Father of the Bride’ Screenwriter Feels a “Sense of Responsibility” With Latin Take on Classic Film

Well, this should be a fun one! ~ V

Matt Lopez opens up about his inspiration for his spin on the family movie, why he decided to veer from the original story, and how he pays homage to the 1950 and 1991 versions.

With his version of Father of the Bride, screenwriter Matt Lopez just wants to make people laugh — in English, Spanish and everything in between.

Lopez’s take on the classic film reimagines the family comedy with an all-Latin main cast and predominantly Latin group of filmmakers.

It follows a Cuban American family from Miami led by Andy Garcia’s Billy and Gloria Estefan’s Ingrid, whose daughter, Sofie (Adria Arjona), surprises them with the news that she has a fiancé (Diego Boneta), and they have plans for a quick-turnaround wedding before starting their new life together in Mexico.

Sofie’s quickfire revelations keep Billy and Ingrid from being able to make their own announcement: They’re getting a divorce. The long-married couple decides to put off the news until after their daughter’s wedding, pretending to still be happily in love in the meantime. 

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