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Outlander S3 Epi7 – Crème de Menthe 

Directed by Norma Bailey      Written by Karen Campbell


Michelle: Interesting title card. I didn’t understand what it was until the end.

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Helina and Michelle. Edited by Vida.


Helina:  Starting again what you once believed to be a closed chapter can often be an unusually difficult and harrowing predicament. Claire however, is an unusual lady and just as though she never left, she finds herself smack in the middle of yet another nail-biting carfuffle. But as always Jamie, aka Monsieur Malcolm comes to the rescue, albeit by means of his disreputable connection. At times, this is at the risk of his livelihood.


Michelle:  The afterglow of the reunion has worn off and reality is starting to set in for Jamie and Claire. Claire puts her healing skills to good use and Jamie rushes to outsmart Sir Percival. This episode felt like a filer episode, needed to introduce some key characters to the Outlander world. It also allowed us to see that things aren’t so peachy in Claire and Jamie’s new-found relationship.

H: What more can we say…. She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

M: Claire is using those skills that Angus and the guys taught her.

H: Seeing Claire use the dagger to fight off the stranger in her brought me back to when the red coats attacked her and Jamie not long after they got married. And yes, Angus Moore (God rest his soul) taught our lass how to use a skean dhu verra well!

H: Seeing the assailant slipping/falling and hearing his head hit the floor with a loud thud gave me the willies!


M: Jamie doesn’t even look that surprised to find this scene.

H: I don’t think that’s true. Jamie’s reaction in coming into his room to find a semi-conscious man on the floor is classic Jamie; ready to jump on the scene, take the dagger and to heck with everything!

H: I could not help but smile though, when Jamie said “she was defending herself” when Madame Jeanne and Fergus walked in his bedchamber to discover the man.

H: What do we have!!! John Barton-an exciseman sent by none other than Sir Percival – the corruption is deeply embedded in the crown!

M: I am super impressed by Claire’s desire to help others but honestly, sis, let him die.

Am I understanding that despite Claire being attacked and she would be the one to go to jail for this man’s death?

H: Yes, I believe so. Jamie is absolutely right when he reminds her that in this time, she will only be seen as being guilty of being with a man not her husband and in a brothel; the city guard would arrest her for assault. I think over the years, Jamie’s heart must have hardened a little, because mercy is not something he’s willing to give – especially not when it comes to Claire’s life being at stake.

I had to ask myself though, what I would do, if the man that tried to hurt me, slipped and hit his head. Would I too, try to save him?

H: Bless Mr. Willoughby’s heart; defending Claire’s honor and her value of human life. Jamie’s men on the other hand, had other ideas in mind for excisemen; I would not want to be on their bad side!

M: For a man who spent so much time in jail and under the watch of the crown, Jamie chooses the most interesting and dangerous ventures. And wait until Ian finds out Jamie has Young Ian involved, he will tan his heed.

H: Yes, he does. Sacré bleu! The secret whiskey casks are stashed in Madame Jeanne’s basement and Sir Percival is sniffing too close for comfort! But have no fear, la jeune fille de Madame Jeanne is here – to the rescue!

Young Ian thinking ahead and worrying about the print shop just as much as the Madame Jeanne’s is an insight into his clever wit – but then again, that is where he sleeps and is personal to him – so if Sir Percival sends his goons sniffing there, it’s not only Jamie’s neck, but his too! Och!!!!

We love these exterior shots with all the extras milling about.

H: Claire walking into the apothecary as Mr. Archibald Campbell recalls “an auld wise woman” is perfect timing! I cannot help but wonder if by some chance, he may have crossed paths with her 20 some years before!

M: I am not sure about this guy…Claire should be careful helping him. Ah, a Campbell, I wonder what the writers will do with this character.

H: Laudanum is probably one of the remedies that Claire has an affinity for and its medicinal purpose quite powerful- just as is yarrow root- a then remedy for most ailments. In “recognition of his generosity” in allowing her to go ahead of him, Claire agrees to pay Mr. Campbell’s sister Margaret a visit – and voilà she secures herself a new patient!

H: I love young Ian’s eagerness to please his Uncle Jamie- and Jamie, allowing him to sell the whiskey even at a loss is a big deal!

M: Yeah and Ian is working this deal better than a used car salesman. I am so impressed. He and Fergus make a great team! I want a spin-off called “The Misadventures of Fergus and Ian: The Tale of Two Brothers”. It would be great!

H: Yes, he is. For being so young, his negotiation skills at selling the brandy are amazing! Even McDaniel’s “paltry” offering was no match for his wit! To sweeten the deal, adding le Crème de Menthe était une idée très intelligente (very smart idea)! But then again, Ian has been under Fergus and Jamie’s tutelage – so, surprised we shouldnae be!

