Outlander Set Design: Building River Run

Our biggest key set of the season, built both on location and on our A stage in the studio, where we build our biggest sets annually. For Season 1 this was Castle Leoch, the Paris apartment in Season 2, the Boston apartment in Season 3, and now, River Run. It was such a vivid description in the books, situated on the water so most visitor … Continue reading Outlander Set Design: Building River Run

Outlander Wardrobe: Phaedre’s Costume

I based the colors for Phaedre and all the slaves at River Run on the tobacco and indigo which the script mentions as being two of the commodities which Jocasta’s plantation grows. ~ Nina Ayers, Co-Costume Designer There are symbols embroidered into some of their clothing which create a link to the various African countries from whence they came. ~ Nina Ayers, Co-Costume Designer   … Continue reading Outlander Wardrobe: Phaedre’s Costume

Outlander Location – Building Wilmington

For the Art Department, creating a new world in Scotland was, logistically, one of the biggest challenges faced yet, since, in terms of architecture, nothing existed in Scotland as an appropriate match. The studio took on a huge backlot space where they’ve built a ‘clapper board’ colonial town. This season, it took the form of a two-street town which will made even bigger for Seasons … Continue reading Outlander Location – Building Wilmington

Outlander Claire’s Medical Box

The gift of the beautiful medical box is one of the most touching things Jamie has ever done for Claire. ~ Caitriona Balfe (Claire) The medical box is Jamie’s gift to Claire, which he purchases using one of the Frasers’ jewels. Ever thoughtful and considerate, it is Jamie’s way of recognizing one of his wife’s many talents—a gift that will truly keep on giving, allowing … Continue reading Outlander Claire’s Medical Box


Rollo is Young Ian’s faithful companion in Season 4. During the very first episode, we are introduced to the ‘wolf dog’ of Diana Gabaldon’s books—the dog which Young Ian has won gambling at dice. A Northern Inuit breed, the dog chosen for the role is so gentle in terms of his temperament that producers had to amend some of the more ferocious qualities attributed to … Continue reading Outlander CASTING: ROLLO

Outlander is the real TV novel

This is a really good article by Noel Murray explaining why Outlander is such a good TV series. Fans of prestige television can be a little snobby. As someone who’s spent decades writing about the small screen, I often run into viewers who grew up in the post-Sopranos, post-Arrested Development era and have developed deeply ingrained ideas about what makes “good TV.” For instance, no … Continue reading Outlander is the real TV novel

When will Outlander S4 air in the UK on Amazon Prime?

If you have an Amazon Prime membership in the UK, there’s some excellent news for Outlander Season 4. There’s no long wait for the season to air. While the States, Canada, and Australia are getting ready for Outlander Season 4, UK fans will have to wait a little longer to get it on their TV channels. More4 has only just aired Season 2, thanks to a … Continue reading When will Outlander S4 air in the UK on Amazon Prime?

Sam Heughan On Establishing the ‘Outlander’ Characters in the New World

Season four of Outlander, the sprawling screen adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s epic novels, sees our favourite 17th-century couple finally reach America. In an exclusive interview, star Sam Heughan reveals how the New World impacts Jamie and Claire’s relationship. ~ Video via themusicsweetly Outlander has been set in many locations over the course of its run on UK Amazon Prime, and the latest series begins with … Continue reading Sam Heughan On Establishing the ‘Outlander’ Characters in the New World

Outlander Photos and Video Reveal Jamie and Claire’s New Life in America

Executive producer Maril Davis talks the perils of recreating the New World: “You’re never going to get the heat and humidity of North Carolina in Scotland.” Ask someone who hasn’t seen a single episode of Outlander to explain the series, and they may still be able to tell you two details: 1) This is a story that takes place in Scotland, and 2) it’s a … Continue reading Outlander Photos and Video Reveal Jamie and Claire’s New Life in America