Could You Fake it in 18th Century France?

Well yes, we guess we could looking at the results of the quiz. However, we took the quiz behind a computer.

If we were face-to-face with these people in France in the 1740s, would we be able to fake it? Hmmm, well . . .  you know the answer to that!


A Toast to Your “Frenchiness”

You may not be the epitome of French style and culture, but you’re close. Sure, your accent could use a little work, but it’s not bad enough to call attention to yourself. You can dress the part, and know a Bordeaux from a Beaujolais. However, sometimes a plate of snails turns your face green. You definitely don’t have to worry about being caught by 95% of the population, but tread lightly. A cunning inquisitor could very well uncover your real identity.



Take the Quiz >>


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