M: Fergus is telling stories about Claire like she is a god or something. She could heel men who were literally cut in half.  But time will do that to you and I think it relates to what is going on with Jamie and Claire in this episode. They both remember the good and exciting times, but reality is setting in and it’s very different now.

This scene was in the original script, but was cut due to length issues. But once the episode was cut together, we needed it back since the episode was short…so, we wound up shooting this scene that takes place in Edinburgh on the backlot in Cape Town. Not only do we demonstrate Young Ian’s burgeoning business acumen, we explore his curiosity concerning his Auntie Claire, who he heard stories of as a boy.

~ Karen Campbell (Epi Writer), Outlander Community

H: Yes, but he was a little boy when he last saw her. Young Ian asking Fergus about “Auntie Claire” is endearing and Fergus tells it like it is! Oui, she IS spirited, but not to be crossed! This is a glimpse of Fergus’ story telling skills, no doubt acquired from living in the highlands! Oh Fergus, we too think that Milady is a unique woman – although sometimes, it would behoove her to be a tad bit ordinary…just so she is not risking her neck aye?

M: How is this man still alive?

H: I don’t know. Jamie has seen his fair share with subduing men. His struggling attempt with Mr. Willoughby to gag the exciseman as he fights to regain consciousness is not a pleasant sight! Luckily Claire dashes in with the laudanum and Barton is out like a light!

H: Alright, time for Claire to roll her sleeves and drill a hole in Barton’s skull so she can drain the swelling in his brain! But as fate would have it, in the exact moment she is about to begin operation, Madame Jeanne KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKS on the door! Och! Can a lass get some peace and quiet? Don’t they know boring a hole on a man’s head is a complicated process?

M: Jamie and Claire can’t catch a break.

M: Can we talk about how different this brothel is from the one in Paris? They don’t even have rooms. LOL

H: Verra different than Paris. Sir Percival is not a man to let things go and wants to see for himself that Mr. Malcolm is not hiding anything at Madame Jeanne’s or “withholding something” from him so they make their way to the cellar.

Once in the cellar, Sir Percival and his goon Harry Tompkins did not find anything; for a second, he even mistakes it for brandy when he sees a water stain on the floor. That was amusing! Sir Percival has a feeling that Jamie is up to something…and will be relentless and vows to keep watching him!

M: Jamie is still the king of getting away with shit.

H: Claire, not to be outdone, asks for a trephine – to drill a hole in Barton’s skull. I don’t know how she does it, the sight of blood makes me queasy!

M: I am glad Claire is calling Mr. Willoughby by his given name – Yi Tien Cho. I am still on the fence with them including him in the show.

Doctor Claire is in the house! She has a strong constitution because the noises alone freaked me out. I am so glad we get to see her in action. She is truly talented and it really must have been hard to give up her career for this unknown future.

H: Claire using the trephine is quite gory and hearing the crunching sounds as she borrows a hole Barton’s skill is nothing short of gruesome, but Mr. Willoughby seems quite taken by her skills. Perhaps he has begun to view “honorable wife” as he has taken into calling Claire, in a new light!

M: Jamie could care less that this man died. Speaking of God, it is interesting that faith isn’t something the two of them discuss, especially since Jamie is supposed to be such a religious man.

H: Jamie returning to his room to find the exciseman dead was no bother to him – because he will not grieve for a man who tried to kill his wife – and I don’t think we can blame him!

H: Losing a patient, regardless of his/her background is always tough, particularly for Claire – and I can see she is frustrated with Jamie because all he sees is a dangerous man – one that needs to be contained!

M: I have dedicated the last 14 years to respecting human life, to healing people without judgement. I work hard, don’t often lose a patient. Poor Claire, this is so hard for her.

And, I’ve caused you all this trouble.
I’ve dropped in from the clear blue sky and put your livelihood – and your life – in jeopardy.

H: But then, Jamie turns around and comforts her – letting her know there will be other occasions that she can use her talents!

M: This is the first bit of tenderness we have seen between them since the episode started. More lines from the wedding episode too.

H: Claire realizing that her presence inadvertently may have caused some things to occur is all of us when we get to a place we are unsure of – but bless him, Jamie lets her know that he is grateful.

Ye havena, Sassenach. Ye came thousands
Of miles, and two hundred years to find me. And I’m grateful
That ye’re here, no matter the cost.

Ever since you left, I‘ve lived in the shadows.
And when ye walked into the print shop, it was as
though the sun returned and cast out the darkness.

