Blacklanderz®Convos! Outlander S6 Epi8 – I Am Not Alone


Outlander S6 Epi8 (Season Finale) – I Am Not Alone

Written by Luke Schelhaas  | Directed by Jamie Payne

This conversation is between Blacklanderz® Jess L(JL), Margot and Jess H (JH). Arranged and edited by Vida.

[V: Whispers, we had a lot to say with this episode. So, you might want stop here, get a snack and a drink before you start.]

JL: I get chills whenever we see the 60s. A look into the future adds such an extra layer to this complex and fully formed show. Also, you can see the woman has the key to Lallybroch ring on her right finger, so that must be Claire and there’s a young girl sitting across from her so that must be Bree. Unsure if we will get a 60s scene in this episode, but I love this title card.

M: Omg! A title card from the future! Came out of nowhere for me, but I remembered Claire talking about ‘cheeseburgers with all the fixings from Carmi’s’ with Brianna back in S4. Wow this show never lets any detail fall through the cracks.

JH: I love when this show gives us a peek into the past or future. Since time travel is on the table, you never know if it is a memory or a flash forward. And yes, this show doesn’t have red herrings so we will definitely be hearing about this diner!

We just tried our best to keep everyone safe so we could continue to tell the kind of stories we wanted. Our production really did an amazing job … We condensed season 6 and got all the good material in there. And then we’re going to give you a supersized season 7, which will present its own challenges.

~ Maril Davis

JL: Richard clearly got the wrong one if he thinks he can just roll up to Fraser’s Ridge and arrest Claire. Jamie would NEVA let anyone take her.

M: This is the fakest police squad ever! What in the world makes them think this is okay?

JH: The fact that they pulled up with so many armed people really shows their intentions. They knew Jamie would never give Claire up without a fight.

JL: Mrs. Bug please go and do something useful for once and stop gossiping.

M: Did she actually go to get help? I don’t know where this woman’s loyalties lie

JH: Somebody must have betrayed Claire for this to happen, so she has to be careful who to trust!

M: Thank you Jamie, I am still so confused why they think this is okay! Didn’t big brown almost shoot Ian in 6×01? I know for a fact he wasn’t about to stand trial if big brown actually hurt Ian.

JL: Why are Lizzie and the twins always in the stables LOL like what are they doing in there??!?

M: I’m sure Lizzie has a home but dang those poor horses.  At least they were there to get help

JH: I’m glad she’s running to get help. But, so many people have turned against the Frasers. I hope she can find people who are loyal and willing to fight for them!

JL: I feel like people always underestimate exactly how far Jamie and Claire are willing to go to protect each other and stay together. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or what they do, that bond Jamie and Claire have is so strong, they will literally move hell and earth to stay together. Richard is a fool for thinking he can roll up to the Ridge and arrest Claire.

M: RIGHT? I don’t think people understand that Jamie and Claire will mess ANYONE up to stay together. RIP Dougal. Am I right?

JH: If they knew the trials and tribulations these two had been through, they would know never to try to mess with them. They have no idea what’s coming!

JL: I feel like people always underestimate exactly how far Jamie and Claire are willing to go to protect each other and stay together. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or what they do, that bond Jamie and Claire have is so strong, they will literally move hell and earth to stay together. Richard is a fool for thinking he can roll up to the Ridge and arrest Claire.

M: RIGHT? I don’t think people understand that Jamie and Claire will mess ANYONE up to stay together. RIP Dougal. Am I right?

JH: If they knew the trials and tribulations these two had been through, they would know never to try to mess with them. They have no idea what’s coming!

So originally we’re supposed to have 12 episodes, right? Due to COVID and a variety of factors, we kind of realized very quickly after we started the season that we couldn’t accomplish those 12 episodes. It just so happened eight was a perfect point to cut it off. Not only because that’s as long as we thought we’d go, but also it was a perfect way to end the season, with Jamie and Claire separated. We didn’t know what was gonna happen. We’d leave a cliffhanger moment. So it was perfect.

There was a little bit of a tag at the end of this episode that we pushed into Season 7. But that was honestly the only change we made to this episode. This episode was always planned to be this way, this shootout at the O.K. Corral. I just love it. That shootout at the beginning is so cool. And I just love that shot of Claire coming around the corner with the rifle.

~ Maril Davis

JL: Claire with the fast hands shot that man. That’s what I like to see.

M: BAM!! Just what he deserves.

JH: She is the embodiment of do no harm, but take no shit.

It’s the first time I’ve ever smoked a gun, unintentionally. Note to self: when you fire and there’s a flash in the pan and you’ve got all this smoke going up, don’t inhale at that moment because you literally will smoke the gun.

~ Caitriona Balfe

JL: I love that she shot him once then pointed the gun at him again like, ‘Yea, I’ll do it again, try me’.

M: HA! And he ran away like a fool.

JH: He was so shocked. Did he really think she wouldn’t defend herself?

JL: This is so intense. I’m on the edge of my seat and its only been a few minutes into the episode.

JH: Jamie is still an incredible fighter in his fifties. He’s fighting five men at once!

M: Phew! They’re not letting us rest tonight huh.

Claire went charging out there to protect her husband.

M: Bruuuuh! These two are in sync no matter what.

JL: They really are! The best on screen duo if you ask me!

JH: Yes! Claire always has his back!

Personally, and I think probably for Caitriona as well, this was the hardest season to shoot because of all the factors that are going on. It’s interesting that I think [it feels] really deliberate despite being half the size of other ones. It’s packed full of stuff.

~ Sam Heughan

By and large, I thought the shorter season was excellent! Possibly because there was limited time, the show could use only two major storylines, with two minor ones paralleling them.

~ Diana Gabaldon

M: Pretty good sequence. It was from the trailer, and I remember thinking ‘My God what is happening’ .

JL: Yes, I do remember that, and I love how Claire is covering Jamie as he’s running to her.

JH: They’ve saved each other’s lives so many times I’ve lost count.

JL: Jamie and Claire are OGs; they do not miss!

JH: Yes! Jamie has always been an amazing shot!

JL: I’m so sick watching all the windows being shot out, that glass is expensive.

JH: How dare they damage their beautiful home!

Since things were conveniently simplified by the limited time available, it let the writers work more intensively with less material, which resulted in a tight, well-fitted season.

I was very pleased at the amount of original dialogue from the books—and the largely intact scenes—that got used this season, beautifully engineered into the overall scripts.

~ Diana Gabaldon

[V: Look how badly they are destroying this beautiful home.

Just haters!]

We need more guns.

M: Jamie and Claire were READY!!!

JL: I don’t know if it was the cellar or what, but they were ready, locked and loaded.

JH: They’re surrounded and outnumbered. I hope they have enough ammo!

M: I’m cackling again, because I don’t know why I didn’t expect this.

JH: That’s a huge stash. Jamie must have anticipated something like this happening. Trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes!

M: Girl stop! You’re going to get your arm shot off.

JH: Give it up! I doubt those shutters can actually stop a bullet anyway.

[V: I couldn’t believe they were moving the horses out. I guess, they really were trying to trap them in the house with no way of escape.]


JL: HA! I think they have been preparing for the war maybe.

JL: I can’t tell which twin was with Lizzie earlier but it’s funny Jamie tried to make it seem like it was the twin.

[V: Since they started dressing alike, it is hard for me to know them apart. But yeah, he seemed certain it was Josiah.]

