Outlander Inside S2 Epi12 – The Hail Mary

If you haven’t checked out the Outlander Community Website, you should. Starz opens up and shares an inside look into the episodes. We decided to share some of what they provide. Enjoy!


The interiors and exteriors of “Culloden House” were filmed at Touch House in Stirling, Scotland. To create the Jacobite camp, around 50 tents and many other campsite necessities like fires, carts, and provisions were used during filming. Over 100 extras brought the Jacobite Army to life and included 88 Highland men, 7 Highland women, 5 grooms and horses, 5 cavalry patrol and horses, 5 clan chiefs, and 2 Prince’s aids. A total of 8 days were spent filming at this location.

The scenes at Touch were filmed at the end of January and the beginning of February when Scotland was hit with 3 large storms that created significant challenges and delays for the crew. First, it was the remnants of winter storm Jonas that crossed the Atlantic after hitting the U.S. East Coast, bringing torrential rains and flooding to Scotland. Then, two more storms, Gertrude and Henry, brought more flooding, power outages, and 80 mph winds! 20 tents blew away during the storms, and the Jacobite flags were left tattered and torn. The grounds in front of Touch House were soaked and the lawn was destroyed from all the action, so the production had to re-sod the whole area after filming was complete.






This is the map of Culloden Moor, created by the Art Department, that Price Charlie and his advisers are studying in the Jacobite headquarters at Culloden House.



The exteriors for Inverness were filmed in the village of Falkland in Fife, Scotland. The interior of the Inverness apothecary was filmed at Falkland Palace, while the interiors for McGilvrey’s Boarding House and the Inverness tavern were built and filmed on sound stages. The boarding house and tavern signs were created by the Art Department. Falkland also served as 1945 Inverness during the filming of Season 1 and is home to the exterior of Mrs. Baird’s Bed and Breakfast.







In post-production, visual effects were used to increase the size of the Jacobite camp and the number of Highland soldiers.

Source: Outlander Community


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz.  No copyright infringement intended.

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