H: My goodness…the lass has been here less than a couple of days and she already has a patient? And just like that, the romantic mood is broken as Claire tells Jamie she has a patient to see!

M: You will return afterwards? I can’t tell if he was scared she would leave or if he is nervous something will happen when they are apart?

H: Jamie is still getting used to the idea that Claire is back and having her out and about alone scares him, for her safety. You will…return…afterward, he asks – And my insides were screaming…just stay with him and go to the Campbell’s tomorrow! *sigh*

H: Fergus and Ian celebrating the sale of the casks is much deserved! But young Ian has something else in mind besides the sale that has him excited; and that something . . .is a someONE–Brighid – the barmaid – who he’s been eying for some time!

M: Fergus was my favorite part of S2 and I am certain he will be in S3. Fergus and Ian owning a business together?! YES YES YES! I want this show!

M: I lost it when Fergus said he had a three-some! “It was a religious experience”.

M: Fergus didn’t just tell him to count…LMAO! “One and Two”.

H: Oh, but he did. When it comes to business, Ian is a natural. When it comes to ladies, well . . . that’s where Fergus is an ace. His coaching Ian on what to say to a lass is hilarious. “First, tell her how beautiful she is, second, offer her a drink; whatever her heart desires – and wait for it…le pièce de résistance – and is repeating the first second steps!

And what do you know…it worked!

We spy the one-eyed henchman!

M: I would say this woman is crazy, but I bet whatever she was saying is going to come in handy later.

H: Their encounter is unnerving because for someone who has been given laudanum she is pretty erratic. She’s yelling something about Abandawe will devour her when the moon is choking wi’ blood!

D’ye hear ‘em? D’ye hear the tree toads lullaby?
And the moon – the moon
Be choking’ wi’ blood. Ye must be careful,
Abandawe will devour ye.
Abandawe. Abandawe. Abandawe

M: See I told you something was off about him. Trying to sell Claire a fortune.

M: I wonder who this wealthy client is? Hmmm?

M: I want drunk and singing Ian every episode moving forward!

H: Yes, and he is getting busy with Brighid over at the print shop!

M: Oh my god! He pulled a Jamie. Remember when he thought it was to be done like horses? This whole scene is hilarious! Well done John Bell!

H: Och no! Yes, he is just as confused as Jamie was during his wedding night! I seem to notice that the women in the Fraser’s and Murray’s lives are always taking charge!

H: Coming back to the room and wondering where they took the exciseman’s body, Claire finds Jamie not missing a beat. He tells her that the lads hid it in a cask of Crème de Menthe – talk about a minty start to the afterlife!

M: I’ll be honest and say if you didn’t know that they loved each other, you wouldn’t be so sure.

Why is Jamie acting like living in a brothel is a good thing?

H: I don’t think it’s that. He is not too enthused by her proposal to leave, partly, because he is able to send all the money he earns to Lallybroch!

M: Look at Claire and that entrepreneurial spirit!

M: Ian is looking at Claire like he doesn’t know whether he should smack her or kiss her. His face is full of so much emotion.

H: Yeah, but grieving for someone whom you thought dead is heartbreaking and Ian seeing Claire for the first time in 20 years had me in tears.

M: Claire is growing more and more uncomfortable with Jamie’s choices. We are building to something for sure. What do you all think is going on with Jamie? His lack of tenderness with Claire seems unlike him. I know twenty years have passed and they are very different people but something was off between the two of them. Again, if I didn’t know they loved each other, I would be confused.

H: Jamie lying to Ian about his son’s whereabouts though, to be honest, had me annoyed.

There seems to be a lot more of Jamie that we do see that has transpired within the past 20 years and one of them is lying whether by omission or deception-and Claire is definitely not pleased!

Because we’re watching it in a different medium, when you read about it Claire is taking you through it, it’s easy to not delve into Jamie’s inner thoughts. But when you visibly see Jamie on the screen, you have to play that something is bothering him, something he’s holding in. When you do that enough, you have to give the audience a little bread crumb to know what this is.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter

H: As any brother would, Ian is surprised and worried Jamie has not told Claire about “his other news” Any man would be worried too if they were married to Fraser women!

M: All will be well. I am not sure where Jamie got this confidence from, but I am certain it won’t be well.

He doesn’t want to lose Claire again, so it’s out of fear of destroying the one thing he loves most that he’s kept his other wife a secret. Jamie was going to get there. He was just biding his time.

~ Sam Heughan, TV Insider

H: While his father is worried about him, young Ian is in his uncle’s print shop getting a 101 lesson in human physiology from non-other than Brighid!

M: Yes, he is and he is ummm having a nice time.

