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Outlander S3 Epi10 – Heaven & Earth

Directed by David Moore      Written by Luke Schelhaas

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Evelyn, Vida and Tyrese. Arranged and edited by Vida.


Evelyn:  This episode is about hardship and how to overcome it. Each person has to figure this out on their own and we see each character coming to grips with their decisions on how to move forward. Claire has to manage an outbreak with just herself and a child marine. Jamie has to figure out how to function without Claire while locked up. Fergus and Marsali have to reckon how to save Jaime from himself, while staving off their own desires and urges. It makes for a moving episode that kept me riveted until the end.


Vida: This episode was full of foreshadowing of what was to come from Jamie and Fergus’ discussion of what love is to Elias Pound giving Claire his lucky rabbit’s foot. Though this was the case, I thought the execution of it all was seamless. I also appreciated the research they put into the type of funeral/burial that would have taken place and what was done to prepare the bodies. This also coincided with the ritual of disinfecting oneself while caring for the sick and afflicted. It was also an episode about love – what it truly means to people; the different ways people show it and how far someone is willing to go to be with or protect the one they love. In the end, it was all about familial bonds between Claire and Elias, Jamie and Fergus, Jamie and Marsali and Fergus and Marsali.


Tyrese: This episode was predictable in many ways. It was also frustrating because Claire seems to always put herself at risk for others but male fragility always cuts in and turns a hard situation into an even worse one. But I enjoyed this episode, especially seeing the spark between Fergus and Marsali.

We decided to go “back in time” a little and show Episode 309’s cliffhanger ending from Jamie’s point of view. We wanted to start with Jamie realizing that the Porpoise was making sail and leaving with Claire on board—something wonderfully implied in the books, but not seen. Then, as you start to write the scene, you realize you can’t just start on Jamie seeing the ship leaving, you have to think about what he was doing before he saw that. He was watching the ship with an eagle eye, of course, but what else was going on? So I came up with this potpourri bit with Fergus —a bit of humor, a bit of character, and something that reminds the audience of the tension that lingers between Jamie and Fergus from the previous episode.

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

V: Getting the story from Jamie’s point of view is probably one of the best things about the adaptation. This way, we get a fuller story line of what’s going on with all the characters and it not just from Claire’s POV or her interpretation of a situation.

I also love the cold openings they have had, just get started with it already and come back to the title cards and intro. Look at Fergus trying to freshen up Marsali’s cabin.

T: Yes, and of course, Fergus is trying to impress Jamie! He wants his bride.

E: Idle hands make for what?? Fergus making potpourri for Marsali was sweet.

E: Jaime is so into Jaime this episode.

I may not have noticed it before but, his constant scheming is becoming an issue.

V: I knew as soon as he saw Claire still on the ship, he was going to lose his damn mind and go ballistic.

They’ve taken Claire.

T: Oh no! Jamie calm down now before you get shot. We know it’s been 20 years and they just took your wife again, but you can wait a few days to see her in Jamaica.

But, seriously though, how dumb is this captain? What is he going to do if someone on his ship gets sick? But, I get why he didn’t tell Jamie about the scheme to take Claire. But man, men and their fragility…

V: I have more than your wife to think of, Mr. Fraser. Uh-oh, Capt. Raines that was NOT the best thing to say to Jamie. Look at his face. Instinctively, especially when it comes to Claire, he was about to explode.

We jump back to the Artemis and we created this story of how he gets imprisoned, what he does to try to get himself free so he can find his wife again. When he gets to this point of the story, he’s waited 20 years to have her back and he doesn’t want to lose her right off the bat. She gets taken by someone on what he thought was a deal where she was just supposed to go over, check patients and come back. But actually Captain Raines made a deal with Captain Leonard of the Porpoise and he knew all about the deal, and Jamie wasn’t a party to it. They didn’t even ask Jamie, and that’s why he was so upset about it.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter

T: I’m still trying to make sense of this Caribbean theme song. Is this supposed to be calypso, reggae or soca? WHAT KIND OF RHYTHM IS THIS? This is no kind of Island sound I’m familiar with.

