Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S2 Epi2

Blacklanderz Convos!

Outlander S2 Ep2 – Not in Scotland Anymore

As we all know, Claire, Jamie and Murtagh are no longer in Scotland and are now in France. The episode title card surely showed what this episode would be about – the opulence of the French court and the grand costumes and set designs – and, it did not disappoint.

1_Opening 1_Opening2

This conversation is between Kristal and Vida. Kristal has not read the book. Edited by Vida.

Kristal: This was a fast-moving episode. Jamie waking up from a nightmare that started as a dream let me know season two will address his assault. I had several “I can’t believe it!” moments with this episode.


Vida: Yeah, overall, I liked this episode too. For once, we had a lot more of Murtagh, our favorite godfather, throughout the entire episode and finally got to see all the costumes. The opening scene, once again, shocked the hell out of me. At first, I was happy that Jamie and Claire reconnected and were back in intimacy bliss. And then, that damn Black Jack Randall appeared, which turned Jamie into a slasher, horror character.




K: I’m wondering how much of an impact that will have on Claire and Jamie’s relationship.

V: I guess Back Jack’s plan of dismantling Claire and Jamie’s close, sexual intimacy to bits worked. I was terrified until I saw it was a nightmare. I think this is another test for their relationship. It will be a strain for a while, but I believe it will only strengthen their relationship just as other events have.


It was bittersweet that Claire tries everything she can to get Jamie’s mind off his things. It starts off sweet enough, even humorous when Jamie discovers a hairless Claire in places he never expected.

9_Jamie & Honey Pot

Your ‘honeypot’ is bare.

To rid yourself of such a lovely forest.

9_Jamie & Honey Pot2

Even her thinking this was something ‘different’ –  smooth, soft legs, not hairy ones like Black Jack – does not work. It was painful to watch, especially when we all were waiting for the ‘honey pot’ moment.

This episode continues to focus on Claire and Jamie repairing their relationship and stopping the war, but it is also about the new characters that add flavor and mystery to this season,  Terry Dresbach’s costumes and Jon Gary Steele’s exquisitely elaborate set designs.


4_Master Raymond


4_Master Raymond2

Looking forward to his friendship with Claire.


7_Bonnie Prince

It is insane that he wants the Scottish people to fight for him and he hasn’t even been to the country!


8_Louise Mary & ClaireYes, we’ve heard her name before too, Claire.

K: My first “I can’t believe it!” moment was when Louise got waxed in front of everyone.

V: I know, right! That was a pretty funny moment, so matter of fact.


8_Mary & Claire



Jamie’s ex-love. It was a very awkward meeting between Claire and her – seemingly the French Laoghaire!


14_The King & Mistress in Swan Dress

Who is totally full of shit, literally!

And last, there’s . . .


 16_Alex Randall2

He looks and sounds just like his big brother. Yep, Black Jack!



K: I need to address Claire’s costumes. The dress and cover Claire wore into town was absolutely beautiful. From the cream-colored cover to the beautiful hat; she looked stunning. 

V: OMG, yes she did! I had no idea that the main ones we were waiting to see would all be in the same episode. Damn! And, look at the details of the costumes – from the the ribbons in Jamie’s hair, to Claire’s dress, purse, shoes and earrings and all the other characters’ ornate costumes.

3_Christian Dior Inspired Dress 3_Christian Dior Inspired Dress23_Christian Dior Inspired Dress3That is exactly what we would do if we saw her passing by in THAT outfit. Think that might be our favorite costume for Claire thus far. Yes, we love THE RED DRESS too, but this is a true classic!


6_Scenery & Costumes

6_Scenery & Costumes2

V: I did not remember the scene with Murtagh and Jamie, but was glad to see it in this episode. I did find out later that it was added. I know Jamie is struggling emotionally from Black Jack’s torture; but, seeing him working to get back in fighting shape is a small relief.

5_Jamie & Murtagh

Murtagh had the best lines of the night!


Where he goes, I go.

Oh, clear off.

Go away! All of you!

Or I will rip . . .

. . . your balls off!

Asses and armpits!


V: I loved how they introduced the dress with the camera angles, cinematography, and sweeping music. They have definitely made the music and costumes characters this season.

10_The Red Dress

10_The Red Dress Shoes

10_The Red Dress2

Jamie and Murtagh’s reaction to Claire was priceless!

10_The Red Dress3

She is absolutely stunning in this dress.

10_The Red Dress4 Murtagh

10_The Red Dress5 Jamie

Are ye mad, woman?

I can see ever inch of you, down to your third rib.

Christ, Sassenach. First, your honey pot, now this. ~ Jamie

10_The Red Dress8 Murtagh Approves the Dress

Murtagh approves just as he did at the wedding!

