Outlander S3 Production Update: ‘Epic’ and ‘Most Complicated’ Episodes to be Filmed

The temperature in South Africa went up just a little recently because the cast sat for a script read-through for Outlander S3, Co-executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts joked. The next two episodes will be the “most complicated” to film, which has kept the crew members very busy.

It is a “verra exciting” time for the team of the Starz show at the moment. The cast members have already received the scripts for the next few episodes, and they sat for a read through session recently. This is a process where the actors are made to sit in a room and read their lines out loud.

Roberts also revealed that the producers and the crew members have been “horribly busy” these past few weeks. They have been hard at work for what has been described as the show’s most “epic” episodes so far. Given the nature of the work involved, they are also the most “complicated.”


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