Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S3 Epi8

Blacklanderz Convos!

Outlander S3 Epi8 – First Wife 

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger      Written by Joy Blake

 This conversation is between Blacklanderz Lorinda, Iris (has not read the books) and Erica. Edited and arranged by Vida (I also interrupt, at times, I just can’t help it!).


Iris: This episode title, First Wife, sums it all up. Claire is Jamie’s first and true wife. No woman could replace her in Jamie’s heart.  Even though he tried to move on, his marriage to Laoghaire was doomed from the very beginning. The best parts of this episode were Jamie, Claire and Young Ian’s return to Lallybroch, Jenny and Claire and then, Jaime and Claire’s total reconciliation on the cliffs.


Lorinda:  While watching First Wife, I felt like things were gliding into place, even though they were having a rough time. The entire episode was like watching an exciting tennis match, going back and forth between each scene and each relationship. I was rooting for Jenny and Claire to reconnect and for them to be a team again.  Ironically, I was not comparing it to the book at all, but watching and enjoying every single bit of it!


Erica: Claire, Jamie and young Ian return home to Lallybroch. It’s not the warm reception like we have seen in previous episodes.  The discord is apparent between them all and a secret is partially to blame. This secret, or its reveal, causes epic and subtle fights within members of the Fraser and Murray families between Jamie and Claire, Jamie and Jenny, Claire and Jenny and Ian and Jenny. However, once the secret is revealed, it is then that relationships begin to heal. All of this takes place with an all the while leading to the adventurous journey of Jamie, Claire and young Ian. By the conclusion of the episode, all secrets are revealed and love is the glue that keeps them all together and an adventurous journey ensues.

I: The burning of the beautiful Alex Malcolm print shop leaves Claire and Jamie little choice but to return to Lallybroch with Young Ian.

Though the script starts with Claire and Jenny’s reunion, which we thought would be a dramatic opening, when filming, we added a piece which is the ride up to Lallybroch. We were split on this—some of us thought it was a little too jarring to go straight from the print shop fire in Ep. 307 to here…so we built in the ride up, which is also nice because you get to see Claire’s first glimpse of the manor house in the distance, and see on her face how much she’s missed it, yet a twinge of her nervousness at re-entry.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

Here I was, at a place
that had been imprinted forever
in my head and on my heart.

It was home once.

It didn’t appear that anything had changed,
but somehow, nothing felt the same.

E: If the reception that Claire and Jamie received upon getting home were any colder, I would have sworn they were arriving in the North Pole and not Lallybroch.

L: Isn’t that the truth. Man the returning home scene was like . . . whoa!

We talked a lot in the writer’s room about how to stage Claire’s reappearance at Lallybroch and how she’d be received by Jenny and family. It was important that Jenny not just embrace her right away with open arms. In the book, Jenny has a similar reaction to Claire when she first arrives—Jenny is cold to Claire and makes herself scarce. Though Jenny in the book does believe Claire’s cover story, our Jenny’s a bit more suspicious. She doesn’t understand where Claire’s been and why she stayed away for so long. She watched her brother go through a great deal of pain over this woman, so like a protective sister, she is going to want answers.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

I: I don’t know how Jenny kept from fainting at the sight of Claire. Her anger is palpable. It’s definitely not the welcome Claire was hoping for. She has no clue just how angry Jenny is, but she is about to find out.

There was a lot of debate as well whether Jenny would greet Claire first or her son Young Ian, who’s been missing and whom she’s been worried about. In the end, Claire won out! After all, she’s been missing for twenty years. Jenny could see that Young Ian was at least home safe, so she dealt with him after she was done with her interaction with Claire.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

L: No it isn’t. But looking at those two, I was wondering why they didn’t just hug each other. I could tell they both wanting to, but neither one of them is brave enough to make the first move. All that heavy breathing going on, I was wondering if Jenny just wanted to whack her upside the head.

Jamie’s tapping finger says it all, nerve wracking.

