Diana Gabaldon Promises Outlander S3 ‘Better Than First Two Seasons’

Diana Gabaldon revealed that she had seen the rough cut of the first eight episodes of Outlander S3. With such opportunity, the author assured everyone that what she had witnessed was “better than the first two seasons.”

It can be recalled that many of the fans were disappointed when the previous season deviated from the book. This time around, Gabaldon promises that the third run closely followed the source material. Sam Heughan previously admitted that it also strayed slightly from the book. However, he assured that there are incredible moments that will make fans excited.

Gabaldon Says Outlander S3 Is Better Than First Two Seasons.

There is no one other than Diana Gabaldon who can attest if the adaptation is better or not. Filming of the first eight episodes of S3 was done a long time ago in Scotland. The post-production process started immediately, in which a rough cut of the scenes has been put together. One of the perks of being the writer of the book is that she gets to visit the filming sets and interact with the cast members, producers and other members of the team.

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