Who Plays Joe Abernathy On ‘Outlander’?

The third installment of Outlander is finally here, and with it a brand new crop of supporting characters to help the show’s lovers along their separate journeys. This means viewers are going to meet a lot of new faces, such as a fellow doctor that Claire befriends in 20th century Boston, named Joe. But who plays Joe Abernathy on Outlander? The actor’s name is Wil Johnson. And while you may not recognize his face unless you’re a big fan of obscure British television series, he has been on screen for a long time.

Because Claire and Jamie must endure their separation for a long time, the creators of Outlander have decided that  fans must endure it as well. But while the main characters are clearly miserable without each other, their separate lives are not without interesting friendships, like Joe Abernathy for example. Claire meets Joe while they are both in medical school in the 1950s. In a profession overwhelmingly dominated by white men, the two form a natural bond as fellow outsiders who have to work three times as hard to earn half the respect of their colleagues. Joe becomes Claire’s closest friend in Boston, and her only confidant. In the books, the wry, intelligent, and warm-hearted man becomes like a part of the Randall family. He’s who Brianna goes home to in Boston once Claire has gone back to the 18th century.


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