I: Why didn’t Jamie, Claire and Young Ian get their story straight on the ride home (it’s not like they didn’t have plenty of time).

L: I agree, and Ian was giving up all the tea. I was like, boy if you don’t shut your mouth. You’re getting all three of you in trouble with your tongue running wild.

I: The confrontation with Jenny and Ian could have gone so much better if Jamie and Claire had schooled young Ian to just say, He was apprenticing with Jamie and not mention that he was selling brandy.

That boy is incredulous, proud and naïve to think that Jenny and Ian would be proud of his illicit business acumen.  Ian and Jenny gave Jamie holly hell for not returning Young Ian sooner and he rightfully deserved it!

L: He really is, but Jenny had a lot of nerve telling Jamie he brought home a stray. I was like, “Whaaat, you just going to diss Claire like that Jenny?”

E: Neither Jenny or Ian was too pleased to see them. There were so many side swipes to Claire that I lost count.

I: At least big mouth young Ian didn’t mention that he almost died in the “wee” fire.  I wonder if the “wee fire” and “tail dragging and with a stray” came from the book.  I can only hope to use a version of this dialog one day!  Just when you think the worst of this tongue lashing is over, Jamie mentions the extortion and young Ian chirps in that Auntie Claire killed a man of the crown.

L: Well, we all know Ian wasn’t going to work a printing press. As much as he runs away from home to be with his uncle, you can forget about that. He wants to be just like his uncle; he has a heart for adventure.

I:  They both need a put a sock in it. Claire and Jamie do their best, but Jenny isn’t having it!

L: It’s time for grown up talk get out of the room now.  Oh no not a whipping, but a thrashing, that sounds mighty painful.

I: Claire and Jamie are lucky that Ian and Jenny didn’t thrash them!

Jenny and Ian’s big idea was that since Jamie was treating Young Ian like a son, then he can punish him as his own. But Jamie comes up with a different lesson than the lash. This was a wee departure from the book where Jamie does beat Young Ian and then has Young Ian also whip him. We wanted to show Claire’s influence on Jamie—he beat her in Season 1 and she opened his eyes to the fact that this isn’t always an effective way to handle things. Jamie comes up with a creative way to discipline the kid—make him do the most loathed chore on the farm. We researched this and came up with the making of “dall” which was a real thing Scottish families did to make fuel during hard times. And seeing Young Ian suffer through making patties from dung all day did the trick.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

L: As I watch this scene with wee Ian and wee Janet, I keep saying wee Janet looks so familiar. Then it hit me that she looks a little like Arya Stark from Game of Thrones! It’s all in her eyes.

L: I can smell the muck he’s working with; I’d rather meet at the whipping area too. At least his bum won’t be bruised for the next 24 hours. Ewww making bricks with muck, just gross!

I: Young Ian with cow manure reminds me of Jamie collecting and dumping the horse manure at Helwater.

I: So glad that Ian gets a laugh out of young Ian’s punishment.  It must be hard to have his son idolize Jamie.

I: I wonder if Maggie’s son Angus is named after Cousin Angus.

I: Jenny can barely stand to look at Claire. To add insult to injury, she throws some major shade at Claire “don’t want to scare the bairn with a face of a stranger”.

E: First “stray” then “strange face”?!?!  Damn. You could cut the tension with a knife and not a steak knife either.

I: Jenny and Ian’s brood of children are all grown up. It looks like ‘Wee’ Jamie, as Claire remembers, is the only son not causing any problems. At least one of their sons seems more like Ian rather than Uncle Jamie.

L: Jenny continues to throw shade at Claire and here she goes throwing in on Jamie too. I feel badly for Jamie telling him he doesn’t know how to raise a child.  Every time they do it, I’m like get off Jamie, leave him alone now!!!  Jamie is a quick thinker and I like how he redirects his sister.

L: I can understand Jamie keeping his grief in, can you imagine your only remaining family member saying they were prepared to die?  That had to hurt Jenny, it would have hurt me. She still doesn’t trust your story – our insightful Jenny.

