Outlander author hopes BBC will screen the show – as long as it is not cut

Now Outlander author Diana Gabaldon has expressed hope that the BBC will finally show the hit time-travel series – as long as nothing is cut out.

The American author said there was no good reason for BBC Scotland not to take the show – shot extensively around the country – in future, despite speculation of a black-out for political reasons.

The Highlands-set show, which focuses on a Second World War nurse sent hurtling back to the time of the Jacobite Risings, first aired in the United States nearly three years, but has only been available in the UK on the streaming service Amazon Prime.

Gabaldon, who has been overseeing preparations for a major new exhibition on the Jacobites at the National Museum of Scotland, has written eight books to date.

A third series of the TV adaptation has almost finished filming in South Africa.

Gabaldon said Outlander’s producers were right to insist cuts are not made to suit the schedules of broadcasters or due to the strong content of the show, which features graphic scenes of sex and violence.

I’d love if it were on regular television in the UK. There’s been a bit of speculation that it’s been something to do with Scottish politics and so forth. I know absolutely nothing about that. What I do know is what I’ve been told from various production people that they did have offers from various television outlets, but none of them were willing to take the show as it was filmed.

~ Diana Gabaldon

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