Brianna and Roger actors tease their first Outlander kiss

It’s finally happening, Bri and Roger fans. But how much will actually happen?

In Sunday’s episode of Outlander, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) take their relationship to the next level — but not in the way you would think (or hope). We asked Skelton and Rankin to tease the episode, and what to expect in the coming months (and years).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Gosh, it’s taken a while to really get to know your characters.

SOPHIE SKELTON: We know from the books that Brianna and Roger kind of build and build, so we are aware of how much they are in each season. That’s a good thing because we can plot the characters. We knew they’re quite the slow burners, in terms of what the audience sees.

RICHARD RANKIN: Yeah, we always knew they were going to be gradually introduced in the story as it moves forward. Although it makes you kind of anxious to dive straight in, it gives you time to think about the characters and what you want to do with them. We’re quite lucky in that respect.

We’ll see your personal relationship really developing this season, right?

SKELTON: Yeah, I think for Brianna and Roger — at least I know for Bri — we start to peel away the layers of Brianna so the audience can see a little more of her. Bri’s a very stoic person, very much like Jamie, and it’s nice to let the viewers see more of her inner thoughts and inner emotions. She’s a very strong character and outwardly strong too, but she doesn’t let a lot on. She’s very good at hiding her emotions so it’s very nice this season to see a bit more. With Brianna and Roger, we see that relationship develop. They get closer, they get torn apart, and there’s a lot of that dynamic in this season which I think makes it really interesting because it’s not as straightforward as you would expect.

RANKIN: You know what is great about it? There’s just so much to play. It’s an awesome opportunity as an actor because even individually these guys have so much going on in their lives before you even get to the aspect of their chemistry. Roger just lost his dad at the end of season 2 and he hasn’t had the time to process that. All of a sudden you have Claire and Brianna on the scene with all the circumstances. The drama that unfolds with time travel and historical fathers, 18th-century warriors and politics … I think you get a really profound glimpse of what’s going on for him and Bri.


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