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Outlander S3 Epi2Surrender

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger      Written by Anne Kenney

Evelyn: The posting of the wanted poster sets the tone of the episode. The Redcoats are hunting for Red Jaime!


WANTED: The Dunbonnet!

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Cathy, Vida and Evelyn. Edited by Vida.


Cathy: This is my first time watching the show after reading the books, and the lost element of surprise has had an effect. However, I enjoyed this episode, but even more, once I realized what was missing initially; Claire’s voice over. Her thoughts added flavor and fullness (umami) to what initially seemed diluted.

The parallels made between Jamie and Claire’s lives were well done – each in their prison of circumstance (Jamie in his cave, Claire in her life with Frank), the realization they had a purpose (Jamie’s to protect his family, Claire’s need to feel useful), and their choice to put themselves into hardship to accomplish their purpose (Jamie going to prison when Scots were being crushed; Claire going to medical school where women weren’t welcomed). Hands down, the best part of the episode was the introduction of Joe Abernathy/Wil Johnson.


Vida: This episode is all about surrendering . . . surrendering yourself to protect those you love – twice in the episode with Ian and finally with Jamie. Claire surrenders to a loveless marriage for the sake of a child. Jamie surrendering to life itself and then to authorities to protect his family. By the end, Jamie and Claire surrendering to the present life they have and leaving the old one in the past. When I watched the episode, CeCe Winans I Surrender All  was playing in the back of my mind. Although the meaning is not necessarily the same, the sentiment of Jamie’s action, especially when he dropped to his knees, and Claire’s actions in this episode was that they . . .  surrendered all by the end of the episode when each found his/her purpose to move forward.

This episode worked for me, the fast pace, a little fast at times, the directorial choices, and the scenery. Once again, the actors gave stellar performances; Laura Donnelly knocked her role out of the park. I also liked how they used music to heighten the tension and only used one voice over of Claire. And, they used it at the right moment to accompany a montage of her daily life while moving the storyline forward. Overall, I thought it was a good, solid episode that was character driven. Though there was a lot of tension and estrangement at the beginning and throughout, I appreciated them ending the episode with a little hope and purpose.


Evelyn: The episodes opens with Jaime, 6 years past Culloden. The writers have compressed some of the story line and introduced the Dunbonnet theory early. We see Jaime’s life as he lives it or doesn’t live it for that matter. He is struggling to live life as a hermit and to surrender to how he has to exist now. We also get to see Claire and Frank making their new life in Boston now that Brianna has been born. Home life is not what either has imagined but they are putting forth the effort. Claire continues to search for her true purpose as she did in S2 while Jaime tries to keep his promises of being the provider and protector of the one’s he loves; coming to the realization that he can’t do it. Overall the episode is really about how we adapt to situations and the new life that we find ourselves in even if we didn’t willing choose it.

C: Fergus getting up to his usual trouble, but immediately noticed he had lost his impish cheekiness where he could be forgiven anything. Realistically his French accent had softened and when he repeated Robbie and said “aye” I about fell out.

V: It just shows in any era, boys will be boys – being mischievous. You know I thought it was me. I thought I heard a Scottish accent slipping in and out when he spoke. I guess, he has been with them now for years, so that was bound to happen.

E: What a delight to see the teenage Fergus! His voice has dropped but he did not lose any of his bright eyed wisecracking personality.  I was tickled with his “I have been to war” sermon to Rabbie McNabb and young Jaime. Classic older kid bragging of his accomplishments to his younger counterparts.

C: No! Not Ian! I hate that he was arrested. He is so mild mannered and strong. He’s a favorite and definitely not given enough for Steven Cree to show his range. I hope that changes.

V: He and Jenny make great characters. They are the calming forces to Claire and Jamie’s hectic lives. I really like Steven Cree too, and though he might not receive any more than the books, his parts are surely some of the most important for the episode. He is truly understanding and unlike Jenny and others, he lets Jamie know that he understands what he is going through and the pain that he feels.

E: They are the perfect pair; but, you can see how this wears on everyone. Jenny is always stoic and the rock of Lallybroch. That MacGregor is a piece of work. I’m sure they are going to write something to take him out in a glorious fashion. His comeuppance is coming.