V: Oh no, I love it! As we mentioned in the last Convo, Bear indicated he used Afro-Cuban percussion in the song. I think it absolutely gives it an island feel.

T:Thankfully most of this is vomit.” Well yes, thank god for that.

V: I found myself holding my breath every time they went below deck. I was also feeling claustrophobic on those ships.

E: I can’t imagine how it was to shoot the infirmary. The constant retching was making me sick.

V: I have to admit that this is something that bothered me at times. Claire doesn’t even attempt to remember not only what century she is in, but also the fact that she is on a ship full of men before she starts ordering people around. I guess, I get it; but, it really never made sense to me.

E: Yeah, but Claire is totally in her element bossing men around. It reminds me the episode 106-The Garrison Commander where Dougal rightly comments on how well she can order men around.

T: There is always one man who can’t deal with a woman telling them what to do. So far, Claire has been on this ship for all of five minutes and has to rely on Baby Officer to give her demands authority.

V: Well yeah. It’s the 1700s; of course, no man wants a woman telling him what to do. Hell, there are some in 2017 who don’t.

E: Oh Mr. Pound … I love you. Albie Marber is spectacular in this episode. I can’t imagine being on a ship at that age and ordering deck hands around like its second nature much less to have to handle this strange woman ordering you to do strange things like not lick the grog from one’s hands. It’s not often I take to a new character so quickly, but I loved the adaption of Mr. Pound. I wanted more!

V: And just like that, here comes ‘Moma Claire’ scolding Elias. Loved it. I loved their adaption of him too.

I had been on the Porpoise for less than
a day; surely no more than fifty miles
separated me from Jamie, yet it felt
nearly as far as the 200 years.

Still, I was glad he was not here,
knowing he would not have been
safe from the typhoid raging
through the ship.

Even though we all know what will happened, I appreciated the time they gave to these scenes with Claire and Elias.

T: Again, another man who acts like he cannot be bothered with Claire. Another incident of Baby Officer laying down the authority.

I do like that she made this man feel stupid by the end of the scene. Really, how can you argue with someone trying to save lives?

V: I didn’t see it that way. He is also an officer and is calling out men who disrespect Claire. Made me love him even more.

E: I knew no one was going to be happy about half rations of grog, but Claire’s clapback on how many casks she requires was brilliant.

V: Once again, I love their use of exterior shots to transition to the next scene. I also liked it because I could breathe better when they did. Crazy, I know.

There’s something very sweet and special about the relationship between Claire and Elias Pound [Albie Marber]. Claire essentially had to give up her own child to go back and be with Jamie, and in this moment, because she hasn’t quite bonded with Marsali yet, she does become a mother figure to Elias Pound. To me, it’s a really sweet and special arc.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter

V: These really were sweet scenes between the two of them. He turned into quite the little assistant.

E: I am not sure if the addition of the medical information was warranted, but it sometimes felt a bit superfluous.

I also felt that way with describing to an ill man what he was eating. He probably only cared if he kept it down and or lived.

T: When I interview Matt Roberts, he mentioned how Claire always finds the underdog and befriends them. Here, even though he does have some authority, she has befriended an underdog of sorts, a kid that I am sure reminds her in some ways of Bre.

There is a mothering quality that I’m sure she will never be able to shake now, especially since she isn’t with her own daughter.

It’s amazing to think that boys as young as seven were sent to sea on these navy ships. They were officers in training, and often, at Elias Pound’s age, held rank and authority over seasoned sailors. But they were still kids. That was rich stuff for us to play.

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

V: The makeup artists surely deserve kudos for this episode.

I know Claire said they could touch the men, but I am not sure I would have.

Nevertheless, I am sure seeing his friend dead in front of him was a hard pill to swallow. This was a touching scene.

A dozen of men had died since I’d boarded
the Porpoise. A dozen more had been infected.
Of the one hundred sick men under my care,
ten wouldn’t make it through the night.
And how many more cases were presenting, undetected?