JL: Richard is a bastard for doing all this just to arrest Claire.

[V: They must have had a whole ‘Attack the Ridge Strategy Meeting’ to know how to maneuver the horses, and to position the men and wagons for protection.]


Get back, ye bastards!

[V: The way Claire positioned the rifle in different direction on the chair was brilliant! Ole girl wasn’t playing.]

JL: Richard is looking for revenge.

I don’t believe he is doing this just to serve justice.

[V: Yes, and he has been looking for any excuse to validate his revenge.]

I just love seeing Jamie and Claire with their backs against the wall, it’s them against the world. It’s so symbolic of this whole season. We talk so much about the Ridge, and what happens when your home turns against you? Its climax is at this episode. Everyone is against Jamie and Claire. Everyone believes Claire did it, and no one speaks up for them.

~ Maril Davis

M: Honestly this makes sense. I’ve been wondering why people are making such a big deal about Malva. Literally the Frasers did nothing and even the slightest hair out of line, even though it was a lie, and everyone jumps on it like a moth to a flame. So sad.

JH: They were all waiting for an excuse to pounce on them!

JL: Yep, Richard’s been waiting for an excuse.

M: I was cackling the entire time! Jamie basically said, ‘If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead.’ Richard, don’t be dumb.

JH: Jamie must be sick of people calling his wife a witch by now.

[V: If he’s not, I surely am!]

[V: Richard clearly didn’t read Jamie’s dossier and is clueless as to whom he is dealing with.

It doesn’t matter what he says. Jamie is not giving up Claire to anybody, especially not him.]

M: Claire goes ‘naaaaahhhhh’, take another shot please Jamie.

JH: There is no such thing as a fair trial for a woman accused of witchcraft. Is Jamie actually thinking of letting her go?

JL: It’s so annoying that Claire constantly has to deal with the witch accusations. It’s so irritating.

Claire — or Caitriona — is pretty good at loading rifles, and also a pretty damn good shot. It’s sort of them against the world, right? They’re a good team, and it’s fun to see them now literally fighting people off to protect their home. It’s the first time we’ve done action together.

~ Sam Heughan

M: Jamie said, GET OFF MY LAND!, when he shot the hat out of his hand. Again, I am cackling.

JL: Me too!

JH: Yes Jamie!!! He’s showing a lot of restraint just shooting his hat!

M: Aww, poor Big Brown is upset Jamie and Claire won’t listen to him.

JH: Did he really think Jamie would let Claire go quietly?

JL: Right, he’s a fool for thinking his little committee of safety was going to easily arrest her and go.

M: As a history buff, Roger must have been salivating at the chance of seeing these events in person.

Lexington and Concord, the Siege of Boston.
Those’ve all happened.

JH: Yes, and it’s great to have Roger as a reference for what’s happening. I doubt I would remember my high school history class, if I were in his shoes!

Then actually, the last episode I’m excited for. The season got cut short and we didn’t get much notice of that. A lot of Roger and Brianna’s storyline was about to happen, so we were really about to sink our teeth into the season—and then it was cut.

So that’s going to push to season 7. Because of that, Richard and I had a talk to the producers and they re-did some of the last episode and changed the story a bit. So there are a lot of really lovely family moments with Jemmy, Roger, and Bree in the last episode.

 ~ Sophie Skelton

M: Why is this baby scratching his head like this? Fam. Something is up.

JH: I don’t like the look of it.

M: There was no way Frank was going to tolerate Claire telling Brianna about Jamie and travel.

JH: Yes, neither option was great, but I think waiting to tell her was unfortunately the better decision.

JL: I agree. Waiting to tell her was the better option. The moment Frank burned Claire’s clothes in 201, I knew he would never want her to bring up the past again.

M: Good point never thought of that.

JH: Me neither! I guess Roger was thinking of what he might do. Jem is his father’s son, which we know for sure now!

JL: I also want to add they have made all of Roger and Bree’s dialogue this season be about the future and the past.

I wonder if they’re foreshadowing anything?

JL: It’s pitiful these men are camped outside the big house. GO AWAY! YOU CAN’T HAVE HER!

[V: I thought the same thing. They are going to wait them out. Richard Brown is not leaving until he gets what he wants.]

On another note: Every episode that has a shot of someone going up or coming down this staircase gets highlighted in the Convos! Just because.]


JH: Are you kidding me!? But Jamie is right.

I bet they’re itching to burn them out and loot the house.

JL: I cannot fathom this house fire.

This is the first time we have talked about it this season.

JL: Jamie talking about Lizzie had me crying laughing. He said, “dinna fash, mo nighean donn, she’ll be safe, she’s with her husband, well one of them.”

JH: I’m relieved that Jamie won’t let her go. It seemed like he was considering it for a second there.

M: Naahhhh, Jamie would never!

All right.
So they smoke us out.
What do we do? Fight to the death?

[Claire] I won’t go with them, Jamie. I’d rather die than–

[Jamie] I would never let you go.

JH: I can’t believe Jamie is thinking about food at a time like this! But then again, it’s very much like him. Haha.

M: He gotta refuel to mess other people up.

JL: HAHA! I thought it was funny he was asking for food too.

M: Who is going to pay for all the damages to the house? The china, the glass, the polished wood! Put Big brown on trial for this.

JL: Glass is not cheap! It’s going to cost them a ton of money to fix up the big house again and since the tenants are traitors I doubt they will offer any help.

JH: It’s so sad to see their beautiful house destroyed. It’s been a symbol of safety and stability for them and now it’s riddled with bullets.

Of course. It’s such a wonderful job, we all love doing it. We’re all such a close-knit family. Obviously, I’ve been in Brianna’s head for so long now that I would definitely miss that side of it. Who knows? I know that Diana does keep writing amazing books and, hopefully we’ll get to do that justice and tell the rest of the story.

~ Sophie Skelton

M: I remember that day. Wow Roger you’ve come a long way. It was hard to like you in S4.

JL: He truly has come a long way because he was an asshole in S4. Thank god the writers got it together and has written him well this season.

JH: Yes, Diana loves putting people through hell for character development. Roger is a much wiser person now.

M: The car they used for that North Carolina road trip was nice too.

[V: It really was.]

JL: They are about to get busyyyy!

M: Cute love scene, also realized it was their first all season while Jamie and Claire had …a lot.

I was really impressed and loved, especially in this last episode, Brianna and Roger’s storyline, just some really intimate moments with them. I think it’s nice to spend time with the other characters and to see this beautiful relationship that they have.

~ Sam Heughan

But it was really looooonngg. Jamie and Claire are in trouble!!!

JH: Yes this is all very nice, but I just want to see what’s happening to Claire and Jamie!

JL: It was way too long! Sweet scene though.

[Claire] The condemned ate a hearty meal.

JL: Mrs. Bug needs to come be useful and clean up all that damn glass everywhere. Stop gossiping and get on your job ma’am.

M: Again.. Who is paying for all of these expenses?

JH: Imagine having to clean that mess with no vacuum!

[But there’s also] these really, really intimate moments, like the evening they spend together.

~ Sam Heughan

The last dinner.

~ Caitriona Balfe

What would you choose?

Cheeseburger, fries, and a Coke from Carmi’s.

I wouldna choose any other thing…

You see how they just love each other’s company and you might even see Adso occasionally, but [the director] really brought some tender moments. So, we’re very lucky to work with Jamie.

~ Sam Heughan

than this very meal wi’ you…
…in our home.

