Diana Gabaldon, Outlander author, Teases Spin-off Series for this Character

The author was answering fan questions when she revealed new series may come from novellas.

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon teased fans by revealing that there may be a spin-off TV series about Jamie Fraser. The author was answering fan questions on Waterstones Facebook live when she revealed that a new series could be created from her other novellas.

Diana was asked if her short novellas – featured before, during and after the main events of the Outlander series – would ever be turned into a separate TV series.

They might. I gave Ron Moore and Maril Davis the text of Virgins, which deals with Jamie and Ian’s adventures as young mercenaries before Outlander starts. They did in fact adapt some of the dialogue from that for episode 11 for the first season.

~ Diana Gabaldon

But the author admitted to disheartened fans she couldn’t confirm if it would happen or not.

I don’t know if they would actually do a spin-off series of the novellas because they tend to be shorter than the average novel. The answer is I have no idea.

~ Diana Gabaldon

Diana also revealed that fans may be waiting a while before the end of Outlander.

I know how it ends I just have no idea how to get there.

~ Diana Gabaldon

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