Outlander S3 spoilers: Details about Lord John Grey’s first love

*Spoiler Alert*

The role of Lord John Grey’s first love has reportedly been cast for “Outlander” Season 3. Details about the casting and the character have now surfaced online.

Jack Holden has been cast to play the role of Hector in the next season, Outlanderbts reports. The report notes that the actor has been a part of action movies such as “Journey’s End,” “War Horse” and “Johnny Got His Gun.” He also has experience in theater and has played the role of “Lysander” in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Royal Shakespeare Company.

‘Outlander’ Season 3: Battle of Culloden

The experience in the war movies will come in handy for Holden. His character will be involved in the Battle of Culloden, which will be the main focus in the premiere episode.

In the book series by Diana Gabaldon, Hector and Lord John Grey (David Berry) share a strong bond. The events of the Battle of Culloden will continue to have an impact for years on Berry’s character.

The fans seem to have already accepted Holden as Hector for “Outlander” Season 3. The actor has seen a surge in the following on Twitter, and he thanked the fandom of the Starz TV series for this surge. Follow him on Twitter.

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