JH: Does Jamie even know what any of those foods are?

JL: I think Claire or Bree has mentioned them before to him! And I love this moment especially when Claire talks about sweet moments her and Bree have shared because we know they had a strained relationship so it’s nice to hear about their good moments as mother daughter.

Where on Earth is Ian?

JL: That’s what I wanna know, where is Ian?

JH: I hope he can show up before it’s too late!

[V: Who knows where he is, probably out in the woods somewhere.]

After Malva, then Lizzie and the twins, I’d need a quick break from the Ridge too.]

JH: Hi Adso! I wonder where he was hiding when the shit hit the fan! Glad he made it unscathed.

JL:I hope he doesn’t get hurt walking around all that glass!

[Claire] There’s nothing else to do, is there?
Nothing else but wait.

[Jamie] I might say an Act of Contrition.

JL: This is a shameful admission, but I had to look up an act of contrition because I forgot what it was LOL.

We did that always the night before a battle.
Just in case.

M: I’m a terrible Catholic. I didn’t even know what that was lol. Had to Google it.

All right, then. Just in case.

JH: Jamie seems to have an interesting relationship with religion. He doesn’t seem to be much of a churchgoer, but he seems to have a lot of personal faith.

[Jamie] Oh, my God, I am
heartily sorry for offending Thee.

I detest all my sins for thy just punishments,
but most of all, my God, because they offend Thee.

My God who art all good and
deserving of all my love.

JL: Watching this scene, I appreciated the way she curled up on his leg and the lighthearted banter that took place.

M: I know right! It was so cute.

JH: Jamie has come too damn close to death way too many times.

Actually it’s funny. We purposely didn’t include all of his near deaths in there because we want to keep it kind of vague about how many lives he has left. I never considered this one of his nine lives, but it’s interesting you bring that up because I’m not sure. I wonder if Diana [Gabaldon] considers that one. I’m not sure.

~ Maril Davis

JL: Jamie is a cat with nine lives. I think I counted five times Jamie has come close to death so far which means he has four lives left.

M: While they’re talking about palm reading, Claire should have shared the reading she had from that lady in Epi1 of the series.

JH: Yes, I was just thinking that!

Maybe she is too skeptical to see the connection. 

JL: Adso is always in the background somewhere minding his business.

M: Typical cat. I would seriously adopt this cat. Someone drop a link to adopt a cat like Adso.

JH: Adso really doesn’t give a f–k. As long as he has food, he’s happy.

JL:I am glad Claire got a wink of sleep in the midst of this chaos. I can’t imagine she will get more sleep in the days ahead.

JH: Yes, it’s thoughtful of Jamie to let her sleep.

JL: Here come the treacherous tenants that should be homeless because Jamie should’ve evicted them.

JH: Wow, they’re just missing the pitchforks. This is an angry mob. 

JL: Hiram, you were just talking crazy in Jamie’s face the last episode, why should he reason with you?

M: Hiram is a WUSS. He was talking crazy then shuffling backwards when Jamie took a step closer last episode.

Now he wanna act brand new, because the fake police squad is here.

JL: There is no negotiation he will NEVER give up Claire, so y’all can just leave already BYE.

M: Do these tenants not know where they live? IT IS CALLED FRASER’S RIDGE.

JH: No point negotiating with people already carrying torches to burn down your home!


JH: He is really trying to avoid further violence, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s possible.

JL: Labeling someone you think is guilty isn’t justice.

There’s no other option, and it’s an interesting one because they talk about death in this episode in the scene. Jamie’s weighed up all the odds and this is the only option. Their salvation, or not salvation, but at least, an option, comes in the form of the fisherfolk and gets them out of this situation with the Browns and the standoff.

But are they going to something worse? I don’t know. Or Jamie doesn’t know. But at least it’s a way out. You can see that there’s no other option. No one’s coming to rescue them, or the people that are coming won’t be able to be able to be effective. So, they’re stuck. They’re completely stuck in a dead end.

~ Sam Heughan

M: I’m so over people thinking Claire is a witch. It’s annoying because these people live on her land and they really say this with their whole chests! They need to move.

JH: Anytime Claire acts to uppity than people think a woman should be she gets the witch accusation. It must have been terrifying being a woman back then.

Ye’ll take my wife over my dead body.

JL: Exactly! It’s sickening that a strong smart woman can’t exist without being a witch. Men and brainwashed 19th century women are ridiculous.

There’s a lot of turmoil in that build-up of the revolution, and you can see it in the background. There’s this unsettled nature…and I think it is interesting to see the Frasers lose their support and reputation.

~ Sam Heughan

JL: Claire need to bust out that gun and start shooting MFers again.

M: Especially this woman! What is she doing still living on Frasers Ridge after that altercation with Fergus?

JH: how about thou shall not kill?! It’s so horrible that it’s a woman screaming this like she couldn’t also be accused of being a witch someday.

M: Disloyal dumb people!

M: Mr. and Mrs. McGregor need to be evicted and move to Brownsville. Fools.

JH: There does need to be justice, and a witch trial is not a good way to get it!

M: What is the use of her saying anything? I feel so badly for her. This must be maddening.

JH: It’s so difficult to prove her innocence when she was literally caught red handed – blood all over her.

JL: Yes to what you both said. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to be innocent but seen as guilty and Claire always trying to help and it caught up with her this time.

For the first time, we really see them up against the world. It’s like their entire community is turned on them. People that they have given shelter to, people they have opened their homes to — they’re all calling for blood.

~ Caitriona Balfe

JL: Jamie trying to bring God into this to diffuse the situation. LOL

Justice is mine, sayeth the Lord.

M: Maybe that’s the only way they’ll understand anything.

JH: I’m sure the Bible is the only book most of these people have access to.

JL: Richard is not fooling anyone we all know he is only doing this to get revenge for his horrible brother. It’s ironic he keeps mentioning justice. We all know justice was served the moment Marsali killed that disgusting man Lionel. MOVE ON RICHARD.

JH: If he was your brother, you must have known he was trash.

JL: This logic always blows me.

She shouldn’t refuse to prove her innocence even though the system is rigged against her regardless?

[Jamie] I say, if I surrender her to the hands of this man,
she willna live to stand trial.
He blames me for the death of his brother.
He would slaughter her out of hand
for sake of revenge upon me.

JL: Allan coming out of nowhere, like dude where you come from? And he is spouting nothing but lies.

[V: And, he is the one who told Richard. He and Malva are responsible for ALL of this shit!]

Take him!
Put him to a trial.

JL: Miss me with that, Hiram BYE.

M: I hate this woman.

JH: I mean she literally didn’t steal the baby. It was still there?! And I’m sure a man is capable of doing that anyway.

JL: Sir, weren’t you one of the potential baby’s daddy??? Obadiah needs to sit this one out.

M: I don’t get it. Why all of this commotion over Malva??!?! She slept with half the men on the Ridge and these men refuse to speak up. Wow.

JH: I’ll bet anything it was one of those men who killed her.

JL: I’m so salty Jamie and Claire surrendered.

M: But what else could they have done? They can’t get some peace and quiet. OMG.

JH: This is heartbreaking, but I don’t think they have a choice.

JL: Tom looks a mess, I don’t know what’s going on with him. His behavior changed once Malva lied about Jamie.

All of a sudden the righteous holier than thou man we saw in the first five episodes this season is nowhere to be found.