H: But hearing a noise coming from the front of the print shop, Ian gallantly sends her away and discovers Tompkins rummaging through Jamie’s things. Go ahead Ian, tell him to get out!

M: This man is so determined to take down Jamie! Shout-out to Ian for standing up to him and trying to defend the shop.

H: Wait a minute! Am I the only one thinking that Tompkins resembles Black Jack Randall’s prison guard from Wentworth Prison? My insides were shaking and kept thinking, run Ian, this man is dangerous!

Tompkins is determined to find the liquor, but instead, he discovers pamphlets inciting sedition. Ian fights him off and Tompkins pulling out a gun had me screaming. Why are these people in constant danger?!

No sooner had I thought that, a spark that ignites the fire has started and Ian, trying to fight off Tompkins, has been knocked unconscious!  WAKE UP LAD…YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE OF SMOKE INHALATION!

H: No matter how many years apart they have been, Jamie has always been attuned to Claire’s temperament and knows what that look means! Good luck explaining that one Jamie!

M: Thank you, Claire, for asking these hard questions. When did Jamie start lying like this to his family? And be being so cavalier about what is best for other people’s children?

H: Claire questioning Jamie’s motives for lying is understandable, but so is Jamie’s reasoning for not wanting his sister Jenny and Ian not to worry – at least he has had a say in Ian’s life –who has been like a son to him.

M: Claire forgot how ridged that century was? I don’t buy that, she was almost burned at the stake and constantly threatened with sexual assault, you never forget that.

H: Hey, wait a minute, Jamie, you may have young Ian’s interest at heart, but you don’t get to reproach Claire for having raised Brianna in how she brought her up – she did the best she could.

This is my favorite scene of the episode. Jamie and Claire have been trying so hard to play nice with one another throughout the episode, suppressing their true feelings at times to avoid further conflict, but after Claire witnesses Jamie’s conversation with Ian, she can’t keep quiet any longer. She genuinely can’t understand why Jamie would lie to a family member like that—something she has never seen him do before. But Jamie doesn’t see it that way. He remembers what it’s like to be Young Ian’s age and understands his nephew in a way his parents don’t.

~ Karen Campbell (Epi Writer), Outlander Community

But when Claire tells Jamie that it’s not his choice to make since he’s not Young Ian’s father, that strikes a nerve, which leads to them calling the other out on things that they’ve been biting their tongue over—Jamie judges Claire’s parenting choices regarding how she and Frank raised Brianna—and Claire questions Jamie’s decisions regarding his nephew. Their years apart in vastly different time periods have created a disconnect. It’s 18th century vs. 20th century values.

~ Karen Campbell (Epi Writer), Outlander Community

They clash here and it’s great to see Jamie and Claire have their first fight in 20 years. Sam and Catriona did a great job with this scene. It’s natural for couples to have conflict, and for Jamie and Claire it’s amplified by the fact that they haven’t been together for so long and have missed out on large chunks of one another’s lives, so there’s a failure to understand where the other is coming from. And just when you think things can’t get any worse, Jamie learns that there is a fire in the close where his print shop is located.

~ Karen Campbell (Epi Writer), Outlander Community

H: And there you go melting her heart with your insecurity. Can she just be mad at you for a split second before wanting to reassure you of her undying love – she cared for Frank, but it was you who she loved!

M: This argument isn’t about raising children; it is about Jamie’s feelings about Claire’s time with Frank. Point out that hypocrisy Claire! Says the man living in a brothel.

H: For the umpteenth time, Madame Jeanne barges in like a bat out of a cave . . .



When you have all of the elements you move that fire around. For Sam, we built the interior of the print shop. We did burns in there as well but we used flame bars so it was much more controlled. The ones in back, we burned wood.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, EW

H: Jamie darts out…and when he sees the fire and smoke coming out of the print shop, all he could think of was Ian…he sleeps in the back!

M: Jamie is really agile for his age!

H: And like the superhero he is, he dashes into the print shop seizes Ian like a sack of potatoes, leaps and brings him to safety.

I love all that stuff, jumping over the balcony. When I first read that, I thought it was Jamie being heroic. It tells a story. How can he move the printing presses [to climb out of the first floor]? It’s so heavy. When you have to do these things when someone’s life is in danger, he brings this superhuman strength to save Ian’s life. It was really fun to do.

~ Sam Heughan, EW

H: Watching the print shop burn to rubbles was heartbreaking.

M: It was and really sad to see the print shop sign burn.

M: I didn’t know they had fire hoses and stuff back then.

