All of the Ways TV Has Tackled Time Travel, From Doctor Who to Outlander

Outlander (2015–)

After World War II, a British nurse named Claire and her husband try to forget the war with a trip to Scotland, where the husband can research his ancestor who fought for the British army in the Jacobite Uprising. While there, Claire is transported to 1743, where she joins a Scottish clan and tries to warn them that they’re on the losing side of history. She wants to get back to her own time and all, but there’s also this swoon-worthy farmer in a kilt who she’s got the hots for.

Method of travel: Touching a giant stone that druid witches like to hang out near.

Verdict: It’s the perfect trio: Celts, kilts, and castles.

Is it fun? The period drama within a period drama premise is done so well. It’s like when a drag queen takes off a fabulous wig to reveal an even better wig.

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