M: Good observation. Wonder why. The man looks haggard.

JH: Yeah, he must be really shaken up by all of this. He is probably questioning why God would do this to him.

Let them both be take, if you will.
I will travel with them, as surety that
no further evil will be done.

Tom’s just a funny one. You never really know what’s going on in that strange little man’s head. But it’s been so lovely working with Mark Lewis Jones and watching the evolution of that character, and the evolution of the relationships that Claire and Jamie have with him. Is he just wanting true justice as he sees it?

~ Caitriona Balfe

I mean, look, we started the whole season with flashbacks to how their relationship started off and it’s always been very confrontational. They’ve been on different sides. But there is this strange respect between them. And at this point, in this episode, Jamie’s beginning to question why Tom is helping and he may be working out the reasons why.

But salvation comes in the form of Tom Christie, which is very unexpected. And as Caitriona said, working with Mark Lewis Jones has been incredible, but also the character has this incredible arc and you may find out more later on in new seasons.

~ Sam Heughan

Tom Christie is a Troubled Man, to be sure. He has Strong Feelings for Claire (which appall him, as a religious man). He also has Strong Feelings for Jamie, but in the other direction.

 He can’t help but recognize Jamie’s honor, ability to lead men, keep a beautiful woman happy, and to successfully father a family—all things Tom obviously can’t do, except the honor (at which he is determined not to be bested).

~ Diana Gabaldon

M: Allan needs to go kick rocks. Looking like some petulant child who got his bike stolen. He’s so weird.

JL: This is such a good comparison because that’s exactly what he looks like!

M: I breathed a sigh of relief after they said this. Some small mercy at least.

[Tom] I will set a guard to watch the house.
[Richard] As will I.

JH: Man, I hope Jamie kept a pistol or two just in case!

[V: So, all these people walked up to the Big House for nothing.

How long will it take from them to walk back home? Ha!]

JL: We finally got a look at all of the rooms in the big house, and it’s destroyed.

It’s so devastating that beautiful house was ruined all because of Malva.

M: JESS L! The chaos started when the Christies moved to the Ridge.

WHICH I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND. Tom never liked Jamie! Why did he move there?

JH: His motivations have been a mystery all season! He seems to just like stirring up drama.

JL: This scene felt so sensual and passionate, it reminded me of one of the A. Malcolm scenes.

The connection and desire were there as well as the need to be close to one another because they don’t know what the future will bring.

M: This love scene was so sweet. Of course, they make love on the day before they are taken from the home they built together.

JH: Being close to death seems to be a huge turn on for these two.

JL: Bear always knows how to set the mood.

M: Love it! Here for Bear’s music always and forever.

JL: A. Malcolm vibes.

JL: Their scene was shorter than Roger and Bree’s scene? Like how???

M:YES! They fit a lot into this episode though not gonna lie.

JH: Yeah, there was a warning for strong sexual content for this episode.

Also there were several episodes of this season that are longer. There is more time to sit with the characters in those scenes.

I think the first episode especially, you see a lot of intimacy as well as, you know, stuff happening. So I’m really proud of the season. I think it’s actually a really strong one, possibly one of our strongest.

~ Sam Heughan

JL: You can tell they both tried and put some effort into this scene because the chemistry was amazing compared to the last episode.

The previous episode felt dead in terms of their chemistry; it wasn’t the usual fire and connection we were used to seeing. But they definitely turned it around and delivered this episode.

JH: I agree! Maybe it’s the atmosphere but they both definitely have their groove back.

JL: That last shot of Jamie and Claire curled into each other’s arms was reminiscent of the final shot in 512 of them naked holding one another.

I also think it’s poetic the way they can find comfort in one another as the world around them crumbles. They are each other’s calm in the midst of chaos.

M: I liked the cinematography from the love scene to looking around the house. Even during chaos, they will still be together.

JH: This is basically their relationship in a nutshell.

They’re constantly surrounded by chaos, but they have each other.

M: I HATE this man. Why are all the people from Brownsville so creepy?

JL: So true and this is the people Jamie and Claire left that mixed baby with? It’s sickening, I hope that baby is ok.

JH: Me too! I don’t trust any of these people.

JL: The image of them holding hands in the back of this wagon breaks my heart. They don’t deserve any of this.

M: They really don’t! All they want it to make whisky, have Claire heal people, and love on each other on the Ridge.

JH: Everywhere they go they do their best to help people. But they rarely receive the same kindness they give. 

[V: I know she is wondering if this will be the last time she sees their home.]

JL: Once again, she is in the back of a wagon (512). Can they please give her a BREAK.

M: YES. OMG, I was thinking the same thing. The woman’s PTSD must be through the roof!

It sort of has this very Westernish element to it, but also it’s that whole thing of that frontier man traveling through all these little towns and seeing what that was like at that point. It’s great.

~ Sam Heughan

[V: I thought the same thing. I immediately thought of the show 1883, when they traveled west.]

JH: I sure she’s relieved that Jamie is there. 

JL: I knew ever since Claire shot those men she would try to tend to their wounds because that’s the type of healer she is. I’m glad Jamie persuaded her not to.

M: Claire’s better than me. I would have never thought of it.

JH: She really is a doctor through and through.

These people have literally kidnapped her and destroyed their home, and she still wants to help them.

JL: Tom didn’t bring Jamie any food??? LOL So, Jamie’s supposed to just starve huh???

M: Honestly, Jamie is probs just happy Claire got some food. He ‘ain’t’ even bothered about Tom.

JH: Tom still feels he owes Claire for the surgery.

[V: Well, he’s certainly feeling something!]

We will actually find out in the next season why Tom is not completely destroyed (though he’s obviously pained) by Malva’s death. He was not unhappy with her accusation of Jamie, despite her being labeled as a harlot for sleeping with a married man (well, any man, but especially that one); it gave him a moral one-up (he thought) on Jamie, which is something he’s been looking for since Ardsmuir.

~ Diana Gabaldon

JL: I love how Richard can’t find any court to take Claire to, just take them home and stop this BS.

There is a war brewing and Richard is trying to be a policeman LOL stop this foolishness.

M: He’s a fake police chief! No one taking him seriously.

JH: Maybe these people should just let the Fraser’s go and focus on the fact that a revolution is imminent! But I guess they’re too petty.

M: I do like how Outlander is portraying the unrest happening just in the background. Something brewing that’s about to boil over. Very good.

M: Big Brown you HAVE TO BE TIRED. Just stop and go home to your trash town.

JH: Yes are they really prepared to travel all that way just to take the Fraser’s to trial?

JL: Where is Jocasta? Surely news of what’s happened has reached her by now.

M: Richard doesn’t want a fair trial.

He just wants one not in Jamie’s favor. He and his brother need to reunite.

JH: Yes, maybe Jocasta can send help at least.

JL: I get a creepy vibe every time they mention Wilmington. Nothing good ever happens there.

JL: So he told everyone she’s guilty without giving her the benefit of the doubt? But he wants to continue to rant about justice?

The hypocrisy is showing. ALSO, Tom staring at Claire sent me! He clearly has a thing for her because why else would he be doing all this?

M: Maybe deep down he believes Malva lied. So now he feels bad?

It made no sense, he treated Malva like trash then believed her lie about Jamie immediately.

JH: Honestly, I would be surprised if he killed Malva himself. This man is deranged.

[V: Jamie knows something is up the way he looked at Tom looking at Claire.]

