East Wemyss actor set for Outlander debut

An actor from East Wemyss will soon be watched by millions as he plays a Scottish Highlander in the swashbuckling TV series Outlander.

Ryan Ralph Gerrard (21) plays the role of Giles McMartin, a 16-year-old who finds himself thrust into the battle of Culloden – and he told the Mail that filming in the third series was “truly magical”.

“It was like being sent back in time; the art department are phenomenal at creating historically accurate costumes and set pieces,” he said.
“One of my scenes took place in a sort of barn; the attention to detail blew me away.

“My time on set was rather surreal – I had never worked on anything historical before so being transported from the 21st century to 1746 was incredibly eye-opening and strangely, had a sense of realism about it.”

The Battle of Culloden killed almost 2000 Jacobites and Ryan said his job was to give a voice “to the children who found themselves in battle that day”.

Outlander returns September 10, 2017 on Starz.


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