Outlander Stars Steven Cree and John Bell Spill on Their New Father-Son Dynamic in Season 3!

It’s time to head to Lallybroch!

With Outlander‘s third season just a wee bit away (only 16 more days!), it’s time to check in with our two Ian Murrays — Steven Cree and John Bell — about all the mayhem and misadventures ahead.

ET traveled to Outlander‘s set in Scotland and we fittingly filmed our interview in the Lallybroch living room to find out what’s coming up for the Murray fellas on-screen and how they found their father-son connection off-screen.

Outlander‘s third season will feature a gradual time-jump spanning the course of 20 years, so what have Ian and Jenny Murray been up to over at Lallybroch? “Lots of sex!” Cree answered bluntly. “They have a lot of kids. Ian [just] looks at Jenny and she gets pregnant, so there’s plenty of that.”

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