Hey, Dudes: You Should Be Watching Outlander

There’s a reason the women in your life keep telling you to watch Outlander: It really is that good. Sure, it’s a time traveling, historical fantasy show packed with romance, which doesn’t sound like “your thing.” But it’s also a dark and gruesome look at one Great Britain’s most vicious wars—not just for the throne, but for the soul of a people. And trust me: The time traveling, fantasy, romance stuff is pretty great too. Here are the reasons why Outlander needs to be the show you binge watch ASAP. (Tiny House Hunters will just have to wait.)

Every Outlander episode will leave your face looking exactly like Munch’s The Scream, but your brain will actually be able to comprehend what’s going on. Imagine how good it will feel when you only have to follow one character’s journey, as opposed to 829,495,020 Lannisters and a trio of unruly dragons.

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