Blacklanderz Amanda-Rae Prescott in WHY I GEEK: An Anthology of Fandom Origin Stories

Our verra own Blackanderz, Amanda-Rae Prescott (@amandarprescott), contributed an essay on why she is a proud period drama fan to this new anthology!

Amanda is obsessed with PBS, period dramas and she loves cosplay. She makes her own costumes, attends conventions and meetups with other fans. She’s even reviewed The Hot Topic & Torrid Outlander collection.

Her essay, Ringing the Period Drama Klaxon, is a rallying cry for period drama fans to stand up and be part of Geekdom.

~ Congrats, Amanda-Rae!

WHY I GEEK: An Anthology of Fandom Origin Stories

Now available to purchase at for $14.99.

Amazon Synopsis:

When we geeky types go back into the “real world” after a long convention weekend, cosplay meet-up, gaming session etc, we are met with the jarring reminder that not everyone “gets us”. We have all been asked by a co-worker or family member “How can you spend that much time talking about Doctor Who?”, “Why do you waste so much money on collecting Star Wars stuff?”, and best of all, “If you focused all of that energy that you spend on Star Trek onto something important, imagine what you could accomplish!”

WHY I GEEK: An Anthology of Fandom Origin Stories is a book you can put into the hands of those well meaning people in our lives to explain why we do what we do.

Including origin stories by: Melissa Aaron, Emma Caywood, Clay Dockery, Will Dockery, Christine Evans, Dawn Ferchak, Alex Fitzgerald, Hannah Harkness, Dustin Hausner, Erik Henriksen, Andy Hicks, Scarlett Jaye, Amanda-Rae Prescott, Julia Siciliano, Betsy R Shepherd, Cat Smith, Robert Smith, & Stephen Webb.

From the fandoms: Baseball, Bob Dylan, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Fan Fiction, Harry Potter, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Musical Theatre, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Period Dramas, Professional Wrestling, Ragman, Stand-Up Comedy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, Twin Peaks, The West Wing, The X-Files
Cover art by the amazing Jennifer Drucker. Featuring a foreword by Terry Molloy!

From the Publisher – Coal Hill, Inc.:

For the rest of 2017, 10% of all proceeds from the book will be going to‘s fund for Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico. (

Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended.


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