’ wedding in S3.

C: I get so nervous every time I see these red coats!

E: I got nervous too. I was just enjoying Marsali and Fergus coming together then, BAM! Red coats.

M: Dammit. Now what?!

A: We don’t need any more stress. Glad it’s MacDonald though. He seems to be about his business, get a drink and leave. Just doing his job.

M: I am so tired of the Redcoats. Jamie has lost enough because of them. Leave him alone!

A: We need those, are there any handguns?

E: What the hell? They actually sent the guns the Cherokee were asking for? Who would have thought that was going to happen.

C: Just store the guns in the back somewhere, Jamie will deal with it later.

The Boston Tea Party.

M: Revisiting history is a bitch when it ends up at your doorstep and you know how it all ends.

C: At least they are not entirely in the dark. Claire knows what’s coming, even if she doesn’t know the specific details. They will do what they can to see themselves and the family through.   

M: Jamie is thinking, here we go again. Every time he deals with these red coats, someone he loves gets hurt. Who will it be this time?

C: It means it’s time to prepare Fraser’s Ridge for the inevitable.

A: I hope Jamie asks the historian and the American too. You need all the time traveler’s help with this one.

E: Here we go. The shot heard round the world.

What does it mean, Sassenach?

It’s starting.
The storm, the war . . .
It’s almost here.

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

Our first one for the season . . .  drum roll, please. We give this episode a solid  5-shots! A lot of emotions in this episode . . . fear, love, suspicion, lust and danger. It had all the elements we expect from Outlander and was so close to the book.

It had the sweet Fraser moments, the emotional story line of Fergus and Marsali, which brought us to tears, some comedic relief that was badly needed and our favorite iteration of Claire, Doctor Claire. The mention of St. Paul and the rent collection were a welcome moment of nostalgia with some scenes reminding us of S1. Show lovers will be entertained and book lovers will be very pleased to see what we imagined come to life on screen.

So far, this season has been one of the best seasons. We really liked how we got to see more family interactions, how they come together to solve problems, raise the little ones, and look after one another. The editing is phenomenal because scenes unfolded  seamlessly. This show is so impressive to watch. Outlander is a masterclass on how to build an epic show from the ground up. Every component is pure class and elegance.

The directing and the acting are always stellar (hats off to the producers and casting). While Outlander may not win many awards in the U.S., it appears to be more political than anything else. The reason has little to do with the overall quality of the show, the talent of the actors, its massive appeal, or its ever-growing following across the globe as others continue to discover this timeless love-story.

Everyone brought their A game, acting-wise, and the director did a great job of capturing the emotions to tell the story. So, we are applauding all who were involved. However, Lauren and César were the standouts in this episode. They obviously have some emotional memory to pull from. This episode, as with last week, allowed them to  flex their acting chops and they did not disappoint!

For this episode, we have several favorite scenes. Jaime schooling those boys about their decisions. Those kids are bad and someone needed to put the fear of God into them. Marsali telling Fergus about killing Lionel Brown. Even in the face of his anger and self- loathing, she was proud of herself for protecting her family and we are proud of her too. The scenes with Fergus and Claire and Fergus and Jamie. These scenes revisited the relationship between Fergus, Claire, and Jamie. Fergus was their first practice at being parents and we enjoyed seeing them all bond again. The argument between Marsali and Fergus when she told him, “I will have a whole man or none at all.”  Yass queen! The look on both their faces as he walked out, just broke our heart.

The costumes never disappoint. They are well made; authentic looking and are also main characters in each episode. We always look forward to seeing how the clothing worn fits each scene. From the colors, to the personal fit, they are beautifully made and fit each character’s personality well. However, Claire’s black, gem studded robe in the scene with Tom in the surgery was our favorite costume for this episode. Give yourself a pat on the back Trisha Biggar.

And as always, we cannot forget about the cinematography that is also a character of the show. Although we felt the baby in the basket was a bit too CGI – minor observation, the stream shots in the opening of the episode was breathtakingly beautiful!

With that said, we are impressed by how well they have woven so many story lines into three episodes. The editing is phenomenal with each scene unfolding so seamlessly. We are eagerly awaiting the next episode with all the cliffhangers and plots the directors continue to unfold.


What we are looking forward to in S6 Epi4.

Ayana: I really hope I get to see ether used in the way it’s intended, during a surgery. Follow Ayana on Twitter – @Ayana80Smith.

Caty: From the previews it looks like a couple of the Mohawks will make an appearance. Have they come to get Ian to return to them? Follow Caty on Twitter – @catyposh.

Marsha: One of the story lines I am looking forward to is when Jamie discovers his wife has an addiction problem. What does he do about it? Follow Marsha on Twitter – @marshapatrice.

Evelyn: I’m looking forward to getting further into the Christie’s, why they have come and what they are up to. Follow Evelyn on Twitter – @ELoran.

Outlander S6 Epi4 – Hour of the Wolf

~ Video viaSTARZ


While visiting the Cherokee, Ian encounters a man from his past who dredges up painful memories of his time with the Mohawk. Jamie meets another Indian Agent and fellow Scot, Alexander Cameron, who challenges Jamie’s personal convictions and causes him to re-evaluate his position as Indian Agent.

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  1. Fantastic as always. One comment – neither Marsali nor Fergus know about the time travel (according to the books). Fergus just knows that Milady came back to Milord after 20 years (not across the 200 year time jump).


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