E: I have always felt that she and Jamie had a discussion that did not make it to the show where they decided this. Anyway now Jenny has most of the truth.

I: How many bedrooms does Lallybroch have?  With all those kids and grandkids running about, I am surprised that Claire and Jamie didn’t have to sleep in the stables.

I: This bed room scene reminds me of the first night Claire and Jamie spend at Lallybroch back in season two.  Claire is genuinely hurt by Jenny and doesn’t want to have to continue to lie to her.

We had many discussions, too, in the writer’s room about whether Jamie should just tell Jenny the truth. Our arguments there became fodder for this scene as Jamie and Claire have the same discussion we did in the room. After all, they told Murtagh. But Jenny is a different case and we hear why in this scene…

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

L: To me, it reminded me of the wedding night.

I: It is good to see Jamie getting comfortable and opening up to Claire about his escape from prison to go looking in hopes of finding “Madame Blanche”.

Oh, the grief these two suffered over the past twenty years.


I: Claire and Jamie’s yearning for each other is the main thing that helped them both coped with living without each other. Hoping each other lived, while wondering about each other’s life without the other is torturing their psyches.

[Vida: I can’t even imagine how they both were feeling at that moment.]

I: The flashback of Jamie swimming to Silkie Island for Claire and the treasure is beautiful, haunting and heartbreaking.

L: I’ve seen this flash back many times in my mind; Jamie swimming in that cold water.

I’m surprised he didn’t catch pneumonia. I was sad as this part of the scene took place, sad that Jamie was still alone. My heart goes out to his pain.

The fans will be happy to see this scene! Jamie searching for Claire on Silkie Island was shown in the previews and everyone was eager to see it. When it didn’t happen in 303 during his stay at Ardsmuir, book readers missed it. But we held it back because we had saved it to show as a flashback when Jamie relays the story to Claire.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

This is one determined man, right here!

 We always urge the audience to be patient—often if we leave something out, there’s a reason and you’ll see it later. It’s nice here to witness Claire’s reaction to the fact that Jamie missed her so much and was looking for her. In a network TV show, they might have shown this scene in both places…first in 303 and then flashing back to it. But it would not have been as effective if the audience wasn’t seeing it for the first time here.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community




Look at all that treasure!

L: I was thinking he should have taken those jewels and run, but where would or could he go? France would have been a good choice.

I wasn’t on an island, but I was out there . . . hoping for you to find me. When I heard birdsong, I’d pretend it was you talking to me.

Ye ken that the greylag mate for life? If ye kill a groom goose, hunting,
ye must always wait, for the mate will come to mourn.
Then ye must try to kill the second too, for otherwise it will grieve itself
to death, calling through the skies for the lost one.

I: I cannot imagine hoping that your love survived, but tortured by the thought of them living a good life without you?

What is it?


There’s something I’ve been meaning
to tell ye, Sassenach – –
It hasna been easy keeping it from ye . . .


I: Jamie tries to come clean but he’s too late.

E: I was so happy that Claire and Jamie were not otherwise engaged when we all got our long awaited line…”Daddy?”

Daddy! Daddy, who is that woman?



I: I wanted to reach through the TV screen and slapped the bejesus out of Laoghaire.

Ye’re supposed to be dead!


L: Yes, the other shoe drops and the cat is out of the bag!! The writers did a great adaptation here. I was feeling sorry for Claire and her feelings of betrayal. I would have thrown up!

E: She who should not be named appeared! Props to the hair and makeup department. Just the right amount of age, to show the stark difference in her and Claire.  She certainly has had a difficult life – two dead husbands and a child from each of them.

I: How could someone so wicked have such beautiful and nice daughters. Her daughters are the real casualty of this ill-fated marriage.