The print shop fire was one of our biggest undertakings as a show. The battles have become second nature to us in a way but this big fire [was the most challenging]. We built the print shop on the stage, then we went to Edinburgh and we found a building we could use and then we replicated that building exactly at our studio outside on the back lot. Over the course of two nights we progressively burned it and then we went inside to the interior set and we burned that.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter

We just had to add this. He was not leaving it behind.

M: Jamie’s print shop burning down is a metaphor for his life right now.

H: You’re right. All of his hard work go up in smoke is a metaphor for the conclusion of a chapter in life – and perhaps the beginning of another.

H: Nearly losing Ian in the fire, has redirected Jamie’s compass and he now begins to think perhaps this line of work is too dangerous. Claire’s motherly instinct kicks in and puts her foot down; young Ian must return to Lallybroch!

Jamie giving directions to Mr. Willoughby in finding Lesley and Hayes to give them their profit from the sales as well as to himself, is very chieftain-like. Also I loved it when Jamie called Fergus mon fils – their bond is so strong,

H: Fergus may be a canty, but even he knows the danger Jamie may be running into taking Claire to Balriggan! Wait a minute….did Fergus say other wife?!

M: Yes, the other wife. Once again, Jamie seems super unconcerned about this. I feel like it would have been tearing him up inside.

That’s us saying in a visual way that Jamie knows that he’s holding something but before he tells Claire about it, he wants to get all the information so he can unload with all the information and legal ramifications of the secret. Jamie wants to tell her but he holds back. It is only 24 hours [in the print shop] so we felt very comfortable with when you find someone again after 20 years, all your prayers have been answered, the first thing you’re not going to tell this massive secret that might send that person right out the door again and back to the stones. We felt it necessary to protect the character that way, and show that he knows and he’s trying to do something about it.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter

These shots were so magnificent, we just had to include them.

No need for any words.

Episode Rating (1-5): 4 – Shots

We give this episode 4-shots. On one hand, this episode felt like a filler episode. But on the other hand, we know it was meant to introduce characters and set us up for next week.

We really liked that this episode included several characters. We really enjoyed watching Fergus and young Ian’s interactions and their business acumen. It was clear that they have a close bond and are important to each other. It is clear that Jamie has had a great influence on both of their lives and are exceptional young men! While we got a few glimpses of it, we would have loved some more Jamie and young Ian moments. There is a reason that Jamie is allowing Ian to stay with him. We wanted to see that history and closeness. Dr. Claire is always a delight to see and we hope we get the opportunity to see her use her healing skills moving forward. With the constant interruptions . . . Madame Jeanne got under our skin just like someone else we might see next week! We want to give a ‘shot-out’ (yes, shot for a shot glass) to Steven Cree for his emotional reunion with Claire. It really was painstaking to watch his scene with Jamie and Claire, showing how heartfelt he was that Claire was alive (let alone returned) and his worry and concern for his son’s safety.

We also give Norma Bailey a ‘shot-out’ for directing this episode. What she decided to focus on – from the close ups of Claire’s operation, the different tones used with interior shots and those taking on the streets, to young Ian enjoying himself at the pub in one shot to another of Percival’s henchman watching him in another – were well done. We were also fascinated that she went from showing how the fire started and toke us through the print shop to see it totally engulf to the Fire Brigade with fire hoses outside spewing water on the building, while the flames danced in front of Jamie eyes – all in one shot and ended on the A. Malcolm print shop signage.

Next week . . .  we expect an explosive, emotional episode and we cannot wait to see it!


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Michelle: This is the episode I have been waiting all season long to watch. As I am a book reader, I know the plot but I am curious to see what they choose to keep.  This is a huge turning point in Jamie and Claire’s relationship as well as the plot of the show. Can’t wait to see how they do it!

Helina: I’m really looking forward to Claire reuniting with Jenny and from the looks of it, Claire has some explaining to do. And what’s with “your other wife” comment from Fergus? Something smells fishy because Jamie swore up and down that he only loved Claire!

Up next:

Outlander S3 Epi8 Preview – First Wife ~ Video via AresPromo

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First Wife Claire returns to Lallybroch with Jamie, where she does not receive quite the reception she was expecting. Unbeknownst to her, Jamie’s made some choices in their time apart which come back to haunt them with a vengeance.


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz and TV Line.  No copyright infringement intended. 


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  1. I really want to know how Claire has avoided getting blood on her white clothing. Sis has be an amazingly precise surgeon. Also, how can one not adore Young Ian and Fergus. My babies.

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  2. Great job with this conversation Michelle and Helena! I can’t help but to think that Ian and Fergus remind me of Angus & Rupert! Claire’s fight scene either tab man echoed Angus showing her how to defend herself! Missing Angus & Fergus!


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