E: The hunt for the source of the disease was interesting and quick. Everyone’s dead but one?? They made it too simple, but I guess it was in lieu of time.

V: That is true, but under the circumstances, how else were they going to find the source? Side note: I admire the cursive, script writing from this time period. Even some men had beautiful penmanship!

T: This captain is less annoying than the other men, but he’s still not accommodating enough. Lives are at stake man! Common sense says be less suspicious and more generous when someone is there to save your behind!

DD = Discharged Dead

Joe Howard

T: I’m finding that I am unusually annoyed by every man in this episode so far other than poor Elias (who I am certain will die JUST BECAUSE he isn’t annoying me and has some common sense).

V: Then, that’s some good acting.

Poor Howard had this blank look on his face like, what the hell are you talking about?

E: The Captain is going on pure faith…Claire better hope she got it right.

T: Listen to the woman! Damn! I think this episode should be called “Claire deals with stubborn men who have a death wish and no common sense!” Cursed woman’s foolish notion? What! Those are fighting words! Uh oh! That was not a good look from that chef. Claire has to watch herself around that guy.

E: Yes, she does. He is an absolute brute and has it out for her now.

One thing we had to invent for this episode was a Jamie/Fergus storyline. In the book, we didn’t get to see what Jamie was up to once he realized Claire had been taken from him. (We do see one attempt to rescue her—he gets aboard the Porpoise after she’s jumped ship—but not the moments leading up to that.) We decided we wanted to see what those weeks in between were all about for him—after realizing she’d been kidnapped, and before the Artemis can catch up with the Porpoise or Claire.

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

T: I don’t understand why they had to lock him up. Just because he was angry over his wife being taken? That seems rash. Though, considering the fact that he’s still trying to take over the ship, I’d say maybe they had a good reason.

V: Ah yeah, when you’re aggressively trying to attack the captain . . . you’re locked up . . . threat removed.

I lost her one, Fergus. I canna
lose her again. Get me the keys.

I’ve noticed that Jamie has this ‘tick’ with his hand (either tapping his finger or here clinching his fist), as he thinks of 300 men aboard the Porpoise with Claire.

E: Jaime back in a jail again. For a man who doesn’t enjoy prison he seems to always find himself in one. Fergus, still a pickpocket. Love it.

No. I love her too, Milord, but –

V: I thought that too, but just like some of the other recurring things, I looked at it as another plot device used just to move the story.

E: So why couldn’t Mr. Willoughby still give Jaime acupuncture through the cell? The excessive vomiting made me green.

V: Probably because the men/Capt. Raines would not allow it. Remember how they reacted when they first saw Jamie with the needles sticking in his face? I was also wondering why we only saw Mr. Willoughby at the beginning.

T: And now that I have a soap box, I am going to say it is a damn shame that Sam Heughan hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe or something! He is so intense in this scene. Desperate and crazy, mad with fear and anger. So well done!

V: I agree with you. For some reason, the same people and the same shows are nominated. Hopefully, this year is his. He has a tremendous amount of talent and depth. And, his acting ability in this season is undeniable.

Och, what good are ye, ye damned cladhaire?
I see now I was right to withhold my blessing
from ye. It proves ye dinna ken what love is!

You do not mean that, Milord.
How can you say it?

T: I didn’t want Fergus to listen to him or let him out of that cell. Jamie has lost his mind. See, this is what happens when a man is separated for his true love for 20 years. He can’t think straight. He needs a friend right now, Fergus.

Because if ye did, ye’d move heaven
and earth; ye’d risk arrest and death –
and hell – as easily as ye would the prick of a pin.

V: I felt badly for Fergus. When people are really hurting, they lash out at the closest person to them and this is what Jamie is doing to Fergus.

T: Aw Jamie, don’t make me cry. Ok yes, he has a point; you will do anything for the person you love.

And ye’d set me free of this cage
to help me rescue the woman I love
from her kidnappers! Until ye’d
give all, ye canna speak of love.