We have this strange situation with Tom Christie [Mark Lewis Jones] where he’s there and he seems to be supporting and almost hating them [at the same time]. We don’t know what his motives are, so it’s a really unsettled time.”

~ Sam Heughan

JL: Why Lizzie always running for her life LOL like girl you are pregnant calm down.

M: Jamie and Claire are the only ones about to accept this throuple on the Ridge. She needs them, so that’s why she’s running like this.

JH: I’m just glad Ian has finally shown up!


M: He’s about to paint his face again and go OFF.

JH: Be careful Lizzie!

M: If he stopped his weird daughter from lying on Jamie, he wouldn’t be so tired.

JL: THIS!!!!

JH: Exactly! This is all his fault, and he knows it!

JL: It baffles me at how in this time period people behaved like this.

M: Notice how most of them are white men. I’m not really surprised.

JH: Gossip spreads so damn fast even with no internet. I guess that’s all people could do to pass the time besides knitting.

JL: Stoning is so inhumane, like why these people behaving like animals?

JL: Whoever that man was better count his days I’m coming for him for hurting Claire. SHE’S INNOCENT.

M: You see? Throwing rocks at people with no consequences. Lordt.

JH: They’re literally stoning them.

Back then most people were religious extremists.

JL: My favorite song, Claire kicking men’s asses. First her shooting these men, then her knocking them out. Queen behavior.

M: YASSS, Claire. Let them know who you are.

JH: Claire, again, is showing that she’s more than capable of defending herself!

JL: I never tire of seeing Jamie protecting his wife!

[V: Me either. He promised the protection of his body, and he has proven that time and time again.]

M: This is some mess!

Again, why are people getting so riled up over a girl they didn’t know. I’m sure this anger has to stem from somewhere else.

JH: I guess tensions are just high, in general, with a revolution brewing.

JL: That’s what gets me.

They have no idea about the situation, and they are mad for what?

[V: They are just ignorant people, who believe anything ‘a person of authority’ (committee of safety) says.]

M: Loving the mention of Fergus and Marsali at the end of the season. I hope they’re doing well.

JH: Yes, I hope Fergus has found something he loves to do!

JL:I’m glad Fersali got away and can focus on their family and each other.

The New Bern Onion.
Wait, wait, is this —

Fergus’ maiden effort.

[Brianna] Wait, but why Onion?

[Roger] It’s to do with onions having layers, complexity, and. . .

[Brianna] a pungency and savor of the reasoned discourse
always to be exercised herein.

JL: I love this sweet moment of Jem wanting to talk to the baby. Him and his sibling have a string bind.

M: This moment was super cute. I was so excited when my younger sister was about to be born. So same.

I wanna talk to baby.
Hi, baby. I love you a lot.

JH: Aww yes I can also relate to this as an older sibling!

JL: This lice storyline is one of my favorites in the book and I am so glad they kept it in the show.

Here, let me have a look.
He has lice.

JH: Gross! How will they get it out of his clothes?!

M: Those fisherfolk bring trouble and lice to the Ridge. Let’s get rid of them.

JL: Yet another reason to get them up out of here!

JL: It shatters me watching Jamie and Claire get falsely persecuted for crimes they DID NOT COMMIT!

M: Fam. Why can’t this couple have any peace? It’s not fair. This is what happens when you’re too nice. They shouldn’t have let the Christies move to the Ridge.

Honestly, Jamie should have told them to leave in 6×01 when Allan got caught for stealing. Tom Christie should be ashamed of himself for having weird children.

M: I like Bree’s humor.

She can’t help bringing the future to her household and I’m loving it. Honestly, I feel like we could be friends in real life. Her humor is hilarious.

I feel like this is a relief and Roger and Bree can move on with their lives and forget about Bonnet now we know no part of him lives on.

M:YASSSS BREE AND ROGER! The confirmation we all needed.

JH: Yes!!! Now they know for sure!

But, I’m sure Roger would have accepted him either way.

[V: He already said Jem was blood of his blood, bone of his bone. So, he had already accepted him as his.]

They’re hereditary.

JL: I think it’s so precious Roger wanted to cut his hair like his son!

Roger is my absolute favorite in S6.

We’ve kind of purposely had Roger and Brianna in a pretty great place when we’re ending Season 6. They’re completely unaware of where Jamie and Claire are. They’re unaware of the danger they’re in. We’re purposely setting them up that way because there might be rocky waters ahead for them in Season 7.

 But we also wanted to see that Roger and Brianna had finally settled into this place. They had tried to go home last season. They finally realized this is where their home is and we see them trying to set down roots. This season, Brianna is pregnant again.

They find out Jemmy is actually Roger’s and not Steven Bonnet’s. So they’re in a very good place.

~ Maril Davis

JL: I adore this moment. It was funny that Claire was in pain and Jamie is like, “calm down woman it’s not broken.” And when he kissed her hand . . .  AAAHHH

I just melt at those small details.

JH: Such a sweet moment for them in the middle of all this!

JL: Not Tom being a creeper like his daughter, what is going on with him?

M: Malva had to have learned it from somewhere. Was there something he wanted to say?

JH: A lot of eavesdroppers in that family!

He may want to see us stoned to death,

but I dinna think he intended on being
caught in the middle of it.

JL: Those mice made me gag. Ewww!

[V: Me too. And, don’t think the men won’t go back and finish eating.]

JL: If it’s one thing Ian is going to do, it’s show up strapped ready to fight everyone to save his people.

M: Ian is a gem in this whole mess happening to Jamie and Claire now. I’m so happy he’s hiding in the bushes ready to pop out and throw some axes at people.

JH: Yes Ian!!! I hope he can save the day this time!


Guardian angel, more like.

M: They can never catch a break. I know I keep saying this, but it’s so frustrating.

I’m not alone.
Say the word, we’ll come out.

JH: Jamie has been a fugitive before, and I doubt he’s eager to be one again.

I’ll bide and watch.

[Jamie] God go wi’ ye, lad.
[Ian] And with you, Uncle.

[Jamie] Brown went away in the early hours.
Came back wi’ a friend.


M: Welp. Guess we move on to Wilmington then?

JH: Too bad Claire couldn’t tend his wounds!

JL: Ezra f-ed around and found out. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

M: He had the right idea, but chose the wrong b*tch to try.

JH: I’m sure Claire really regrets taking his life, even though she didn’t have much choice.

M: Something is up. Something is about to go down.

JH: Why are they separating them??

[V: This has to be another ploy. Jamie and Claire refuse to cooperate with them.

Why else would he make Jamie come out and get water and leave Claire in the wagon.

This is the only way they can separate them. You can tell Claire senses something isn’t right.]

JH: This is so gut wrenching! How could they separate them like this?!

M: Pick up a dictionary; look at the word, ‘Anguish’, and this scene will be there.

JL: The guttural screams they let out shouting each other’s names tore my heart apart.


It’s devastating watching them being separated. As we all know, nothing good ever comes from these two being apart.

No! Jamie!

M: These conniving snakes. Trash all of them are trash. Claire’s PTSD HASSS to be flaring up.

JH: Yes and she doesn’t have any ether to take the edge off now!

M: This man is mad about Jamie and Claire. He can’t have land looking like Brownsville and acting like that to the leaders of Fraser’s Ridge.

JH: How dare he say her HUSBAND is not her concern?

JL: I’m dying at you, Margot talking about Brownsville, because it was so ghetto compared to Fraser’s Ridge.

