Outlander ratings: Season 3’s ‘All Debts Paid’ is most-watched episode ever

WAYTA GO CLANdom! We must keep this up!

Outlander fans many have hated the seemingly never-ending Droughtlander between Seasons 2 and 3, but it turned out to be great news for the show’s ratings. The year-long anticipation for the new season has yielded amazing numbers so far, with the recently aired third episode, “All Debts Paid,” being the most-watched ever. Exactly 1.55 million viewers tuned in to Starz to watch Episode 3, topping the previous record holder, the Season 3 premiere, which nabbed 1.49 million viewers two weeks ago.

Added together, the viewership numbers of the first three episodes of Season 3 comes to 4.44 million viewers. That’s a steep jump from the first three hours of Season 2 at 3.91 million viewers, and almost double the first three episodes from Season 1 at 2.62 million viewers. Few shows can claim constant growth like this, but thanks to the passionate “Outlander” fan base and Starz’s constant support, we’ll likely see those numbers climb even higher.


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