V: Crazed is right. Jamie was losing it and not thinking straight. This is the first time we see him without a plan and he doesn’t care that he has no plan. He just wants OUT OF THERE and he will figure out the rest later. However, I can’t blame him. I’d be losing my mind too. All the thoughts running through his head of what might happen to Claire and the thought of not seeing her again are enough to make him totally bonkers. He did make me cry with his definition of love and him holding back that one tear from dropping.

E: I get him worrying about Claire on a ship with all those men but, over half of whom are sick and dying. Fergus totally believes Claire will be safe and no harm will come to her. Jaime seems to have lost the ability to hope. Maybe it is the act of a desperate man to ask his son to commit mutiny in exchange for giving his blessing for Fergus and Marsali to marry, but damn.

So we came up with this idea of Jamie being thrown in “the brig” for threatening Captain Raines in his ambition to get Claire back. We thought about how this episode could be an extension of Episode 309—the gulf that exists between Jamie and Fergus—and we thought: “What if Jamie told Fergus he’d give him his blessing to marry Marsali… but only if he helped him organize a mutiny?”

Sam and César are both really fantastic in these scenes.

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

T: Oh no! Now, he’s dangling his blessing to marry Marsali. That was so low of Jamie.

Get me those keys. Help me break
free and I will give ye my
blessing to marry Marsali.

V: Oh, it is very low-down and dirty! He is truly desperate and knows how badly Fergus wants to marry Marsali. So yeah, he just dangles that like a carrot.

E: Classic Jamie…woe is me… I am not happy with Jaime in this episode at all. I’m not sure if it is the evolution of his character adjusting to having Claire back and losing her or is it the writers showing us he is not always the Knight in Shining Armor we want him to be. Either way, it is good character development that goes further than what is in the book.

V: I think it might be both, but especially the fact that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get Claire back.

E: Well, at least, Fergus was having none of it; he knows Jaime is not in his right mind.

E: The funeral was so sad. I can’t imagine a daily funeral on a ship. It was well done.

V: Me either, but I appreciate that they took the time and researched what a funeral would look like during that time and how to prepare the bodies so they could properly commit them to the deep.

T: Is Elias going to stick himself with that needle he’s threading? This boy isn’t long for this earth.

I loved this detail: that when they sewed a dead sailor into his hammock for burial, they would put the last stitch of the needle through his nose. On the off chance that he wasn’t dead, the pain would wake the sailor up! Then Ron told us he’d read that this task was often given to a friend of the deceased sailor—in this case, Pound. This allowed us a great emotional setup and call back for Claire in her relationship with Pound.

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

The last stitch must go through his
nose, madam, to be sure he’s dead.
‘Tis always done by a friend.

V: OMG, I cringed hearing the sound of the needle going through his nose.

The funeral. We took pains to get all of these details right. I’m really happy with how it all came together. It’s such a visual scene. David Moore directed it wonderfully. All of Leonard’s lines are taken from an 18th century Anglican Book of Common Prayer. (Hopefully no one notices, but the actors all knew slightly different words to the Lord’s Prayer—especially since we were doing the 18th Century wording!)

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

E: Did you see the cook Cosworth shooting Claire daggers during the funeral? He still thinks she is a crazy woman as men keep dying.

V: Yeah and the guy next to him. He truly cannot stand having her on that ship. This was a beautifully acted funeral for the men who died, gun salute and draping the flag over their bodies to boot.

T: This is a very touching scene. It showed me how people can still find loyalty and community even in the darkest of times. Everyone is suffering, no one (except Claire) is immune. You have to wonder if each man on that ship is wondering whether or not that will be him being buried at sea before the voyage’s end.

V: If it were me, I would be wondering that. Look at Claire checking on her pseudo child. She has to know how hard this is for him.

My heart really ached for him. Regardless of the uniform he is wearing, he is still a child and one who just lost a friend! I can’t even imagine living that kind of life as a 14-yr-old.