C: MacGregor is a poor excuse for a villain. And why did he have to be Scottish?

V: Yes, he was; but Ryan Fletcher played the hell out of the role and made us all hate him as much as Jenny and Fergus!

E: He really does. Fergus is so visibly angry; I’ve never seen before. This season I didn’t expect his development so quickly and we got to really understand his motivations and the way Fergus thinks and processes information. He plays such an important role in the future books that allowing us to see him grow is a treat, which we didn’t get in the book.

And now they think they’re better than us, but what the daft loons don’t realize is, the British hate them just the same.

C: Jamie’s intensity was palpable, although the-powers-that-be should have trusted Sam Heughan’s ability to act feral without going overboard with the make-up and hair. His acting and the visual was too much. However, there was no trace of Sam nor the Jamie we know and love……..which I guess was the point, so kudos.

V: The first time I watched it, I agree with you; it seemed too much. However, when I re-watched it, I thought the heaviness of beard and length of his hair added to the weight of his loss to the point he was almost unrecognizable. I believe it was also a way to convey how long he’d been in that damn cave; and, his despair was so painful, he didn’t care about being upkeep. Now with all that hair, he couldn’t exactly cover it up with a hat. So that was a bit farcical.

E: Yeah, I agree. When we first see Jaime, he is shell of his former self.  If he could disappear from the world he would.  The way he carries himself and his lack of speaking really emphasizes the isolation he is experiencing.

Jamie’s appearance changes a lot this season because he plays different people. He doesn’t want to be Jamie. In fact, he goes by many different names this season. I enjoyed caveman Jamie, but it was horrendous. It’s so uncomfortable wearing a beard glued to your face and the wig, but it all helped toward the character of the Dunbonnet. It’s nice to be able to do something different and I think it’s been a nice progression in every season. Jamie’s wearing the same clothes he wore in Season 2, but that’s the joy of it. Season 2 they were beautiful French Parisian clothing and clean, and by the end of Season 3, they’ve lived for 20 years and there’s holes in them, they’re covered in dust and they’ve been stitched up and broken down. I think that’s amazing to see where that fashion goes. It tells a story.

~ Sam Heughan, Parade

E: I felt so sad when he was bringing the stag to the house and he thought he was looking at Claire. The look in his eyes says it all.

By the way, Anne Kenney mentioned on Twitter that was a real dear and it was heavy!

V: I did too. You could tell that Jamie was really close to the edge with all his visions of Claire.

V: I loved this ‘family’ moment with Fergus trying to figure out what they can do and Jenny needing her brother to snap out of it!

E: Yeah, but poor Fergus can’t understand why he is in this state and calls him a coward for not fighting for them and Lallybroch. He certainly wants the old Jaime back.

We could go after them, Milord!

We could slit their throats in the night and free Monsieur Murray.

V: Poor Claire, it seems she can only mourn for Jamie at night. And this sequence right here was painful to watch. I can only imagine how she feels, especially when she is pleasuring herself/having visions of Jamie only to look over and see Frank in the bed. Don’t get me wrong, Frank is not a bad guy. He is just not the F**KING LOVE OF HER LIFE!

C: Poor Frank having his soft professor’s body compared to a ripped Sam. However, it adds realism and elements to making Frank sympathetic. He really hasn’t done anything wrong other than remain stiff and not very likable.

E: I love how this series revolves around Claire’s desires and pleasures. This opening scene was steamy. Poor Frank alright; he must be a heavy sleeper because she was not quiet. The flashback to Jaime stoking the fire was also very hot.  Claire longs for Jaime’s touch and she misses making love to him but the look on her face when she finally looks at Frank says it all…I hope he didn’t hear me.

Still distraught over losing Jamie, Claire agrees to ‘put the past behind her’, as it were. She made this promise to Frank and in some ways she compartmentalizes this massive side of herself and shuts the door on it. She’s a compromised woman emotionally, spiritually, and she’s in this very compromised marriage.

~ Caitriona Balfe, Pop Yowza!

We get to unpack some of that story more than you’d expect. One of the remarkable things about the show is that it keeps moving very swiftly. You’ll see different worlds, we have very few returning sets, locations, so it’s like each season is a whole new show and season three is no different in that regard.

