Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S2 Epi4

Blacklanderz Convos!

Outlander S2 Ep4 – La Dame Blanche

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Lorinda, Iris and Vida. Iris has not read the book. Edited by Vida.


Lorinda: What an episode!!! Where do I begin? As always, Epi4 was extravagant with all the costumes and the set designs were brilliant.


Vida: This was an EPIC episode with so many things happening. The threats of previous episode became real; there were mystical explanations, and frenemies show up to the dinner party. What I loved most was Claire and Jamie finding their way back to each other. Toni Grapha did an outstanding job giving depth and significance to both Claire and Jamie’s emotions. Jamie telling Claire what he has been going through since Wentworth Prison, how he has been coping and Claire explaining how she has been patiently dealing with their lack of intimacy while feeling alone with her pregnancy. This episode also had a lot of foreshadowing.


Iris: La Dame Blanche had all of the intrigue of a Masterpiece Mystery Theater, the treachery of a telenovela, the passion that we come to expect from Claire and Jamie, with a dash of Greek tragedy and comedy.  I loved La Dame Blanche, because this episode advanced Claire’s and Jaime’s efforts to torpedo the Bonnie Prince’s plot to gain King Louis’ support for a Stuart restoration to the throne of England, illustrated the dangers that Claire and Jamie face on every front and it rounded out the storylines that will play out the rest of the season.


V: Opening in Versailles with Jamie playing chess with Duverney, Minister of France, was an interesting start to the episode. At least this time, Claire is by Jamie’s side and quickly becomes a distraction.

What is politics, but chess on a grand scale? 

Picture3  Picture7

And that is the whole point of being in Paris, making strategic moves. With a dinner party to kick it off, all the pieces are moving in place!


I: Jamie and Claire’s conversation regarding baby Fraser’s name at Duverney’s instigation was hilarious.  Lambert is not bad, but Dalhousie is comical and then St. Germain, with his fine ass self, strolled in and ruined the game.


V: Yeah, that naming bit was pretty funny.  Damn, Stanley Weber is killing it being the Comte. Did you see how he was staring at Claire – piercing stare?


I: Yes, and he delivered on his threat to seek revenge on Claire. I screamed at Claire not to take a drink, especially knowing the Comte recently visited Master Raymond to purchased poison.  How could Claire forget so soon?  St. Germain may be a fine specimen of a man, but he is creepy, enjoying Claire’s suffering!


V: I could tell from the beginning of the episode that Jamie was slowly coming back, his fighting spirit was coming back. Once he saw Claire was in trouble, in one swift move, he had her in his arms and was carrying her out. And, I loved the camera angles with this scene.






V: Wow, I didn’t expect so much in the first few minutes. First the Comte tries to poison Claire, then Claire finally telling Jamie that Black Jack was still alive. Although I knew what would be his response, I was nevertheless holding my breath. The look of anguish on Claire’s face juxtaposed to the look of relief on Jamie’s face was priceless!

L: Jamie’s reaction to BJR being alive was very shocking, not only to Claire, but also to me. I mean he was giddy with the opportunity to get revenge.


I: Well, I didn’t expect Jamie’s reaction to the news that BJR is alive – This is wonderful news.  But when he explained that he was looking forward to killing BJR,  BJR being alive was a gift, and that he is looking forward to killing BJR, it was a little more believable.  But, I also can’t help thinking Jamie is still suffering from PTSD.


Why’d you wait so long to tell me?

You’ve given me something to hold on to; to look forward to.

And, that is a gift.


V: It has a slow build, and rightly so, be we began to see Jamie and Claire finding themselves back to each other early in the episode. I was so relieved. But we know, in the Outlander world, this will not last too long.

V: Okay, so I guess we will get a treat from the Terry every episode. There was the red dress, of course, the saffron one, and now the purple. I love the color purple and think this might be, by far, my favorite!


L: Oh yes, I adored it too. That short hooded coat that went with it was beautiful; I want one of my own.


Even a passerby acknowledges how beautiful this dress is.

And, she always has a purse to match!



V: I loved that they showed more of Master Raymond’s apothecary, the intricate details of every nook and cranny, and his reveal of fascinations!


I: Me too. Master Raymond’s back room and his rare and extinct species that are not of this time. Did Master Raymond hint to Claire that he is a time traveler too? Or, did he just mean that he recognized that Claire is not of this time?  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


L: Master Raymond knows Claire is rare, did you see the look he gave her when he said he likes things that are rare? I believe he has some insight, oh yes!


I’m fascinated with things not of this time.


L: Jamie was really funny when he was telling Claire about his little incident at the brothel. He was so excited to get on with the good stuff that he did not think about Claire’s feelings, which led to that heated argument. However, it all needed to be said.


I: I agree. The argument between them over the bites on thigh was the catalyst for them to say all things unspoken and to move them forward to the sexual healing of the Frasers.



V: That scene gutted me. The raw emotion of them both sharing how they have felt and what all they were dealing with since Wentworth. Truly, a brilliantly rich performance. Although I understood both sides of the argument, I actually cried when Jamie could barely tell Claire he felt . . . naked, alone, and trying to hide under a blade of grass. For a man to admit such vulnerabilities . . . just powerful!

J&C1 J&C

There’s this place inside me, a place I think everyone has, that they keep to themselves. A fortress where the most private part of you lives. It is your soul, the bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else. But after Wentworth, it was like my fortress had been blown apart. The thing that once lived there was suddenly exposed, out in the open, without shelter, without–That’s where I’ve been ever since, Claire. Naked. Alone. Trying to hide under a blade of grass. ~ Jamie


I: Hooray, we got the love scene we’ve been waiting for all season. Jamie’s found his safe place again; Claire is his lean too and roof – a shelter for his soul.