T: Aw Elias. Poor baby. Sad about his friend. Foreshadowing…

V: Yes, it is. It was incredible to see the underwater footage when the bodies hit the water. They allowed time for them to become completely submerged before they cut away, as if to show these men their last bit of respect and final farewell.

E: I thought at this point of the story, they would have introduce a ‘certain someone’ but, alas no. It’s Cosworth again!

T: That cook is evil girl, watch out!

V: There always has to be a villain and I guess he is one of them. I loved Claire’s expression. It’s as if she is thinking . . . What are you blathering on about, you idiot?

T: Here comes Baby Officer to save the day, AGAIN.

E: Mr. Pound to the rescue! Elias has a knack for showing up at the right times. That is a 30-year-old man in the body of a 14-year-old boy.

T: Baby Officer is too precious to live for too long. But, I hope he does.

V: I loved that they had several scenes together and built some sort of bond. It was very endearing.

The rabbit’s foot was our invention. Sometimes it’s great to find a physical object to vest some action and emotion in—something to play through the episode, something to set up and then call back to. The rabbit’s foot, the needle through the nose…

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community.

T: OMG! The man is as drunk as a skunk and knocked out.

I want to strangle every man on this ship!!!

Claire, I would’ve gone off too girl.

E: Claire’s cursing about Mr. Johannsen drinking the alcohol was fantastic.

V: That was truly hilarious. And the looks on their faces as Claire goes off . . .

E: Elias and Jones blushing at hearing all that come out of Claire’s mouth was worth seeing.

V: It really was, just priceless.

T: Uh-oh! A flashback…yes, let’s get back to the main story, finding Young Ian. We can’t forget about him.

Portuguese flag, Bruja…at some point, we have to get back to that narrative. Poor Young Ian.

V: Yes, but they also have to build up to what happens once they are back on land.

E: There Claire is snooping again. She has always been a bit of a snooper, but sometimes it is necessary.

T: Damn, Jamie can’t catch a break and go straight?!

V: I felt the same way reading the books; neither one of them can ever get a break. At times, it’s exhausting.

Alexander Malcolm . . . seditioner  . . . Artemis

Harry Tompkins, able seaman, tells me
Alexander Malcolm, wanted seditioner, was
seen on board the Artemis. I’ve deduced
he means the man I met as Jamie Fraser, obviously
going by an alias . . .

T: Ok, seriously what is wrong with this cook? Claire, you need to get off this ship.

V: He is still pissed that Claire is the reason he is shorthanded in the kitchen and he doesn’t trust her. Unfortunately, she is at the mercy of the Her Majesty’s men and is stuck there. I loved how she put that chair between them.

E: Mr. Cosworth keeps popping up like a bad penny and no Mr. Pound in site.

E: Marsali is very level headed when she is not pissed at everyone. Her washing Fergus’ hand was a nice tender moment.

V: She is and very mature. Just like Claire tending to Jamie’s wounds, Marsali does the same with Fergus. I love the parallel of the two couples. I also think she reminds Fergus of Claire.

T: I was hoping Fergus understood she was right. He shouldn’t do it.

Aw, they’re sweet.

But, ya’ll better calm it down now…Fergus, be good and chill.

We must wait until we are married.
I have promised Milord. And there
is true hope for us now.

V: They really are. These two are mini-mes of Jamie and Claire.

E: I seriously thought they were going to consummate the handfast, but Fergus came to his senses. I loved Marsali calling Claire “that woman”.

Ye’re exactly like him, ye know.
Stubborn – once ye give yer word,
never will ye break it. I suppose
I canna fault ye for that . . .

T: These two have great chemistry. I like Marsali. First, she looks just like Laoghaire and is fierce like her mother, but in less jealous and desperate ways. I like her better than Brianna.

V: Laoghaire fierce? Really? I think she is fierce like Claire and I cannot wait to see their relationship grow.

T: Uh oh…what did I say? Baby Officer is not long for this world now. He’s looking pretty rough. Incubation period…that means poor Elias.