Nell, as well – Marsali, we don’t know about until the third book, so being able to take the traits and loyalties and values from Nell, how Laoghaire feels about the world, how she feels about Claire and Jamie, I was able to take that on because when we first meet Marsali she is very loyal to her mother and her mother’s enemies are her enemies.

~ Lauren Lyle, DigitalSpy

He didna tell ye? He’s my husband now.

L: That is so true. That second wife, because that’s what she is, calling Claire those vile names. She is . . .  cray, cray.

I was an idiot at 16, so for all of her actions, I chalked it up to her naiveté. Also, to be fair to her, Jamie did lead her on. So I think the key I keep going back to when I’m trying to get back on her side, [is that] it’s for love. Everything she does, in a really twisted way, is for love.

~ Nell Hudson, Entertainment Weekly

We spy a redheaded child!


I: I understand how Claire feels, but she needs to give Jamie a chance to explain after all there are other red headed men in Scotland. I don’t know what Jamie and Jenny where thinking about Jamie marrying Laoghaire.

L: Me too . . . and her yelling at her calling her a cunt. She’s really pissed off! I wanted to yell – Get her Claire, get her; Jamie move out of the way!

We got a kick out of writing Laoghaire swearing like a sailor. We figured she was so upset; she wouldn’t hold back. But tell us Laoghaire, how do you really feel?

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

Claire looks like she is watching a horror show.

One of our favorite scenes was Jamie talking to Joanie…the little actress was so wonderful here. You feel so much for her and also for Jamie who must explain this delicate situation. In the book, Jamie had little interaction with his “daughters” but we wanted to show more of how much he cares for them, since this is the reason he married Laoghaire to begin with.

~ Toni Graphia & Matt Roberts, Outlander Community

L: That was so sweet that I wanted to cry. I felt for the children; it was such a moving scene. Jamie wanted to comfort her heart.

That was one of the sweetest, most tender, scenes we’ve seen.

Jamie is really good with children – from wee Fergus and Willie to now Joanie – helping them understand the ways the world and life .

He truly cares for all the children in his life whether they are his biologically or not.

E: Hearing Jamie’s description of their marriage had me feeling like perhaps her previous husbands assaulted her. I almost feel sorry for her. But I also see that time and maturity did nothing to give her some sense. Still a violent streak.

L:  Claire what did you think Jamie was going to sit around and pine for you. You had Frank and a family; that was a bit selfish don’t you think?

I: I agree with Claire. It’s bad enough that he married Laoghaire, but not to tell her was worse. He had several opportunities. Jamie spent the last 20 years absolving himself from sending Claire through the stones and blaming Claire.

The biggest betrayal for her is that he didn’t feel like he could tell her. She’s always so honest with him. She tells him everything. She gave up everything to be with him.

~ Caitriona Balfe, TV Insider

L:  Jamie a coward? Oh fiddle faddle, no way. He is so confused. He is angry and I see a bit of green on you Jamie.


I: Yea, that King of Men’s crown is getting heavy. When he threw Frank in Claire’s face, I wanted to shake him and remind him that he sent Claire back to Frank.

L:  What struck me was him admitting that he didn’t want Frank touching either one of his girls. That’s it. Get it out of your system. You both have been holding back. Let it loose!

Jamie is going to get his point across. He loves that woman!

He can’t possess her without giving his soul to her and he is going to prove it. You can feel the emotion coming out of the TV screen.

E: Both characters are strong willed and full of passion. This is how you know they truly love each other. Full participation. Love that.

L: Did she slap him and pull his hair?

E: That fight scene was EPIC!

L: As this passionate fight broke out between Jamie and Claire, Bruce (my husband) said the best time to get your groove on is when the passion is there.

I’m going to have to start a fight with him and see if it’s what he says then.

I love you. Only you!

L: Jenny, why did you throw that water? It was just getting ready to get good!!!

I know Jamie; I would have also looked at her like that!

I: Janet is adorable and wise for her age.  I loved that she and Claire apologize to each other. “Kebbie-lebbie” has got to be the best new word of the season.

