Terry Dresbach On Creating The Look of ‘Outlander’

I’ve loved every costume Terry, Nina and crew have made thus far for the show, especially S4. They deserve all the awards in the world. ~ Vida For over four years, costume designer Terry Dresbach has created the costumes for the cast of Outlander. Time-travel, continents and centuries meant Dresbach was always planning ahead. It also meant she had to be a huge fan of the books … Continue reading Terry Dresbach On Creating The Look of ‘Outlander’

Outlander Costume Design: Jocasta

At River Run, Jocasta’s look “demonstrates a relaxing of Jocasta’s formal attire and indicates a softer feel whilst her relationship with Brianna becomes more open and almost maternal. The Pet-en-l’ier, with sacque back is made from an overdyed cotton print fabric with self-ruched trim and shot metallic silk edging. ~ Nina Ayers The caraco was made from a digitally printed cotton sateen with a braided … Continue reading Outlander Costume Design: Jocasta