Outlander S2 Ep2 – ‘Not in Scotland Anymore’ (Title Analysis | *New Pics*)

Blacklanderz Conversations – S2 Ep2  Not in Scotland Anymore

The title of this episode is in no need of too much analysis or explanation. Jamie’s statement at the end of Epi 1 just about sums it up!

 “Another country, another enemy. Life with you is certainly never dull, Sassenach.”

Just like Dorothy and Todo left Kansas to venture to the new world of Oz, so too have Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh left Scotland to venture into the new world of Paris, the French Court, and navigate aristocrats and politics. They definitely are not in Scotland anymore.

Starz/TV Episode Synopsis

Life in Paris is not without trials as Jamie struggles to overcome his past. A fortunate meeting with Prince Charles presents opportunities, while the Duke of Sandringham’s presence causes complications.

It is ironic that I compared the title of this episode to The Wizard of Oz because here comes the Duke of Sandringham again (reminds me of the Lion – If I were King of the forest). He is almost like Black Jack; in that, he just will not go the hell A-W-A-Y!

I am glad they will continue to discuss what happened to Jamie in Wentworth Prison and we will get to go through the struggle with him and Claire. Something that traumatic does not simply just disappear overnight and I am glad the writers are not trivializing it as if it will or did. It will be interesting to see what from his past is revealed in this episode. Is it something from his past while formerly living in Paris (his ex-flame Annalise), from Season 1 (Black damn Jack), something else or all of them?

Everything about this Season is different from Season 1, and this episode is no exception. We will now be fully propelled into the Parisian world with all its glitz, glamour, detailed and vibrantly colored costumes (just take a look at the new stills below), and new cast – Master Raymond, Bonnie Prince Charles, Mary, and Louise. Oh yes, I cannot forget the new villain Le Comte St. Germain. Can’t wait to see Jon Gary Steele’s elaborate set designs in full effect.

I will say this right here, right now.

Terry Dresbach and crew BEST be nominated and win for BEST COSTUMES of a TELEVISION SERIES. I am talking to you Academy of Television Arts & Science (The Emmys)!

~ Vida, Admin @blacklanderz

New pictures for Outlander S2 Epi 2 Not in Scotland Anymore. ~ via Access Hollywood

Jamie Fraser and Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

Think we can all guess who they are looking at!


Louise De Rohan and Mary Hawkins

Claire Randall Fraser

Lord, this dress . . . I have no words.

She will truly be the Belle of the Ball!

Prince Charles Stuart

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser




Anybody else bubbling over with excitement?

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