~ Tobias Menzies, Pop Yowza!

V: After last week’s episode with that Dean, it was funny that Claire starts her day reading the Boston Globe.

Ireland Joins the Roster of Free Nations. To the roar of guns and the flash of fireworks in the sky, The Republic of Ireland was born today.  Oh shh, sweetheart. This is history in the making. You’ll want to hear this.


V: Each scene with Frank becomes more awkward and strained. But, I liked how they did it, gradually over time. By the end, there was no surprise that everyone thought they were watching the I Love Lucy Show!

E: Isn’t that the truth! Baby Brianna turning over for the first time is cute. I had a bit of a tinge when Frank called himself daddy…similar to Claire’s reaction when he tried to touch her belly before Brianna was born. When Frank comes down the stairs in just a towel ,Claire gives him a once over. I could see she was thinking I have this man in front of me and “I think I can have a go and see what happens”. You can see her hesitate when she reaches out and touches his chest. Frank was pleased, but I was not…I knew Claire was not thinking about Frank.

Look at the baby’s red hair!

V: The scenery shots were breathtaking and I loved the cave design. I hope Jon Gary Steele creates the pages he had last year to show how the sets were built.

V: Though still an adolescent, I loved that Fergus still has a fighting spirit. His actions here and later will serve to be what snaps Jamie out of his depression. And I don’t use that word lightly. I think what Sam is portraying is a type of depression that follows the grieving process. He has lost his wife, child and countrymen; thought he was going and die and now has to survive without any of them.

E: Me too, but still the ignorance of youth….Fergus is hell bent on a new rebellion and being ready. Jaime has to explain once again that guns are outlawed and he gets called a coward for trying to keep everyone safe.

Just because you’re a coward now doesn’t mean I am.

C: I see how the raven scene was necessary to lead up to showing how much danger the family is in and how that played a part in Jamie’s plan to turn himself in, but it seemed ludicrous that so soon after Ian’s arrest, anyone would shoot a gun (I thought the same when I read that part in the book).

A raven! My granny says that ravens are messengers of death. Canna be near the house.
The bairn will die!

V: That is so true, but as mentioned early, Fergus is a kid with a lot of street smarts. He is also just trying to protect Jenny and her baby; he is not thinking about the repercussions of his actions.

E: Those boys should have been given a good spanking for not heeding Jaime’s advice about the gun. They clearly didn’t understand the danger they put everyone in when they fired and killed the raven.

C: So painful to see a baby in Jamie’s arms knowing it had to remind him of Faith.

V: Yes, and the child he thinks he will never meet with Claire. But this scene reminded me of Ned Stark holding Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

E: Funny. And Jenny, even right after giving birth, is not a woman to be reckoned with. How she keeps her cool when the Redcoats burst in is beyond me. She is the glue that holds that estate together. She does go a bit too far when she gets in Jaime’s business about the last time he was with a woman. She means well, but she doesn’t have the appreciation of what Jaime and Claire shared and she wants or hopes that if he remarries and has bairns, he will be whole again, which is far from the truth.

V: She only wants to see him happy. She’ll understand soon enough.

How long’s it been since you’ve lain with a woman, Jamie?

Don’t Janet.

C: The gun search was executed well, and one of the few scenes allowed to play out and not be chopped.

V: Yes, very much so. They actually startled me when they burst into the room. They didn’t give me a chance to prepare for what was happening. I had to rewind it and watch it again.

E: I was nervous each time those redcoats show up at the house, but especially so after they heard the gun shot. That MacGregor is such an evil man, how can you be happy a baby died.  I held my breath hoping Jaime was going to be able to keep the baby quiet. I know I would not have been so calm while I told a bold face lie to men holding the only guns in the room.

C: Claire’s “I miss my husband” and not knowing which one she was referring to makes her unlikable. It just seemed wrong.

E: Well, she is emotionally lost and in need of an intimate connection. The look of desperation is plain on her face, but she also doesn’t want to betray Jaime. I really feel for her, but I don’t agree with what she is doing. Pleasing herself with Frank but not giving his feelings any thought is not a Claire trait we have seen before. I was surprised it was written this way, but I think it is a good expansion of her character, of which we didn’t get in the book. What a dilemma…cheating on husband #2 with husband #1.

