‘Queen Charlotte’ Stars on Show’s Inclusive Portrayal of Black Women and Overcoming ‘Bridgerton’ Pressures

The Queen of the Ton is back, but this time as a teenager in Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. The prequel of Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton series follows a 17-year-old Queen Charlotte as she navigates her new life as the wife of King George III and the instantaneous changes she has to make in order to thrive as a future matriarch.

At the Los Angeles premiere of Queen Charlotte on Wednesday, Golda Rosheuvel — who reprises her role as the adult version of Charlotte in the new series — said viewers will learn more about what she experienced over the course of her life that makes her as strong as she was in Bridgerton.

“You’re going to know about her vulnerability and how human she is and her strength in knowing who she is,” Rosheuvel told The Hollywood Reporter. “Then when she is in those vulnerable positions, she still stands strong in her own self. Even at 17 when she arrives and marries George, she is unapologetic, she knows who she is, she stands firm in her own self.”

Although fans can expect to see Rosheuvel take the screen in a series of flash-forwards to present day, there will be six episodes with Charlotte as a young adult, played by India Ria Amarteifio, who has the support of a young Lady Danbury, played by Arsema Thomas.

“The people in the world of Bridgerton forced them together,” Thomas said, because they are both Black women. “They know each other in a different, unspoken way. By just getting to that level of authenticity was the way that they realized that their friendship is actually saving them.”

Streaming May 4 only on Netflix.


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