V: I know; I felt the same way. He has been working around the clock.

E: Poor Mr. Pound (I like saying his name ☺), he is so tired.

Making Tompkins a second source of the outbreak was a nice twist.

V: I absolutely loved how Elias tipped his hat to Claire, such a gentle child (he’s not a man at 14-yrs-old) and soul. Too adorable for words.

E: Fergus getting a feel of the ship’s crew to see if a mutiny would work. He was smart to do that.

More information is better than going on gut sometimes.

V: That’s what I love about him. He’s very street smart and learned a lot not only from growing up in a brothel, but also growing up around Jamie, Ian and Jenny.

T: I trust he will make the right decision on this after hearing what these men think about Marsali. These people are strangers. Claire is not his woman, and despite loving her like a mother, he has to protect Marsali in the end.

V: God, Harry Tompkins is almost as bad as BJR. He just will not go A-W-A-Y.

And, why the hell didn’t he ever wipe his damn nose?!

T: Ugh, of course, THIS guy! Dude with the dead eye from the print shop fire. He was too good of a bad guy to let go so easily. Claire is holding that knife like “snitches get stitches!”

V: That’s hilarious. I thought Claire was contemplating chopping him into to itty-bitty pieces with that cleaver.

E: I would have liked to see Claire torture him…just for a bit.

He sure spilled the beans. The life of a hired thug is not worth a lot.

We played Tompkins a little differently than in the book—a little more nefarious. But we also liked the idea that he was this sad sack of a guy for whom the last year or so had been pretty terrible—kind of like the biblical Job: a rotten string of bad luck. And in a way that makes him even more of a threat—because he literally has nothing left to lose. “Here’s my neck. Put me out of my misery. I’ll be more than happy to see the inside of a casket.”

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

E: Sir Percival sure gave him what he deserved.

V: He surely did.

T: I don’t know if I missed the detail in previous episodes that this is where they had hidden the body, but Man! That’s nasty! Could you imagine drinking that?! My first thought at seeing him slide out of that barrel: what if people were drinking that crème de menthe?

V: Remember, it was the episode after Claire killed him. Jamie said no Scotsman would drink Crème de Menthe, so that’s where they hid the body.

E: Another one of Claire’s evil deeds comes back to haunt Jaime…Mr. Crème de Menthe.

V: Exactly. These types of things constantly popping up are exhausting. It’s like they can’t have one normal day, not one, without the next urgency they need to take care of – just exhausting.

T: Lock. Him. Up! (Oh, am I having a feminist moment here considering that every man on this ship is a misogynist, except Baby Officer…? #I’mwithher)

V: At least now, this ass will not be able to run his mouth to anyone else.

I bet he really wants to be dead now.

E: The look on his face when he was put in the brig with the source was priceless.

E: I bet that goat cheese was wonderful.

I could eat that all day long. I like the language barrier.

It gave some levity to the episode. “My Goats needs grass, so…”

V: That is true. But, any other time, Claire readily figures things out; usually, she is the first one. I never understood why she couldn’t figure out what Annekje was saying about the goats needing grass. Ah hello, there is no ‘grass’ on a ship that is on an ocean. You need land, Claire!


My goats needs grass. My goats needs grass. So.

T: Claire is looking at her like…okay…she is not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar. But, I give her credit for being patient with her. They’re the only two women on this boat. They have to look after one another.

V: I wondered if Jamie was thinking about Claire while he looked at the moon.

E: I don’t know. But, the look on his face when Fergus returns without the keys AND without trying to get the keys is one of WTF…If I could reach through these bars, I would strangle you!

V: Yes, and it’s probably the first time Fergus did not follow an order Jamie gave him.

T: Fergus is showing Jamie true love. I wanted Jamie to hear him out. You did the right thing dude!

E: Yes, he did. Fergus is right, Marsali will be left alone and there is no way they could have a successful mutiny.

He made the right decision even though it was a hard one. He taught Jaime something in that moment even though Jaime did not want to hear it.