I miss my husband.

V: Oh c’mon, you know who she was talking about and it was basically, to me, a double entendre. Yes, she misses Jamie (her husband). But to make Frank feel good, boost his ego a bit, she tells him she misses him (also her husband). She really is in a pickle, isn’t she? I just figured, if she couldn’t be with the one she really loved, she’d just love the one she was with.

V: Ryan Fletcher really played the role of Corporal MacGregor. His scenes with Romann Berrux were performed perfectly together with MacGregor’s insulting slurs and Fergus reminding him that he is a traitor to his own people and that he will never be one of them. The eye glares and the snorts were an added delight!

But then Fergus, once again, doesn’t think of the consequences of his actions. Taunting someone who is hell-bent on causing you pain and suffrage are not a good idea.

E: Yes, he surely did. Fergus is such a smarty pants. Taunting  MacGregor surly was Fergus’ downfall. Taking them on a wild goose chase is fine but he really shouldn’t have called MacGregor a dirty traitor and all other sarcastic names. I wasn’t surprised when Fergus was caught. He was not running very fast and was hell bent in getting his insults in.

V: OMG, this scene was gut-wrenching, unbearable to watch. The first viewing, I literally turned my head. The fact that MacGregor just chops off his hand for no reason, just for spite, and then leaves him to bleed out was unnecessary. But, it just shows you the cruelty and inhumane treatment of the time and the one with authority can do whatever he damn well pleases and get away with it.

E: The scene of him losing his hand was dramatic. I couldn’t breathe hoping Jaime would get to him in time. Panning back and showing his severed hand laying in the forest was underneath the blood stained stump was something I will never forget.

C: For me, the hand chop seemed extreme. I would have liked to see it as it was written – more jovial Fergus against the horror of having his hand chopped off less deliberately.

V: Luckily, Jamie’s protective nature kicked in to save the child.

V: I loved this exchange between Jamie and Fergus. And, although Fergus is now a ‘man of leisure‘, he sure is taking his situation well. I guess with the life he’s led (pickpocket), he probably thought something like this would have eventually happened.

You remind me that I have things to fight for.

There you are, Milord!

E: Fergus being happy his old milord has returned is still spinning jokes. I love his dig at whisky because he really prefers the taste of French wine.

It absolutely breaks Jenny’s heart to see Jamie like this, and I think Jenny’s perspective will be similar to how the fans will see those first episodes, because that’s not the Jamie they know. He’s a beloved character, and they have to go through the pain of watching somebody suffer immensely and for a long period of time for the loss of someone they’ve also built up a love for as well. This relationship is hugely important to the fans and with that gone, it’s horrible to watch. So I think Jenny is the closest to how the audience will feel about that, as a representation of the outside view.

~ Laura Donnelly, Collider

C: The most emotional scenes of the episode was Jamie falling on his knees sobbing and being comforted by his sister, and the exchange between Jamie and Ian where Ian compares the phantom pain of losing his leg with Jamie losing Claire, his heart.

V: Those were emotional scenes and I felt it too. Ian making the comparison with losing his leg; that it is obvious his leg is not there and it pains him nonetheless and wakes him up at night. I also liked the comparison to Fergus indicating one feels the pain and a part of you that’s lost. And then, he brought it around to Jamie – Claire was his heart. Wow, that was very powerful. Without giving a full comparison, he was just letting Jamie know he feels his pain and understands. I think that is the first time we hear anyone express understanding of Jamie is going through.

E: Jaime breaking down and crying almost broke Jenny. He was going to have a break down sooner or later, but Jenny has never seen this side of him.  The Fergus episode with the Red Coats was a wake up call for Jaime.

E: That dinner looked so painful; Claire had that horrible plastic smile on her face that doesn’t go all the way to her eyes. She is trying, but watching her new friend Milly and Jerry’s sexually banter makes the dinner awkward for her and Frank.