M: Richard is a LIIIIAARRR!

JL: He keeps saying that out loud like he’s trying to convince himself.

M: Jamie returned you brother’s body to you. Consider yourself lucky big brown.

JH: Cruel and unforgivable doesn’t begin to touch what happened. How dare he raise a finger against Claire after what his brother did to her.

JL: I weirdly think Tom actually feels badly and wants to protect Claire.

[V: Weirdly is the operative word.

Something is going on with him. His demeanor has turned a whole-ass 360!]

We will see in Season 7 kind of the reasons why Tom has done what he’s done. Tom is a flawed character, played so brilliantly by Mark Lewis Jones. He’s flawed and he’s conflicted. He’s always at war with himself. He knows what’s right or what he thinks is right. He’s a very pious man. He’s very judgmental. Deep down, he’s a fair man and he wants to see justice for his daughter.

I think deep down, he probably knows Claire didn’t do it. But regardless if she did it or not, he’s not okay with this vigilante justice. He’s not okay with Richard Brown taking her off. He knows if Richard Brown takes her, he’s just gonna kill her by the side of the road. She’s never going to see a fair trial. So for him, he does want this to be done the right way. And he knows he’s also the only one that can make sure that happens because… the justice is his.

~ Maril Davis

M: How is Claire’s lifeline Tom Christie? What is this mess? Like he’s all she has to rely on now?

JH: I can’t believe that he’s the only ally she has now.

M: I need Bree and Roger to find out about what is happening to Jamie and Claire. Why is it every time they leave someone bad happens to Jamie and Claire?

JH: They should just stick together from now on. It’s too big of a risk to be separated!

[Claire VO] He was right, of course.

Without Tom, I was as good as dead.

As it was, the journey to Wilmington
passed in a blur of fear and discomfort.

My one small hope was this.
If news of my arrest had reached
Wilmington ahead of me, then maybe
it would reach Roger and Brianna in Edenton as well.

While I wondered what
was to happen to me,

my constant thought was for Jamie.
Tom Christie was plainly my only hope
of learning anything,

but he avoided my eyes and kept his distance,
and I found that as alarming as anything else.
He was clearly troubled.

I was terribly afraid that he knew or suspected

that Jamie was dead but would not admit it,
either to me or to himself.

JL: Tom’s strange behavior continues, and it bewilders me what his true intentions are.

M: I appreciate how at the end of the season they’re showing the signs of civil unrest. Somethings that are clearly about to get worse in the next season.

JH: Are Claire and Jamie really going to have to look for each other during a revolution?

JL: I cannot handle war on top of all the other drama that is taking place.

It’s very dangerous times at the moment. There’s multiple threats. There’s the threat of the Browns and all of that, but this is a time where law and order is completely breaking down.

We don’t know if there’s going to be any form of trial, what that might look like, are people willing to take justice into their own hands. There’s a lot going on, so [Jamie] better hurry up.

~ Caitriona Balfe

[V: Just imagine . . . being accused of being a witch, yet again. Being separated from your husband, yet again.

Being brought to jail in a town in utter destruction.

AND, a war is about to begin. Well, I can’t image it, but I think Claire is terrified of it.]

JL: They finally arrive at a jail after a hellish ride. Nothing good can come from this situation.

Your accommodations, Mistress Fraser.

Does he [Tom] want Claire to have a fair trial because he believes so piously in truth and fairness and all of those things? Maybe. Maybe there’s another reason.

 But at least it is nice for her to have a face — I was about to say a friendly face but I don’t know if you can really call him that — but it’s nice to have Tom there in that capacity because at least Claire feels like she has some protection once Jamie’s gone.

~ Caitriona Balfe

We originally were supposed to film 12 episodes. That was the original idea. But this felt like a really natural point. If we had to stop somewhere, this felt like a good place to stop.

It’s such a great cliffhanger to be on. There’s that point of hope, but you’re definitely left kind of on the edge of your seat wanting to see what’s gonna happen next.

~ Caitriona Balfe

[V: What the hell was that? And, what does Richard have to talk to the sheriff about?]

M: Didn’t Richard want a fair trial? I despise this man.

JL: Right! He rants about justice. but out here bribing judges?!!?

M: This man feels GUILTY. There is no way he would have given Claire money, if he believed she killed Malva.

JH: Exactly! He must at least know something about the murder if he didn’t do it himself.

JL: He must know something about her death.

JL: And here is the religious man we are used to seeing, he disappeared earlier in this episode it seemed.

[V: What is he really talking about?]

JL: I thought it was very interesting that he touched her hand because Tom is so religious and pious.

It’s scandalous that he touched her hand.

[V: Very suspect, indeed.]

Especially with Jamie, it’s that connection that they have, but if she’s not open with him and if she’s not allowing him to see her at her most vulnerable, then she’s not being fully present I suppose. That was the big lesson that she learned from Season 6 — everything with Malva and all of that. What I loved [about] Episode 7 is that we really explore her subconscious and this guilt that she’s been feeling.

When we see her in Episode 8, I wouldn’t say she’s healed, but she’s definitely on that journey. But now, of course, mentally, she’s in a better place, but physically she’s in a really bad place. She can’t really catch a break. The most pressing concerns for her at the moment are that she’s stuck in this jail, but because of the Revolutionary War, the system of justice that would normally be in place is sort of completely blown apart. So I think for Claire, her biggest fear is that she’s just gonna be left to rot in jail.

~ Caitriona Balfe

 M: Our girl Claire is really in jail for a crime she did not commit. She really did nothing to deserve this. She must be so terrified. She might be hanged, she doesn’t know if Jamie is alive, and TOM CHRISTIE is her only lifeline right now? Fam. ‘Issa’ whole ‘no.

JH: At least the last time she was in prison for witchcraft she had Geillis. She’s completely isolated now.

JL: She is completely isolated. And, I’m sure it’s very triggering for her the fact that she’s in an unknown place surrounded by men.

JL: Oakes is a fool. That’s why his friend died at the hands of a strong woman, his worst nightmare.

JH: Ezra absolutely deserved what happened. Claire was just defending herself.

But it’s a very different world that we’re used to. We see that throughout this journey of the last two episodes. We see the world, the actual physical world around them, is also very unsettled. A lot of terrible with the upcoming revolution. But you can count on one thing and that’s that Jamie’s gonna go find Claire.

~ Sam Heughan

M: BACK TO SCOTLAND??!! I knnnewwwwww something was up when they said they were returning him, ‘home’.

JH: How will Claire ever find him again if he’s across the ocean??!!

JL: This man is crazy, he’s trying to deport Jamie 18th century style.

You’re goin’ aboard that ship.
And then that ship’s taking you home to Scotland,
where you belong.

M: I HATTTEEE these people.

JH: These people are truly diabolical for no reason.

You’ll never see your witch of a wife again.

JL: All the rescues happen on the beach in Outlander. LOL

M: They gotta cool off with some whisky on the beach after the rescue scenes. That’s why.

JH: Yes, getting a little déjà vu with this scene.

JL: Ian is the OG, a ride or die! He’s that one family member you can count on to show up for you no matter what the circumstances.

M: He is one of my faves. I never saw myself loving his character so much. He commands the screen whenever he shows up.

JH: Yes, this is a perfect ambush!

