Recent Read: Outlander


I finally finished a book!!!

OK, so this was the second book I’ve finished recently, but Outlander took me forever to read.

That may be in part because it is a behemoth to read (600+ pages depending on the version, possibly more than 800+). It may be in part because I ran out of time on my e-book rental, had to wait to get it back on hold, and then had to wait for a physical copy to actually finish the book.

Seriously, if you plan on reading Outlander, budget time to read it.

From the Goodreads page From the Goodreads page

This post is in lieu of a Monday must-read this week because it’s actually an update to a previous Monday must-read post:

Like I wrote in that original post, which I’m sure you will all click on and read, the premise of this book and the length of it were a…

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