Outlander Wardrobe: William

I wanted William to look as much ‘The Little Lord’ as possible and therefore used the finest materials to create his costumes. The cream linen ‘playsuit’ which he wears was designed to link to Jamie’s black linen suit, although purposely ‘impractical’ with the color choice. His silk ‘dinner suit’ is reminiscent of Lord John Grey’s suits, with the contrasting turn back collar. I wanted to … Continue reading Outlander Wardrobe: William

How Outlander handled the arrival of Jamie’s [SPOILER!]

This is a great interview Lynette Rice, Entertainment Weekly, had with Matt B. Roberts.We instantly feel in love with Clark Butler – what a gifted actor he is! ~ Enjoy Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts talked to EW about the challenges in making the latest episode, along with how easy it was to cast Willie, and why they went with a contemporary tune to end … Continue reading How Outlander handled the arrival of Jamie’s [SPOILER!]