Costumes (S2)

Well, Terry Dresbach and team are at it again with all new costumes for Season 2. Just as we did for Season 1, we wanted to do for Season 2.

Here are some of our favorites.

We dyed a beautiful silk/wool blend this gorgeous saffron color, and the amazing Helen, our talented textile artist, hand painted the ivory silk. ~ Terry Dresbach

   Claire  Claire_edited-1


This season is all about showing the decadence of the eighteenth century. Paris was the hub of art, architecture and fashion. It’s probably one of the best periods in history for all of those. ~ Gary Steele, Production Designer




The Red Coats are back for Season 2. Very richly made uniforms in vibrant colors with Terry’s eye for details!

Red Coats

In S2, you will see very key and obvious ways that Costume Design tells the story of characters. ~ Terry Dresbach and Outlander Costume Team

The costumes this season are richly bold and colorful. They are exquisite!

Caitriona_Balfe_as_Claire_Fraser  Jamie

Jamie S2

Claire and Jamie are back and looking as debonair as ever!


Red Shoes


Frank hasn’t gone anywhere yet either!


Our most favorite godfather, Murtagh . . . You clean up well!


Fergus ~ Photo from Donna Netzley (Twitter: @dnetzley859)

Graham_McTavish_as_Dougal_MacKenzie  Gary_Lewis_as_Colum_MacKenzie

The Brothers McKenzie – Dougal and Colum

  Grant_ORourke_as_Rupert_MacKenzie  Stephen_Walters_as_Angus

And, here are our comedic relief – Rupert and Angus

The exciting things about Season 2 are the newcomers, some of whom we heard about in Season 1.


Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart


King Louis XV


Louise de Rohan

Ladies Costumes


 Rosie_Day_as_Mary_Hawkins  Stanley_Weber_as_Le_Comte_St_Germain

Mary Hawkins and the infamous Le Comte St. Germain

What we love about Terry (and her crew) is that they talk with fans every day and share tidbits of material/costumes.

We cannot imagine having to create all of these costumes. However, we so appreciate Terry and crew for their hard work and all the effort that it took to create all of these.






Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. We simply found them on the Internet in order to highlight the story and the strengths of these actors/characters. No copyright infringement intended.

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