L: I was thinking . . . here comes Arya, I mean wee Jenny. She most definitely did cause a kebbie-lebbie, but I think she must be warming up to Auntie Claire now.

I: Jenny, you are so wrong. I know you wanted some kind of happiness for Jamie, but with Laoghaire? How could you encourage this marriage?

Jenny unleashed a tongue lashing that reveals how hurt she was by Claire’s disappearance.  This family has been hurting for 20 years.

L: Jenny knows something is off. Claire used wisdom in telling their story, but I wanted her to tell Jenny about Brianna. She’s right. Why didn’t you write a letter, because you couldn’t figure how to send them through time? That would have been the solution to all of their problems if she could.

E: I agree with you. When Claire was telling Jenny about Frank … I did not have children with him … was a prime time to tell about Brianna.

Like I said before (in Twitter messenger), I was not a Jenny fan at this part of the book. She needed to be hit and hit hard. She is staying angry here longer than in the books.  

I: Comparing her sisterhood with Claire to a wounded horse that needs to be put down is harsh, even for Jenny.

L: Jenny’s hurt is understandable. She viewed Claire as a member of the family. But, Claire is the FIRST wife and the ONLY wife. She basically told Claire to go somewhere and die. Jenny is brutally honest and open with her feelings; but Claire recognizes her hurt.

E: I love that both Claire and Jamie told the truth to Jenny and even without agreeing to what was to be said…I think.  Wonder if that was left on the cutting room floor. This reminded me of S2 Epi 8 – The Fox’s Lair – when Claire has a “vision” of the fate of Lord Lovet.

He and Laoghaire are not living
as man and wife and ye ken it.

L: I could see the pot boiling, stinking up the place and Jenny stirring it. I like Ian. He is setting Jenny straight. Her Fraser stubbornness isn’t going to deter him and he knows the truth of Jamie and Leghair’s relationship. It was false and Jamie’s happiness lies with Claire. Jenny still isn’t having any of it!!

I: Jenny wants Jamie to be happy and she thinks that he can only be happy the way she thinks he should be happy.  Ian is a good husband. He loves Jenny and tells her the truth, even when she doesn’t want to hear it.

Another transitional shot.

L: Where are you running to Claire?

Girl, you better not leave that man. Stay and find out what’s going on. You can’t just run away.

As we hear him call her name, my husband asked how can you have secrets and no lies? I had to take him back to the wedding night so he could understand what she was saying.

I: Claire is hurt; I get it. But girl, you’ve waited too long for this reunion and come too far to rush home now, slow your roll. Give Jamie a chance to apologize and listen.

I am still the man you fell in love with.

I: Claire, how can you leave a man who tells you that “he’s only known one love in his life and that was with you?” Give him another chance.

I’ve only known one love in my life, and it was with you.

I: I don’t know what kind of fog Laoghaire was living in, but she had to know Jamie was never hers. She would do anything to hold on to Jamie as security for her daughters.

Laoghaire where did you get that gun?  I don’t think you know how to use that thing. Did you get the proper gun training?

L:  Why are you pointing that thing?

And now, you just let out a round.

I: We all know that shot was meant for Claire.

L: That’s right Claire, nice box out moves – get away from my man. Protect what’s yours, girl!!

I: She surely did. Claire was protected her man from that she devil.

I: Jenny you can cross your heart and pray that Jamie doesn’t die, but this is your fault for intervening in the affairs of grown folk last night. If you hadn’t sent Janet to tell Auntie Laoghaire, Jamie might have had time to break this news to Claire and Laoghaire. Although the outcome probably would have been the same.

E: Yes, she had the gall to cross herself after Jamie is shot.  Of course she wants her brother to be safe, but when it’s her fault?! Give me a break.

E: Of course, Claire doctor’s him and saves him…again.

L: Yes, Claire ever the healer. When he picked up the whiskey bottle my husband was laughing. He said this is going to be ‘a whole bottle of whiskey’ kind of procedure!

