Harold Perrineau’s Journey From ‘Lost’ To Horror Series ‘From’

From is a great show with a great lead – Harold Perrineau!!
Hope we get some answers by the finale! ~V

Harold Perrineau’s Journey From ‘Lost’ To Horror Series ‘From’ | Talking Strange

~ Video via Den of Geek


Actor Harold Perrineau joins Talking Strange to discuss his latest horror series FROM on the Epic network. Perrineau is an alum of the mythology-driven series LOST (as well as well known for Constantine, The Matrix franchise, Oz, The Best Man, Claws, Romeo & Juliet, and much more) so he’s no stranger to a mystery box show.

And in this paranormal pop culture interview with Aaron Sagers, he talks about what drew him to the series (and how it’s different than Lost), as well as what scares him, and the urban legends of his childhood Brooklyn neighborhood.



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