This season is all about showing the decadence of the eighteenth century. Paris was the hub of art, architecture and fashion. It’s probably one of the best periods in history for all of those.

~ Jon Gary Steele, Production Designer




The last half of the episode focuses on the grand party at Versailles with the French court and all the aristocrats.




K: Claire’s RED DRESS was so grand, she stood out when she walked in the room.

V: She certainly was the Belle of the Ball in it and was noticed by all.





K: Another “I can’t believe it!” moment was the King attempting to relieve himself in front of everyone.

V: Watching him get dress was one thing, but sitting on the ‘throne’, in front of an audience, was just too much. No wonder he couldn’t go! It really was a funny scene.


V: Okay, this is not a wardrobe malfunction. It is the SWAN DRESS we were waiting for, and as with others, it did not disappoint. When reading the book, it was really hard for me to visualize it. Leave it to Terry and crew to,  once again, create a showstopper!

14_The King & Mistress in Swan Dress

14_Murtagh & Mistress6 in Swan Dress

14_The King & Mistress2 in Swan Dress

14_Murtagh & Mistress3 in Swan DressEven Murtagh was mesmerized by it.

This episode also had some major reveals.


15_Duke of Sandringham

15_Duke of Sandringham2

He is deliciously wicked!

You will get your, Lion!

15_Duke of Sandringham3


V: Man, this was such a clever way they set up this episode. The opening and closing scenes were bookends – both focused on Black Jack for a reason! The news Claire hears from Alex, his brother . . . Black Jack is not dead!

16_Alex Randall

K: This was my last “I can’t believe it!” moment. I had no idea he was still alive. Now that I have calmed down from the shock of learning that he is, I’m wondering if Claire will tell Jamie.  My guess is she will feel compelled to, but will hesitate.

V: Figured that would be a surprise for you. The cliffhanger was brilliant and added tension to the episode. Just look at the distress on Claire’s face and rightly so.


18_Claire Terrified

What would happen when Jamie found out Black Jack Randall was alive?

Ah, he is going to go ballistic! You should also be worried about Murtagh’s reaction to the news. Just moments ago, he was about to slice and dice the Duke.

Would his need for vengeance eclipse our resolve to prevent the uprising?

Are you really more concerned with the uprising rather than your husband stopping the nightmares once and for all?

18_Claire Terrified2 Jamie

Should I even tell him? Even if I tried to keep that appalling news from him; in time, he’d be sure to learn the truth. What then?

Yes. Remember you promised you would be honest and tell him the truth?

19_Fireworks Ending

Though the fireworks at the end were a celebration of sorts for the party, it also symbolized to us the explosive scenes yet to come.

Episode Rating (1-5): 3.5 – Shots

3_5 ShotsWe thoroughly enjoyed the lightness of the episode, once we got passed the opening. It covered a lot of material, was very entertaining and had a good balance to follow Epi1 that was so emotionally charged. Last week we were caught up with all of Frank’s expressions; this week it was Murtagh. We loved that they gave Murtagh more screen time; he stole the show! We also loved the introduction of so many new characters, the reveal of Terry’s elaborate, haute couture 18th century costumes and Jon’s beautifully intricate and detailed set designs.

What are your thoughts of the episode?

Was there anything that surprised you?

Sound off in the comments section.

Up next:

We finally get to meet wee Fergus and Mother Hildegarde. The intensity will start to build in this episode forward.

Outlander S2 Epi3 Preview – ‘Useful Occupations and Deceptions’ ~ via Starz

Jamie’s time is dominated by political machinations, while Claire finds solace in her healing skills. As their plan to stop Culloden progresses, including engaging the aid of a young pickpocket, the past threatens to derail their forward momentum.




Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; most are from Starz. For some, we simply found them on the Internet. If the picture had a watermark, it remains. Thanks Dawn for letting us use your two. No copyright infringement intended.


3 thoughts on “Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S2 Epi2

  1. Outlander season 2 episode 2 I enjoyed this episode. I thought it was brilliant how they introduced the new characters and allowed us to know which ones would be returning. The psychological effects of Jamie’s brutal night is needed. I don’t Diana wrote this in DIA, but it is essential who doesn’t have ptsd when they have been through a horrific ordeal. His sex Iife had tbe be effective. I absolutely love Murtaugh, he’s a breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to episode 3 and meeting wee Fergus!


    1. We agree. Glad they are not minimizing what happened to Jamie. Such an event would not be easily resolved and Sam and Cait are playing their characters to a tee. We love Murtagh; so glad they expanded his character. This episode is the most we’ve heard him speak. LOL Yes, we can’t wait to see wee Fergus.


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