I know that you will not give us
your blessing now – but you asked
if I would move heaven and earth
for the woman that I love, and I will,
even if it means I cannot marry Marsali.
I do this for you as well . . . Milord.

Perhaps I love too much.

V: The way Claire looked up, I could have sworn, at that very moment, she heard Jamie screaming and calling out Fergus’ name.

T: Well, she’s done a good job. No moans for three days. Out of the worst of it. Oh, but where is Baby Officer?

V: You’re killing me with your Baby Officer!

E: I had to turn on the CC so I could understand what they were singing.

V: I didn’t know either. I was just happy they were happy and feeling better.

T: I told ya’ll. Poor baby. There is nothing Claire can do for him. The last one to die.

E: I cried for Mr. Pound.

V: Though I knew it was coming, it was nevertheless heartbreaking to watch this scene.

E: Claire giving him what he needed to hear has always been her thing.

Her empathy is one of her best qualities. To comfort those when their time is near.

V: For personal reasons, that was a hard scene to wach, especially when she told him it was time to come home. *Tears*

V: Again, the forshadowing from the other men’s burial.

These were incredible shots.

And Claire giving him his rabbit’s foot back was a nice, tender moment.

T: Do it, Claire. You were his friend and he respected you. Send him home.

E: That last stitch just went right through me.

V: There is absolutely no way I’d be able to do it, just no way. You could tell that it was also a difficult task for her.

For all the compartmentalizing Claire once told Elias she must do to be able to do her job, she surely could not compartmentalize his death. It was heartbreaking to watch this scene. I felt truly sorry for Claire; she seems to be losing a lot of people in her life.

T: Beautiful shot of his body sinking into the water.

R.I.P Mr. Pound. You served well.

E: Once again, I thought a certain someone would appear, but now I am intrigued as to how and when they are going to bring that person into the story. At least the Captain thanked her for all of her hard work.

T: I did too. I was disappointed that they wrote that scene out of the show.

V: Finally, Claire connects to dots when they tell her they are near land.

Annekje’s wink was too cute. It’s as if she was saying, you get it now, right?!

E: Yes, Claire finally gets it.

E: Time to go ashore to get the goats some grass!

T: Oh yes, that’s what she meant! The goats need grass. The goats need grass!

Now, how the hell is she supposed to get from Grand Turk to Jamaica? The Porpoise is headed toward Jamaica.

I am so confused about what she was planning to do in order to warn Jamie. Would the Porpoise go to this port? Even if she did get away, how would this help?

V: I wanted to scream at the TV – Since S1, every time you’ve tried to make a run for it, you never make it and get caught!

T: Exactly. When has it ever been this easy for her to get what she wants and needs?

E: Her trying to get away was comical. How in the world are you going to escape?

T: She should’ve known she would be caught. I certainly did.

V: And, the results are the same.

E: She didn’t think of patrols being out. The Capitan was almost laughing… he was looking for men going to brothels, but found a wayward woman who is trying to escape. I like how they presented the Capitan on the Jaime in the log book issue. In the book he was more remorseful, but I liked the writer’s interpretation.

V: I did too. And, although Claire would never turn her back on her oath (she damn near tells us this e’ry episode), it amazed me that she wanted Capt. Leonard, a Naval Officer, to turn his back on the letter of the law. Really, Claire?

Back to the ship she goes!

T: I guess Jamie is thinking that this is the last time he will see Claire. Seeing the photos probably calms him in way, but also gives him more incentive to find a way back to her.
V: That was a nice surprise and a good way to let the audience know he had the pictures. I think you are right about them calming him down because he was acting like a bull in a china store.


E: Seeing him looking at the pictures possibly brought him to his senses. He still thinking he may be able to escape, but he is resigned to sit in his cell and rot.

E: Captain Raines coming to get him to “work” the riggings was funny. So, now he doesn’t want out of his cell?

Marsali is perfect here. The look on her face is just right…stubborn bastard…ask him for his word.

