BTS Photos: Outlander S3 Epi3

So, David Berry took over the Outlander Starz IG account.

See Behind the Scene photos.


@caitrionabalfe preps to be a girl boss.

[And yes, Wil Johnson . . . watching.]

Playing a little game of ‘I Spy, Mac Dubh’ to pass the time. –@mrdavidberry

What’s the secret to playing John Grey? These two women from costume and make-up, who have the tough job of making me look the part. –@mrdavidberry

Waiting for a table at Ardsmuir is the worst. Service is slow, ambience is dingy and depressing, food is OK (considering it’s Scotland). Wouldn’t recommend. Luckily the company was great. With director, A cam operator, and star of the show, @samheughan. –@mrdavidberry

A day of firsts: First day on set, first time meeting @samheughan, first time dragging someone by rope from the back of a horse. –@mrdavidberry


First rule of being the warden of a prison, always make sure to close the gate behind you. You never know who could come sneaking up on you. Also, have a film crew with you at all times, in case things get out of hand. –@mrdavidberry


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