I can’t get into the theme [S7] too much. I will say we’ve talked so much about the Revolution coming — it’s like “winter is coming” in “Game of Thrones.” Next season, the Revolution is here. It’s our biggest season yet. We’re gonna straddle so many storylines and so much ground is covered in this season. Everyone goes on such a crazy arc this season. It’s the biggest season we’ve ever done and I’m so excited. I’m particularly excited about young Ian. He has a great storyline. Jamie and Claire, there’s so much I can’t talk about because I don’t want to spoil anything.

~ Maril Davis

JL: I love how the natives are more loyal than the white men.

[V: Poetic justice. And, using the guns Jamie gave them at the beginning of the season! I ‘luvbs’ it!]

M: HA! I loved watching that guy swim away. He was SHOOK!

JL: That infamous JAMMF smirk!

JL: Oakes better hurry up and load that pistol, because Ian and the natives will shoot first and ask questions last, if necessary.

JL: The men scattering like ants once Ian starts taking them out is comical.

M: These guys are CHUMPS. They don’t even try and fight back? LOL.

JL: I didn’t notice until my second watch the post they had Jamie tied to reminded me of when Bonnet was sentenced to drowning.

M: UGHH YESS!! I’m so glad the Cherokee are helping, great way to send us off this season.

JL: I love the Natives and Ian came guns blazing to the rescue.

M: BAM! Coming through with his AXE! I’m hollering.

JL: Oakes had no chance against them, he was a fool to believe he could get away with this.

M: This guy has been working my last nerve. Why do people think they can just come at Jamie like this?

I wouldn’t do that, friend.

M: LET’S GOOO!! I’m sick of this man. Put him out of our misery!

JH: Pull the damn trigger please!!


Don’t! He kens where Claire is.

For Ian, I mean, I’m so impressed with John Bell this season. Every season I am, but I just think we’ve seen young Ian and I love that we call him that. But young Ian turned into a man this season. He’s really coming into his own. Everything we saw in Episode 4, his backstory with the Mohawk and his tragic love story. I’m so excited for where we’re going with Ian and Season 7. We’re gonna see such a great arc for him. I’m just so impressed by John and the way he’s transformed that character from boy to man. We saw that before our eyes this season and it was really lovely.

~ Maril Davis

So do we, Uncle.

M: Welp, BYE OAKES! Ian said, ‘We can kill this guy y’all.’

JL: That camera shot of the bullet going through his hand and eye is incredible. That was so AMAZING!


M: YASSS Chief Bird, loyal homie.

I told you I would fight
with you, Bear Killer.

Jamie was reluctant to supply weapons to them in the first episode because he didn’t know which side they would fight on.

They’ve chosen to fight alongside Jamie and support him. But, whether or not they help rescue Claire, I can’t give away too much, but I would say that they’re definitely a factor.

~ Sam Heughan

JH: Yes, Jamie is free! Now, he can focus on finding Claire.


Jamie and Claire’s world has been completely destroyed here. Normally, the popularity and the strength of their reputation is something that they’ve utilized, but this time it’s strange. Their allies come in different shapes and forms. In this standoff with the Browns, Tom Christie, in a very odd way, comes to help them. The situation they’re in now, for Jamie certainly, he’s clearly gonna go find Claire and luckily does have some allies left.

~ Sam Heughan

M: Amazing cinematography. Can’t wait till next season. UGHHHHH it all happened so fast.

JH: Yes, Jamie to the rescue!

JL: That cliffhanger was equivalent to Jamie in the window in 108.

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 4.5-shots! The ensemble cast put their all into this episode and it shined through in every scene. We were on the edge of or seat from the opening title card alone. Between the shootout, sweet Roger and Bree moments, the Jamie and Claire sensual love scene, Ian coming to the rescue the entire episode had my attention.

Although this was the case, some of us felt like we didn’t get some of our questions answered. We expected more of the story to be resolved by the finale. Usually there is some sort of resolution with the season’s villain, at least, temporarily defeated. But this episode left a lot of loose ends and ended with a cliffhanger. Overall, it was a thrilling episode with a lot of emotional highs and lows.

This season finale was amazing and did not disappoint. It had us stressed from start to finish. The transitions were seamless, the action sequences were straight up FIRE. It had great pacing and was edited together well. Even though there were several narratives to touch on, it felt cohesive. It was non-stop with constant action, but they still took time to show intimacy and growth for each of the main characters. The love scenes and the small moments with Bree and Roger was awesome, Ian was on point as usual, and we even got to hear about Fergus and Marsali.

They did an excellent job of wrapping up a few storylines in 607 and in this episode. The emotional and overall performances from the entire ensemble made this episode amazing. There was an emotional presence missing in certain scenes last episode and we feel that did not happen in this episode. Outlander is at its best when it sticks close to the source material!

There are four scenes from this episode that were our absolute favorites. JAMIE and CLARE. The whole action sequence with them boarding up the house, pulling out the guns and lighting the committee of safety up. We had no idea they would be this ready at a moment’s notice, but they were. They were so in sync and focused on the task at hand; we were cheering so hard. The scene with Jamie and Claire sitting on the floor talking and Claire’s head was on Jamie’s leg. We love this scene so much because it’s straight from ABOSAA, and the tone of it is so sweet and tender in the midst of chaos. Plus, them going through all the times Jamie has almost died was amazing.

CLAIRE. We loved the scene of Claire confronting Ezra at the big house. Every now and then, the show reminds us of the lengths Claire will go to protect the people she loves. Ezra’s shock that she shot him speaks to the depth of her character. She is a kind person devoted to healing, but still knows when to bring the claws out. ROGER, BREE and JEMMY. The last favorite scene is when Bree and Roger cut Jemmy’s hair and we find out Roger is his father. This scene is also from ABOSAA. Though they changed it slightly, we love that they kept this scene in the episode. This was a packed episode. As they switched between chaos throughout the episode, this was a much-needed, sweet moment.

This was a mammoth of an episode, and it took great directing to pull it all together. Jamie Payne did not disappoint. Every episode he directs is phenomenal. In this episode, each scene was carefully set to efficiently move the story forward without feeling rushed. We have really grown to love his directorial choices, he does an excellent job when he directs an episode of Outlander. The aerial shots, the camera work during the shootout, all of it was incredible to watch. Kudos to Jamie.

We have three standout performances. One, Matthew and Andrew for their portrayal of Jemmy. All season the only time we see Jemmy is when he’s in the background of a scene running around. The fact they got those twin boys to sit still for a few moments throughout this episode is a triumph. So good job to them. Two, Caitriona’s performance was great. Her anguish when she was separated from Jamie hit us hard in our chest, making our stress for her heightened even more. And last, we enjoyed Mark’s portrayal of Tom. The character was going through a weird mixture of emotions. He seemed to feel guilty or, at least, obligated to the Frasers, but he still dislikes them and holds some kind a grudge. It must have been difficult portraying these conflicting emotions.

With all that happened in this episode, you would think we didn’t have a favorite costume. Well, you would be wrong. We love Bree’s burgundy coat!! She started wearing it in S5 and the color of it goes so well with her red hair. Her coat will stay living in our mind rent free. After this Convo, some of us are going to Google to find out how to get it!

The cinematography was outstanding this episode. We loved the night shots of Jamie and Claire in candlelight. The shades of dark contrast with the light were beautifully shot. At the end of Jamie and Claire’s love scene, it was excellent how they panned out to the destruction of the house was like the calm in the middle of the storm. And then there was the beach scene. So many turning points in this series have taken place on beaches, and they are always well done. We especially loved the aerial shot of Jamie leading the other men on horses.