I: Thank god Claire brought 20th century medical skills and implements with her. Jamie might have died without her expertise.

We loved these shots and the sequence that shows Claire’s surgical skills.


L: Ian taken care of his Auntie, even though he wasn’t born when Claire was there. He also recognizes those scissors are something special. Good eye, young Ian.

I: I love young Ian.

I: He is so enamored with Jamie and Auntie Claire.

L: He has a heart like his uncle’s. He knows that’s the love of his life.

Is not for Uncle Jamie, Auntie.
It’s for you.


I: He also knows when someone needs a stiff drink to boot. Keep this lad around!

L: Did you see Jamie smile in his sleep?

[Vida: I caught that after Ian said Jamie was lucky Claire was there. Honestly, I first thought I had made it up in my head until I watched it again. I think he heard their conversation and was smiling at that.]

E: Finally, Jamie and Claire have some alone time to get to the bottom of things.

L:  Whiskey’s a liquid? Why yes it is Jamie, but you don’t need that kind of liquid.

I: Claire may have saved Jamie’s life, but she is still smarting from him lying by omission about Laoghaire. This is not the time to joke Jamie. You’ve got some explaining to do! Claire needs to understand how you’ve come to marry Laoghaire, and so do I.

L:  I haven’t stopped being angry. That’s something I would say.

L: He’s getting a bit of counseling this week. He needs this so he can move on. Otherwise, he would have curled up and died.

E: His story was so sad. Well played by all.  

I: Hogmanay looks so wonderful.

L:  Yes, it was sad, yet wonderful. Too bad the laughter was with Leghair’s children. I can’t imagine going that long without laughter in my life.

I: I was thinking, little Joanie and Marsali can make anyone enjoy themselves.  It’s hard to believe that they are Laoghaire’s children.

They are so happy and I love anyone one who can make Jamie laugh.

L: He just wanted a family.

But Leghair couldn’t provide what he needed. I’m glad she didn’t, otherwise Jamie’s chivalry would have kept him connected to her.

I: Jamie should have run the other way when he saw Laoghaire. He should have known that match would be trouble. His need for a family made him ignore the warning signs.

L: Hmm . . . here comes the big stick. It’s funny how much he trusts Claire. His poor behind must be in pain!!

I: Dr. Claire to the rescue with her needles and medicine. The bat dress was worth every stitch!

I enjoyed every bit of that needle jab to Jamie’s ass.

L: I think she enjoyed giving him a wee bit of pain too. I don’t like needles at all.

L: This right here – Jenny and Claire having a heart to heart – is wonderful, but you can’t have all of the truth!!

She understands that Claire knows some things and she has a connection to something supernatural. But, Claire may be back up for trial, if she told you. Then again, I think she would have accepted it. I was happy to see the two of them together working it out. I’m pulling for Jenny and Claire to get back on the right track.

I: Yeah, but if she had a vision of Claire standing betwixt Jamie and Laoghaire at the wedding, why didn’t she stop it? She knew this wedding was doomed!

I: Give Claire a break. Her advice on potatoes helped to save your family! Yes, Claire was your sister and she wouldn’t have left, if she didn’t have to…and we have a truce.

L: Hello Ned! It’s nice to see you. His excitement to see Claire was wonderful.

I: I’ve been waiting to see Ned since the last episode.  So happy to see this wise soul again. His counsel is just what this ridiculous situation calls for.

L: And him saying he never married was the reason for his spryness was too funny. But, he was right. He didn’t get stuck in a rut and stayed on top of his game – Ole Neddy.

I was with Claire on this one . . .  send Leghair to the colonies – Richmond, anywhere. Yet again, my heart is pulled by Jamie’s generosity. He’s always putting others before himself.

With the return of the first Mrs. James Fraser, legally, the marriage to Laoghaire MacKimmie is invalid.

What does Laoghaire want?

I: Well, I wish he had suggested that Jamie use the threat of turning in the pistol for lesser alimony. But once again, the King of Men is destined to do the right thing by Laoghaire’s children.

