Outlander: Diana Gabaldon defends TV changes, teases more to come

Well, here is in interview with Diana Gabaldon regarding the ‘jumping the shark‘ in Epi8 – The Fox’s Lair.

While the first season of Outlander stayed fairly close to the book, the second season is straying a bit farther from Dragonfly in Amber than fans were perhaps ready for. Even author Diana Gabaldon has said there was a plotline involving Laoghaire (Nell Hudson) in episode 8, “The Fox’s Lair,” that she disagreed with.

But in some recent posts on her fan forum, Gabaldon defends the choices of the show’s writers to her readers, explaining that a 13-episode season of TV isn’t going to be able to include her entire novel and defending show writer Anne Kenney, who adapted “The Fox’s Lair” episode.

A scriptwriter (on this show) gets handed a chunk of material and has to try to make a coherent story arc out of it. You have some leeway in how you do that, but by no means total freedom — and what you do is very much constrained by the material allotted to you, and by decisions that have already been made about what happens in other episodes,” writes Gabaldon. [The storylines] were just handed to [Kenney] with a rough flow-chart of events that came out of the conversations and collaborations of the writers room. Add in the necessity for things that happen in this episode to tie into things that go on in later episodes (not telling you what those are) and you have a handful of spaghetti to work with. She did a really good job, all things considered.

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