V: You can cut the juxtaposition of these two couples with a knife; Claire and Frank both know it. Now, I know people are saying we should give Frank a break, but I refuse. He asked Claire to raise Bree together and that is what she is doing. People are being more understanding of Jamie’s mourning process; whereas, Claire is supposed to just move on. She has not had any time to grieve. And for Frank to think she is going to totally forget about Jamie, let alone that quickly after delivering his child, is just insensitive.

Oh good grief, get a room!

V: Claire and her foreplay moves were too cute for words. I almost expected her to pull her garter off and twirl it up around her head. Frank looked stunned as if he has no idea what she is doing. Once again, I love the feminine gaze perspective of the writing. It shows that Claire is trying to move forward by initiating sex and enjoying a healthy sex life, even if we all know who she is thinking about.

E: Frank looks at her like she is a mystery. He used to know what made her tick but now everything is out of order in his mind. When she teased him back in season one at Castle Leoch, she looked him straight in the eyes with a little knowing smile to boot.  Now, she can’t look at him at all. He is just an available man in her mind and a means to an end.

V: It also shows Frank’s vulnerability. If she is not thinking of him, he would rather not have sex.

She is trying her best to get her sex groove back with him and I felt awkward watching it.  Ironic they are on the floor in front of a fireplace, like Claire and Jamie use to have sex. She refuses to look at him and I don’t blame her. Yep, a man can always tell when another man’s presence is present. I do feel sorry for TV Frank. Jamie’s ghost will forever be a reminder that Claire loved and was in love with another man more than she loves him.

E: Yeah, that’s true BUT she is so far into her fantasy and she doesn’t even recognize that he is speaking to her until he stops. How she thought he wouldn’t mind and be grateful for the sex is beyond me. I wonder why she really closes her eye; is it to see Jaime and to block out the fact that Frank is the spitting image of Black Jack Randall??  I feel really sad for Frank as he was really trying and she was using him.

V: You could be right and it’s both – blocking out BJR and seeing Jamie. I wouldn’t want to be in that position! Her look, right here, says it all . . . Okay, this ship has sailed.

Though they executed it well, the part I didn’t like is that in this episode was that she continued to try and reconnect with Frank the best way she knows how (through sex) and he thwarted her efforts at every turn until she just gives up. And now, they are resigned to sleeping like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo!

E: This was a total surprise. I really didn’t see this coming. I thought he was just going to be more cautious to her overtures. Separate beds really puts the physical distance in an already mentally distanced relationship. This is his turning point away from her. He knows that he will never get his Claire back and their shot of being “together” has passed.

C: From caveman to the Jamie we know and love. Even his body language changed (though a bit overplayed during his depression). That tear! No spark – good.

E: That Mary McNabb is quite persistent. In the book, she was more of a passive personality considering who she used to be married to. Maybe she feels indebted to Jaime for taking in Rabbie, but she wasn’t exactly shy about doing more than barbering.

V: Indeed, she was. OMG, I am so glad they didn’t show what happened with her. I understand it and know that both of them are lonely. I just didn’t want to SEE IT because it was so painful for Jamie. And that ONE TEAR down the face . . . I truly ached for him and his loss of Claire. Something to keep us whole as we move forward in this life. Wow, that was powerful!

This was a very touching and tender moment of the episode; one I thought was badly needed. And the contrast between Mary knowing her place, not trying to replace Claire, but bringing Jamie comfort to that of Frank wanting Claire to only think of him was spot on.

E: For Jaime, this encounter was so much more than just the act. He is aching for Claire and he feels he can’t go through with it unless he thinks of Claire. The tears he sheds after his mind is made up are very telling. Need is there but the desire is only for the one person that he can’t have.  Jaime closing his eyes with Mary and Claire closing her eyes with Frank just really shows that these two don’t want to forget one another.

V: I always thought this was a brilliant plan. Jamie was already living in a prison (the cave), so why not turn yourself in, allow your family to collect the reward and be safe.

C: I don’t think she was acting when she said: “You gave me no choice, brother and I’ll never forgive you – never.”

V: No, I believe she meant it too. But I also think she means she will never forgive him for making her set him up like that. She played the hell out of that scene.