L: Twenty pounds is a shite load of money!!! Well, Laoghaire is a bit off and extreme; she couldn’t keep the man she wanted for years. I guess she’s still a child at heart.

E: Glad to see that Claire remembered something from her first sojourn to the past…keep quiet.  She was quiet as Jamie, Jenny and Ian were talking about how to get the money for she who shall not be named. She only spoke when it was necessary. 

I: Jenny is salty over the alimony Jamie has to pay Laoghaire, and so am I. I am surprised at how quickly she agreed that young Ian could go with Jamie to retrieve the treasure and go with him to France.

L: He’s still going to look out for his nephew. It’s good to have a relative that understands your desires and fosters you so they can guide you to excel.

I: I like that she came around to Jamie’s way of thinking. But no sooner than Ian’s says, “You’ll take better care of him this time,” I knew that was an omen of what’s to come.

I: Why didn’t Jamie borrow a boat and go with young Ian to Silkie Isle?

[Vida: I thought that when I read the book. In the end, I just think it is a plot device to move the story into another direction.]

A bit of debate in writers’ room here…but given the rift caused by the emergence of the secret wife, it seemed like some conflict was in order. Claire and Jamie wrestle with the fact that getting back together after 20 years is harder than they both thought. They love each other deeply but there’s no denying that their life together is full of adventure and a wee bit of chaos! Claire feels bad that so much strife has happened since she’s arrived, but Jamie doesn’t want to give up. Here, he finally asks her “Will ye risk the man that I am for the sake of the man ye knew?” The audience has been waiting for this favorite line and this seemed a good place to put it—after the reveal of Jamie’s marriage to Laoghaire.

~ Toni Graphia, Outlander Community

L: Oh, oh . . . this is my favorite part. Jamie will fight for his love . . . it was never easy, but you are mine. That made my heart jump. Claire worried about the things that have happened that caused then to drift apart. I guess we all second guess our decisions. Jamie has an undying love for her.

I: Finally, we get the frank (pun intended) conversation between Jamie and Claire that will help them to move forward. Claire is full of self-doubt, but Jamie isn’t having it! He won’t let her give up! He and we have waited too long for this reunion.

I’m afraid this is all a mistake. I’m just not sure if we belong together anymore…

L: At first, I didn’t like what Claire told Jamie on the ridge that they didn’t belong together. But given their rocky start, who wouldn’t be ready to bolt. Will you risk the man I am for the sake of the one you once knew? . . .  swoon – as hearts and flowers flow around my head.

You belong wi’ me.
We’re mated for life, Sassenach.

Will ye risk the man that I am for the sake of the man ye knew?

I: There was a lot of beautiful dialogue, but when Jamie said to Claire “Being a printer is nothing compared to being your husband” and “Will you risk the man I am for the sake of the man you once knew?” I also heard a collection of swoons from women all over the world!

Jamie and Claire’s talk is interrupted by Ian’s kidnapping…so we’ll soon see if Claire decides to take that risk…

~ Toni Graphia, Outlander Community

V: These directorial shots were incredible and brilliant. 

They allowed us to see, from Jamie’s point of view through the spyglass, what was happening to young Ian.

It’s hard to talk about it, because I don’t want to give too much away, but I can let you know, I guess, that somebody has plans for me. And not just being captured because of bad luck on his part. Somebody has some pretty brutal plans ahead, it ain’t looking pretty for Young Ian, it really isn’t.

~ John Bell, TiBS

I: Where did that pirate ship come from and how did they know where to find young Ian? I guess they can smell treasure! Now we know the next Claire and Jamie adventure will be to find young Ian and get him back.

I: I’d hate to be them when they have to explain his disappearance to Ian and Jenny. They’d better find a ship with the quickness.

These two have the worst luck! If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Laoghaire put a curse on them.

