Outlander death: How Joe Abernathy actor prepped for that pivotal scene

When Wil Johnson, as Joe Abernathy, was preparing to tell Claire (Caitriona Balfe) that her husband Frank died in a car crash, Outlander director Brendan Maher gave the English actor a much-appreciated bit of advice: Don’t rush the news. Play it in “real time, not actor time,” Johnson told Outlander Live! on EW Radio.

I was so nervous doing it because of the magnitude. There are only a few lines to express so much.
~ Wil Johnson

When we were rehearsing it, the director [Brendan Maher] said, ‘Wil, take all the time, take all the time you need. I want to play this in real time. Not in acting time, real time. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 seconds before you say the line.’ That was really cool.”

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Once on the page, make sure you listen to the interview. Excellent, Lynnette! Thanks for doing it.


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