E: Jaime’s staged surrender went as planned, but he did not count on Jenny not forgiving him for forcing her to turn him in. When she says “I will never forgive you” he is crestfallen. He really believes her and knows there is no turning back to get into her good graces.

Turning away from family always hurts and in Jaime’s and Claire’s case they feel they had no choice.

She’s [Claire] so forward of her time. She’s a pioneer. Because we generally see Claire in the past and she’s from the future. We kind of take it for granted that she’s doing this because she’s from the future. But actually, in her own time, she’s still pushing the boundaries and I think that’s really interesting. She is a mouthy, very forward thinking woman and I think it’s amazing. She’s inspiring people.

~ Sam Heughan, Parade

I threw myself into my new role as best I could. But there was still something missing in my life. I’d been able to love a man, to bear a child, to heal the sick and all these things were natural parts of me. But the man I had loved was Jamie, and for a time, I had been part of something greater than myself.

I want that again.

V: That was a smooth transition from the knife in the kitchen to the scalpel she holds in her medical class.

E: Claire has finally found her purpose. Good for her taking advantage of Harvard’s Med School; while her husband is a professor. I was not surprised at Dr. Simms thoughts of a woman and a “Negro” joining the med school. The writers portray the times and thoughts very accurately, but it still stings nonetheless.

A WOMAN AND A NEGRO! How very modern of us.

V: Yes, they do. Though I don’t think they are beating us over the head with the misogyny of the era, it was good that Claire didn’t receive a warm welcome. That would not have been authentic at all. We all know that is how it was back then and is still that way to some degree now.

Hell, he didn’t even acknowledge she was in the room at the beginning of class – Alright gentlemen, let’s get started. That’s about as real as it gets – just act like she and ‘the Negro’ don’t exist, even if they are right in front of your face.

C: That is true. This scene reminded me of how brave she is and how she will make a bad situation work for her. You know, I was surprised that in the discussion between the producers at the end – Inside the Episode, there was no mention of the significance of Joe and Claire meeting.

V: Oh really?! I haven’t watched it yet. Perhaps, let’s hope, they will later in the season. If not, we will have to discuss it here. Yeah, unfortunately for her, she has surrendered to a loveless marriage; yet fortunately, she is doing something that she is passionate about.


C: JOE ABERNATHY!!!  It’s about damned time! Naturally Joe and Claire would eventually gravitate towards one another in that situation.

Is this spot taken?

V: LOL I figured you were screaming at your TV.

C: But, there is no way a Black man in a room full of white men approached a white woman in 1949 under any circumstances unless he was trying to get lynched……historically inaccurate.

V: Well, I don’t think that is not necessarily true. It was 1954 and they were in Boston. Lynching wasn’t epidemic up there like it was in the south. And though a lot of medical schools did not admit Black, I believe Harvard would have, especially since W. E. B. Du Bois got his Ph.D. from Harvard in the mid-1890s. All of this is to say, I don’t think the white men in the class held Claire up in any regard either and didn’t want her sitting next to them. Seemingly, they were both ‘Others‘, so why not sit together. (Claire meets Joe ~ video via Ella bell)

E: All of the classmates shunned both of them; but this was a fitting end to a episode that contained a lot of sorrow. It ends on a hopeful time for Claire.

C: I’m looking forward to this development and hope it’s not cut or altered too much unless to increase dimension and airtime.

V: I am too and hope the same. From the way he’s been received on Twitter, the CLANdom will blow up, if he is not given his just due.

Probably, to the disappointment of all the costume fans, I did not miss that corset or bum roll for one second. Being able to do 40s, 50s, and 60s—especially the 60s—it was just such fun. [Costume designer] Terry [Dresbach] had in racks and racks of clothing. She made some pieces in-house and other pieces are vintage finds that she had. I love what each era tells you about the women of the time—it’s just such an interesting barometer. Some of the 60s pieces are so cool and beautiful that I asked her to make me doubles of some things.

~Caitriona Balfe, Vanity Fair

C: I didn’t see the point of the bagpipe, when so little reaction from it.

V: She is always reminded of Jamie. We knew it would be that way looking at Bree all the time, but bagpipes on the sidewalk made my own heart ache for her!