I think what’s really going to happen is that he’s going to have to learn how to survive on his own. Before, with all the trouble that’s happened, Jamie’s come in and saved him. He’s always had Jamie there. He’s now been wrenched away from everything he knows, and it’s down to himself to survive and make sure he sees his family again. So I think you’re going to see a whole new side of Ian when it comes to him taking charge, and being a bit more fiery. Because he’s like, “fuck it, I’ve got nothing else to lose.”

~ John Bell, TiBS

L: The way that scene rushed away from them made you recognize the helplessness and hopelessness at the end.

I: I felt it – the hopelessness. He’s gone on that boat and where are they taking him?

Episode Rating (1-5): 5 – Shots

We give this episode 5-shots. Every episode is better than the last. We loved this episode because it was the hurdle we have been moving towards getting over from the beginning of the season.

The truth has come out. Jamie’s married to Laoghaire, of all people, but not under the circumstances Claire has conjured in her mind. For most of us, Laoghaire is not our favorite character. On first thought, some of us felt she didn’t deserve what happened to her and neither did her daughters. But on second thought, what all happened to her might just be karma for accusing Claire of witchcraft. Nell Hudson, Lauren Lyle (Marsali) and the actress playing Joanie did an amazing job! Our hearts were a wee bit broken for the girls.

The episode was full and had a well-rounded story line that flowed exceptionally well. The push and pull of Jamie and Claire fighting for their relationship and marriage illustrated how hard and rewarding a relationship worth fighting for can be. Jamie and Claire’s fight was just what they needed. Hopefully, they will be moving towards a sense of normalcy (relationship wise) in the next episode. Some of us are falling deeper in love with these characters. It is taking all of sheer will power to realize they are not real.

While we are not book purists, we loved how closely this episode followed the book. Some things just cannot be changed. The anger Jenny felt toward Claire was palpable. The way she forced Jamie and Claire to come clean and explain what happened over the past 20 years was understandable. Although she stayed angry longer here than in the book, we are okay with it. If she had gotten over her anger in five minutes, that would have been out of character for her.

Kudos to the ladies in charge of this episode…Jennifer Getzinger (director) and Joy Blake (writer) for getting it so right. We loved the transitions between day and night by shooting the exterior of Lallybroch. We also appreciated much of the dialog that was used in this episode, the flashback of Jamie searching for Claire, even the changes that were made. It was also nice to see Ned Gowan in this episode and all of the Murray clan. Showing all of Ian and Jenny’s children being grown, married and having children of their own, was definitely an indication that time had not stood still over the last 20 years Claire has been gone.

We cannot wait to see what the balance of the season looks like and continue this adventure, that is . . . OUTLANDER!

Check out the videos below for the upcoming episode preview and below it, Jamie and Claire’s journey throughout the season.

The structure of it actually becomes an epic; the pace picks up quite a bit. They are going on an epic adventure and over the next couple of episodes they find their footing being back together. Because the print shop really only focused on 24 hours and real-life hadn’t really settled in yet for them, the ramifications of that intruder hit in this episode and going forward, it’s really welcome to the 1700’s again for Claire and very quickly trying to find her footing. It almost immediately competes with her modern-day sensibilities.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Lorinda:  I’m looking forward to their voyage in Epi 9. Come on with it!

Iris: I am looking forward to seeing the trials and tribulations Claire and Jamie swashbuckle their way through their quest to rescue Young Ian.

Erica: Everything!!! The search for Young Ian takes us to the sea which will take us to “Jamaica” via South Africa and then to. . . all the other adventures to come!

Up next:

Outlander S3 Epi9 Preview – The Doldrums ~ Video via AresPromo

Directed by David Moore      Written by Shannon Goss

 Claire and Jamie leave Scotland, sailing to the West Indies on an urgent quest. When the superstitious crew looks for someone to blame after a string of bad luck, rescue comes from an unlikely source.

 Outlander | The Journey Continues ~ via STARZ


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures; all are from Starz.  No copyright infringement intended. 


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