T: Confirmed: Marsali is my new favorite.

E: I think she is more Jaime’s child than Laoghaire. She sets him straight.

V: She surely did! She is playing the hell out of that role of Marsali. I loved that scene. Out of the mouths of babes!

T: Thank God Jamie listened to her.

This scene was originally set above decks. We needed to place it below decks for the schedule—and it ended up being perfect of the story. Jamie gives his blessing, then goes up to help sail the ship—the only means left to him of getting back to Claire. And so we’re left with just Fergus and Marsali—and it’s the happiest moment of the episode and a great conclusion to their story.

~ Luke Schelhaas, Outlander Community

T: Giving his blessing. That’s right Jamie, stop being such an old coot!

E: Yes, finally, Jaime comes to his senses!

You have my blessing.
You can be married in Jamaica.
By a priest.

Thank you, mon fils.

V: Jamie has truly raised him right! I loved this scene, the smirk on his face and him calling Fergus his son. Absolutely loved it!

T: I wanted Claire to listen to her and just do it.

In my mind, both of them were on this ship with nothing but stupid, ungrateful men!

Claire needed to trust the only other woman around.

V: Yes, especially one that has been on the ship and knows what is around the area!

E: Oh come on Claire…you have jumped off forts into black rocky water.

At least you know there is actually water down there.

V: Annekje has thoroughly thought this through to the point of giving her money for a ship and telling her to take off her clothes and securing them in a wrap.

E: She also made her a raft! Crafty woman.

V: Listen, Annekje wasn’t having any further conversation with Claire about the matter.

She figured, I’ll just throw all her clothes/things over and she will have no choice, but to jump.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

E: She should have just shoved Claire overboard. She was taking her sweet time to do it and they could have been caught.

T: I agree. I wanted her to . . . Go! Jump!

V: That is surely a leap of faith, if I’ve ever seen one.

It is also something I love about these characters. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get back to one another. THAT’S some serious kind of love!

Episode Rating (1-5): 4 – Shots

We give this episode 4-shots. We enjoyed this episode, though it was predictable at times. This adaptation allowed us to see how all the characters were coping with their situations – Claire on the ship helping the sick; Jamie locked up strategizing (not with a full deck) how to get out and get Claire back and Fergus, with Marsali’s help, trying to figure out a way they all stay alive!

We also liked how the writers and Sam portrayed Jamie as a more hardened person with very loose scruples. We wondered if it was intentional, as in the book it is somewhat nuanced and slight, but on the screen it is quite clear and obvious that Jaime has some issues. We were presented a different side of Jaime to not like and a better appreciation of Fergus and Marsali. Fergus has “grown up” right in front of our eyes and no longer is the wee boy we knew. Marsali will be with the story for a long time, so developing her character more in depth was wonderful. We originally thought she was a brat, but we have reallt warmed up to her.

We loved Albie Marber as Mr. Pound. He is a wonderful actor, who really knew how to bring his character full circle. We will miss him. Now, where the hell was Mr. Willoughby? He made one appearance at the beginning of the episode, and was not seen in any other scene. Chanelle de Jager’s did an portrayal of Annekje. Hell, at one point, we thought she was going to throw Claire overboard like she did her belongings. Since Claire helped her husband, she made sure Claire got OFF that ship to be able to warn Jamie. Excellent performance!

The directing of this episode was incredible, especially with those underwater shots of the dead. And though we have enjoyed these last two episodes, we will be glad to get off those ships and to see what lies ahead in Jamaica.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Evelyn:  I am looking forward to them being in Jamaica and hopefully seeing Fergus and Marsali’s wedding. I also can’t wait to see what other characters are introduced.

Tyrese:  It will be interesting to see how Jamie gets out his hanging conundrum and how Claire finds her way back to him considering she washes up on another island.

Vida: For me, I can’t wait for them to get off those damn ships. I was beginning to feel confined watching the characters in confinement. It will be interesting to see just what they have in store for us in the next episode and once they get to Jamaica.

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