J&C5  J&C6



V: Yes, finally. I loved the blue hue to the scene, very dramatic effect for the mood. That was such a tender, romantic moment. I was glad they showed her belly bump. So realistic!


L: Oh yes, I’m glad they’ve found each other again.


L: Now, let’s talk about Louise. What was she thinking? She didn’t think about getting pregnant while she was fooling around with the Bonnie Prince Charlie?


V: Obviously not, as is apparent in her response to Claire’s suggestion – sleeping with her husband to convince him the child was his would  . . . upset her lover, the Prince.

I: But, I did like what Claire said to her regarding a man raising a child that wasn’t his, the only thing that matters is that the child is brought up with love – a little foreshadowing of her situation with Frank.


L: I thought it was funny when Louise’s monkey bit his highness; he finally got ‘marked‘! Ok, enough with me being funny. In all seriousness, I think he really does love Louise.


I: Perhaps he is, but what surprised me with him this episode was his nimbleness to walk the roof tops in the rain to Jamie’s house. I guess he lost his wig along the way.


V: I absolutely love that we get more screen time with Fergus and Murtagh. It’s hard to get use to Murtagh talking so much, in comparison to S1. Their discussion of Mary  . . .  well, as the ole idiom says, ‘out of the mouths of babes’.


L: Yes, Fergus is schooling Murtagh. He knows women, but I guess he should.  I think Fergus is so sweet; I could just ruffle his hair!

I: He surely did. Fergus’ insight of Mary and Suzette was delightful. Murtagh’s lack of insight and reaction was priceless. Fergus does have the advantage of growing up in a whorehouse.




L: Jamie and Claire are working as a team again, not just two ships passing in the night or morning. Whoo-hoo, I love it when they are in sync!

Claire and Jamie

I: The Duke of Sandringham came off as a hapless gentry jerk in S1, but tonight we saw his duplicity, treachery and self-interest in all its grandeur as he outmaneuvered Jamie and Claire at every turn.  Sandringham uses the disguise of a hapless buffoon as a way to disarm his targets.


I: Guess who’s coming to dinner?

V: Not Sidney?

I: No, Checkmate – the Duke inviting St. Germain, his associate, to Jamie’s dinner for the Prince. Sandringham is a master at using others to do his bidding against the Frasers. I can’t help thinking that the Duke knows what BJR did to Jamie and he is taking delight in it! Is the Comte’s wife part of his plot against Claire and Jamie?

L: I know, right?! The dinner party with frienemies. Jamie kept it together especially when St. Germain showed up. The Duke is a bit messy, isn’t he?


I: Louise’s husband Jules seems delightful.  Louise need to fix whatever is wrong between them.

V: He really is and was totally dumbfounded when the Prince threw shade at him for being in the dark about a lot of things.


I: You know, the Vicomte did not look as old or ugly as I thought he would.

V: He also didn’t have any visible warts either. Regardless, I can’t see Mary with him at all.


V: Remember from S1, hosting a dinner party for the Duke is NOT a good idea, something is going to go wrong and it did. But, I was glad to see Alex profess his love for Mary after we learned she was in love with him. I just hate that women, and men, are raped so easily during these times. It was horrifying to watch. I had knots in my stomach as it happened.


L: I wasn’t looking forward to this scene poor Mary, her worst nightmare happening. That birthmark is going to show up again. Madame La Blanche? Hmmm, where did that name come from and how did they get home so quickly? I hope they will explain it to non-book readers in the next episode.


Alex Alex1

L: Claire, why did you leave a man to look after Mary after you gave her poppy seed syrup. Bad idea. Mary hallucinating. Poor Alexander. All he was trying to do was help her. This dinner party is a bust!

I: Their reaction to Alex Randall’s attempt to subdue a distraught Mary was understandable, yet I couldn’t help hoping that Alex may have a chance to rescue Mary, if he can survive her uncle and the Vicomte.

DP Fight

L: I have to admit that I loved the last scene.  I was missing those little brawls!


V: Hell, it escalated to quickly that I thought Jamie and Murtagh were going to tear the house down, with Jamie not even thinking twice about his hand.

I: Fergus sitting down to super during the raucous; love him, but thought he should be looking out for Jamie and Murtagh.


V: I couldn’t blame him. He was at the hospital all day with Murtagh, Claire and Mary; then after Mary’s assault, he was probably keeping a eye out somewhere. The poor child was probably starving. But, I did love that scene though. With all the commotion in the other room, he politely takes a seat and starts drinking the wine and eating!


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Iris:  The return of BJR, Jamie’s reaction to BJR, the aftermath of the dinner fight and Mary Hawkins’ fate.

Vida: We are connected to Richard Kahan, writer for Episode 5, on Twitter and have had conversations about this episode. He is so friendly with the fans; so, I cannot wait to see his work. I am also looking forward to the return of BJR, seeing how he reacts when he sees Claire and Jamie and vice versa, and how interacts with his brother, Alex. It will also be interesting to see if the writers explore Mary’s trauma as they have with Jamie.

Lorinda: I’m looking forward to seeing how they are going to deal with the incident with Mary. She’s been violated and someone will have to pay.

Episode Rating (1-5): 4.7 – Shots

4_5 ShotsJamie and Claire finding their way back to each other intimately is worth  five shots in and of itself.  But, two of us gave it a five and one gave it a four. Regardless, this episode had it all: physical threat from the Comte, Jamie finally telling Claire what the torture from Wentworth has done to him and how he felt, physical harm to Claire and Mary and the consequences and aftermath, Jamie back to being in protection mode – King of Men. This episode was not only character driven, but also plot driven. The costumes and set designed were again exquisite. Though we loved the red dress, the purple one in this episode was simply outstanding.

How did you rate the episode and why?

What was your favorite scene?

Sound off in the comments section.

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