What we are looking forward to in S7.

Jess L: I am looking forward to them wrapping up some ABOSAA storylines in the beginning of S7. I think they can close out the storylines in two to three episodes and then jump into the next book, ECHO. Most importantly, I am looking forward to Bree giving birth in  because I want Jamie and Claire to be there with her. We were robbed of a certain birthing scene in S4 and I think S7 is the perfect way to make up for that. Follow Jess L. on Twitter – @LOutlander.

Margot: I’m looking forward to exposing who actually killed Malva and finally having Claire acquitted for a crime she DID NOT COMMIT. I’m also looking forward to the Christies and all the new tenants from this season being evicted from the Ridge. And Big Brother Brown needs to go. I’m sick of him. Can’t wait for 16 episodes in S7!! I’m hoping for some lighter topics in S7. I doubt it, but S6 was heavy and a lot. Legit the episodes had me tired this season, but in a good way. Follow Margot on Twitter – @margieleev.

Jess H: I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jamie and Claire will find their way back together during a revolution. There are so many pivotal historical events about to happen, and they will be right in the middle of it. I wonder what Claire will have to do this time. Hopefully, she won’t have to be a traveling bawdy singer again! I’m looking forward to having 16 episodes in the next season. There are a lot of storylines to wrap up. So, hopefully they can fit everything in! Follow Jess H. on Twitter – @calypsomoon9

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Olivia: It was a phenomenal episode that is quite different from the book. So, I’m keenly interested in how they will resolve Claire’s predicament. Who has killed Malva? Will Jamie and Ian get to her before she’s out in the gallows, if things go that far? Will Roger and Bree hear of what’s happening to Claire? Tom Christie’s connection to Claire was broached. Jamie senses something is odd with him. It’s been an excellent season overall! Kudos. Follow Olivia on Twitter – @newsollie.

Marsha: Well, Olivia read my mind on all accounts! I would only add, how will they resolve Allan’s story. They need to reveal his relationship with Malva and his involvement in her storyline. Who was she REALLY taking about at the church? Allan was squirming the entire time at her funeral. The way he grabbed that baby’s casket like HE owned it was totally suspect. He dropped Malva’s casket for the baby. Hmmm…. Follow Marsha on Twitter – @marshapatrice.

Lorinda: Marsha and Olivia read my mind. I’d like to add, what will happen with the fisherfolk back at the Ridge when Jamie and Claire return. They turned on Claire and Jamie so easily; why would they be allowed to remain. Also, I wonder if Claire will meet up with our mystery man, the one who had the stone, in jail. Follow Lorinda on Twitter – @RindalovesBruce.

Amanda-Rae: I’m looking forward to a) more scenes about the lead up to the revolution and b) Jamie and Claire ‘repoing’ and evicting all these haters! Follow Amanda-Rae on Twitter – @amandarprescott. She is also a freelance contributor on period dramas for Den of Geeks US. Check out her articles.

Caty: Looks like you all have covered most of what I was thinking. I do want to see how they will work our mystery man in jail back into the story, since we only got that three-seconds of him at the end of that episode. This leads me to the Fraser’s Ridge fire they have been talking about since S4!

Also, the arrival of Bree’s baby. More Marsali and Fergus – what are they up to at the Print Shop and how are they doing with Henri. Will they delve into the Bugs’ backstory? It looks like they have quite a little bit of ABOSAA left to work in that could replace some of Willie’s parts in Echo. Follow Caty on Twitter – @catyposh.

Tqwana: I’m looking forward to Jamie and Claire being reunited and some serious retribution when they get back to the Ridge. Follow Tqwana on Twitter –@TqwanaBrown.

Ayana: Who really killed Malva? Those of us who look for evidence before we cast stones, need to know. And, evictions . . . lots of glorious evictions. Follow Ayana on Twitter – Ayana on Twitter – @Ayana80Smith.

Vanita: I am looking forward to the MacKenzie’s new family member, their travel plans and seeing adult William. Follow Vanita on Twitter – @AtvmMountain.

Gwen: I am looking forward to finding out who killed Malva and for them to be brought to justice. Jamie and Claire to escape and deal with the traitorous fisherfolks who didn’t come to their aid. I want the Browns to suffer for kidnapping Claire and Jamie.

I’d like Jamie to address the welfare of baby Alicia, since he left her with the Browns. The very same people who have kidnapped Claire twice and almost sold Jamie into indentured servitude. I’ve read An Echo in The Bone (book 7) and I’m hoping that the reconnection with family happens (no spoilers). I’m looking forward to new babies on the Ridge, Bree and Lizzie. I’m also looking forward to the war heating up and a reintroduction to Willie, who is of age now. Follow Gwen on Twitter – @autonomy_6.

Tami: As I eagerly anticipate the end of Droughtlander, I’m looking forward to seeing how they wrap up the whodunit storyline in S7. We got to see that no matter what, Jamie and Claire are united (GOALS!). Hopefully, there will be more Fergus and Marsali along with their ever-growing brood of children. Let’s hope that this time around, Jamie and Claire will be there for their new grandchild.

Will we be seeing more characters from previous seasons in S7? Also, will peace be restored on the Ridge? So many lines were crossed and quite a few residents betrayed their Laird and Lady of Fraser’s Ridge. There’s so much to look forward to in S7 and it’ll be here before we know it (let’s hope). Follow Tami on Twitter – @tami_ballantyne.

Cathy: In Outlander S7, I am looking forward to the continued excellence we received in S6 (which for me, was the best since Season 1). That Jamie was truly the King of Men in this season and Claire showed strength in her vulnerability, brought the books to life in a way that they deserved. As a physician, I was most impressed by the realistic way a woman in medicine was portrayed and hope that we will see more of this next season.

I’m excited to see how the books are adapted since the additions and changes have not been linear. But mostly, I hope we see more of Lord John Grey, Tom Christie’s actions where Claire is concerned, and how the show will handle the growing conflict leading up to the birth of a nation. Follow Cathy on Twitter – @Dr_DoNoHarm.

Vida: I am looking forward to S7 quickly wrapping up the Christies’ storyline in the first few episodes, everyone finding out what happened and moving the hell on to a different storyline. I am also interested in seeing if Jamie and Ian get to Claire in time. With Ian telling Jamie on the beach that they knew where she was, I know someone must be watching her.

We should have new cast members. One that I am looking forward to seeing is who they cast for Willie. The casting crew has done an excellent job with the selections thus far. I am hoping that whomever they select will blow me away to the point that I forget he got on my damn nerves in the book.

I also hope to see more of Ian. He is my most favorite character. Almost forgot about the throuple. Well, anything with them is bound to be a hoot. Last, I hope to see more of Bree and Roger. Richard and Sophie have truly grown into their characters, and it would be great to spend more time with them. Follow Vida on Titter – @blacklanderz.

Evelyn: I haven’t read book 6 forward but, I’m looking forward to the Claire’s trial…I have no doubt there will be a big rescue. I want Tom Christie to admit he covets another man’s wife and like Marsha, I want to know who is the father of Malva’s baby? Allan? and who killed her? Tom?

Also, I’m really looking forward to Lizzie and her two husbands. She sure is lucky to have twins for Husbands. She can pretend it’s only one and still have them both. Honestly, that was the most surprising story line for me and I’m still giggling. Follow Evelyn on Twitter – @ELoran.

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