I think it is a Scottish song and could have just been an homage to Jamie for Claire and their parallel lives again – him going off to prison, while she is going off to medical school. There are a lot of Irish/Scottish people in Boston and bagpipes are frequently played, especially at the funeral of a policeman.

Episode Rating (1-5): 3.9- Shots

We give this episode 3.9-shots but rounded it up to 4-shots. Overall, we enjoyed the episode, beautiful scenery, the character development and back story that wasn’t in the books. It was difficult to compress so much in a hour, but it lays the foundations for the episodes that everyone is waiting on…Introduction of John Grey, Adult Fergus, Jaime in England and of course Claire coming back to Scotland.

The shooting of this episode was a little jarring for some of us, much like the S2 finale. The back and forth did not allow for some scenes to be developed fully. However, once we realized how they were shooting it, it became easier to understand why they made the choice to run parallel lives – the transition from Claire and Jamie feeling lost to both finding their purposes. We also liked the realism in the change in Fergus’s accent – French with a tinge of Scottish; though we disliked that his personality lost its charm. It could be that all he has been through and witnessed since the Battle of Culloden, has hardened him and made him grow up a bit faster than normal.

We also liked that they showed more of Ian and Jenny’s relationship with Jamie; the fierce protective nature of Jenny and the compassion and acknowledgment of loss that Ian showed him. It was beautifully directed and we appreciated the short breaks between scenes just to enjoy the view of Scotland. It appears with each episode they are introducing more new characters and this one – the introduction of Joe Abernathy! We love that Wil Johnson is playing this character and his entrance to the classroom was so Sidney Poitier-ish. He is going to be an important character and we cannot wait to see the relationship between Claire and him develop. Some of us were surprised that in the Inside the Episode segment, the producers made no mention of the significance of Joe and Claire meeting. We might have to do a post on our feelings about that later.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Cathy: I have to admit that I am truly looking forward to MORE Joe Abernathy. I hope they do him right. I am also looking forward to seeing Lord John Grey (David Berry) – what a cutie patootie.

Vida: My heart finding its place back to normal. After these first two episodes, I am not sure I can take too much more. I am looking forward to more character driven episodes and the introduction of new characters – Lord Grey to appear next episode. He is someone I am looking forward to seeing and how his relationship with Jamie unfolds; as well as the development of Claire and Joe’s relationship. I am wondering how many more episodes we will see Claire’s life with Frank, or if they will jump farther ahead in Claire’s life to get back to where we left off in S2.

Evelyn: I am especially keen to see how Brianna grows up. Will they show Frank teaching her to shoot and hunt and will the writers infer that Frank is teaching her because he knows what her future holds.

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Outlander | Clips – Episode 303 “All Debts Paid” SNEAK PEEK

Lord John Grey Sets Eyes on Jamie ~ Video via Outlander America


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz and Outlander GIFS-Giphy.  No copyright infringement intended.



3 thoughts on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S3 Epi2

  1. Cathy, Vida and Evelyn this was an excellent conversation, the two of you left no stone unturned! As you both know I did not read the books, so I generally have no perceived notions about the tv version. However I have cheated and read synopsis of books 1 & 2 to get the flavor of what’s to come. I say all this to say even though I know Claire & Frank will never be a true couple, I do wish for them to find some happiness in each other more than just raising Bree together. I also gather from all the buzz that in Voyager the book we only get Claire’s descriptions of how Frank was not good to her, but I like seeing Frank’s perspective too, after all there are three sides to their story Claire’s, Frank’s and truth which us usually in the middle if both sides.

    Can’t wait until next week’s insightful Blacklanderz conversation!


  2. Cathy, Vida and Evelyn I enjoyed your conversation you plainly laid out what you saw in Episode 2 and it was very insightful. It was good that you all hit on Claire’s situation, everyone believes she is ok because she’s in a home, with Frank and Bree, but she is hurting. When you all were talking about Claire using Frank the song popped into my mind, “If you can be with the one you love; love the one you’re with”. Your Convo left no store unturned, again I really enjoyed reading it!


    1. Thanks. We thought that too. She is hurting and a lot of people want her to move on and it is difficult for her to do that, especially with what all she has been through. She has not had any time to grieve.


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