Blacklanderz Convos! Outlander S3 Epi11

Blacklanderz Convos!

Outlander S3 Epi11 – Uncharted 

Directed by Charlotte Brändström     Written by Karen Campbell & Shannon Goss

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Evelyn, Jean and Cathy. Arranged and edited by Vida [Yes, I interrupt in this one too.].


Jean:  You need to bring your quirky imagination with this fun and revealing episode. It goes from tender to heart-warming to terrifying and then hilarious. But the concurrent themes of family, undying love and everything that seems broken can be mended, threads the quilt of Outlander together again!


Cathy:  A sea turtle – a nod to book readers who hoped it meant something … and it did! Voyager is my favorite book of all the Outlander books, but watching the season, especially this episode, none of what I’ve read matters.  This episode, more than any other episode, stands alone as brilliantly designed, written, edited, acted – brilliantly E-V-E-R-Y-thing.  Every part of this episode was expertly done and woven together to make a sum greater than its parts. Additionally, I LOVE how Bear McCreary added African drums to the opening credits. The Skye Boat Song + Drums = Genius.  I also love how the scenes jump back and forth between the Scottish women performing an ancient dance at Craig na Dun holding flames, with plantation/slave women performing an ancient tradition around a fire. I think it is a great way of tying together the season as well as paying homage to South Africa where much of the season was filmed.


Evelyn: This episode is about friends and loved ones. The one’s you have and must cherish and delight in and the one’s you have lost. Claire and Jaime are trying to get back to each other while Marsali and Fergus are joining together. Father Fogden and Mamacita are remembering Ermenegilda and trying to keep her memory alive.

Shannon and I were really excited to get the episode where Claire is in “survival mode” as she tries to find her way back to Jamie. We’ve never seen the character in this situation before, but we know Claire has the tools to survive in the wild because she was raised by her Uncle Lamb, an archaeologist. He taught Claire how to make camp and fend for herself in a natural setting since she was a kid. We, as well as the rest of the writers’ room, were excited to pick up on Claire floating in the water and landing on a seemingly deserted island. And Silverstroom Beach, the Cape Town location where we shot this scene, did not disappoint! It’s our first time on land since we left Scotland in Episode 309 (except for a short stop for the goats to eat grass), so we really wanted to capture the terrain and how different it looks and feels from being at sea.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

C: Claire jumped from a ship in the last episode, but when watching the beginning of this episode, all I could think of was leap of faith – literally.

E: Well, it looks like jumping from a ship at sea and following the current got Claire to land just not the land she was aiming. When that wave rolled up I thought she was done for.

C: When Claire was floating in the water, my first thought was – sharks! My second thought was – they’ve done a better job with Claire’s wigs than Jamie’s.  And off all the things that could have gone wrong, this woman STILL lands on her feet.  She must have an angel sitting on her shoulder.

C: When Claire hits the beach, her relief, sadness, and fear is palpable. I’m so glad they added the voice over. I love voice-overs because they add a fullness that acting (as phenomenal as Caitriona’s is) and scenery (as beautiful as South Africa is) alone can’t provide.

E: I agree. Watching Claire “clean and dry” her clothing, the voice over, and the view from the shore of nothing on the horizon really drove home the isolation that we see on her face. I felt it in my chest.

J: I don’t know about you, but I think better when my bra is off! When Claire rips off that corset once ashore, I immediately thought about my daily ritual as soon as I get home: shoes and bra off. Don’t ask me anything until that happens! Lol!

(V.O.) I was relieved to find land. But
as to what land I’ve found . . . I had
no clue. It wasn’t Grand Turk, that
much was certain: it was too far
too big and I had floated far too
long. And worse, no idea where or
how I could find Jamie.

C: Is it me, or does it seem as though the actors and costumers alter their size (or the impression of their size) to match the situation?  Claire looked so thin and fragile when creating shelter from the sun/heat.  When she arrived in Edinburgh, she looked much fuller. Perhaps a costume illusion – brilliant detail, if so.

J: She immediately goes into survival mode.

C: A person can last three minute without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, and three months without Outlander. Dang! Claire went for that water in that leaf like she was a crack h* looking for a fix.

E: The rule of 3’s – when you have to survive is scary.  I thought this was well done as you have to experience this from Claire’s point of view.

J: It’s like Claire Fraser meets British adventurer, Bear Grylls! Just like the Rule of Three for survival, there are the Three Rules of Outlander: 1. Claire saves Jamie. 2. Jamie saves Claire. 3. Claire and Jaime save the world.

E: I felt the sun with her…Thirsty and exhausted. Caitriona went all out on this one. I was so clueless…I didn’t know what the rocks were for when she picked them up. I have camped before but I always had matches. Never thought of using flint strikes. I probably would pick the wrong type of stone as I imagine there aren’t many that one can use to start a fire.

C: The sounds of nature were transformative and so real.  I could almost smell the salty heat.

J: I admire those that can build a fire with twigs, brush and flint. I can do it and so can Claire. She deserves every Girl Scout badge ever created! Shout-out to my Girl Scout Troop #1156!

E: Bye Bye Bum roll!!

C: Claire’s middle name is MacGyver . . . who thinks “flint” when stumbling over rocks? That butt roll saved her butt – burning the whole thing didn’t make sense though.

J: This is the sole reason why I don’t like to sleep on the earth, especially on an island! I’ve a horrible ant story that I will save you the horror of enduring, but let’s just say, this scene terrorized me.

J: It’s a bloody nightmare! I’m mean you wake one morning to ants biting your shins off. Ok fine.

J: Thank you, lord it wasn’t worse.

C: ANTS! I’m not . . . I’m still itching

E: How big is this island? In the book, it seemed small. Waking up with the ants all over her was absolutely revolting. I wanted to scratch and writhe with her. I want to know if the ants were real and how Cait took to that scene.

Fire ants! Not really. Just hundreds of non-biting ants that we cast as fire ants. Our insect wrangler, Ryan, brought it big time with not only multitudes of ants (which were not harmed during filming), but also other fun critters —beetles, snakes, goats…

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

C: So near and yet so far.  McGuyver Claire would have figured out a way to get them down, but there probably wasn’t time. When Claire touched her ring, it was clearly a reminder of her source for hope, strength, and determination (Jamie), perhaps in a way that she couldn’t muster for herself.

E: When she got to the lush jungle, I thought she would find some water soon or at least a plantain. I think saw some banana/plantain trees she was pushing though. The empty coconuts was so sad. No energy to climb or shake a tree. I don’t know how she continued. So tired and dehydrated that you can’t even cry.

C: Oh hell no! The fear in her eyes!

J: Waking to a snake crawling over you. No. That’s unacceptable. What the hell kind of island it this? The Bates Shore of Satanic Scares? Not cool. Let’s move along! But wait, Jean hasn’t been terrorized enough. How about an alligator skeleton? I know what you’re thinking Claire, “Damn! The gator dead too? Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”

E: Then the snake…too much, but you are in the Caribbean. I would have jumped up and ran. No brain in my head to stay still. Those ant bites…words can’t describe the pain. The foreshadowing of the desiccated bones and Claire’s energy level was so good. I know she thought she was hallucinating when she saw/heard the pastor.

Nick Fletcher, who played Father Fogden really brought the character to life. He captured Fogden’s kindness, eccentricity and vulnerability. Shannon and I felt it was important to ground Fogden’s character and make his wackiness symptomatic of a much bigger issue, that he’s still heartbroken over losing the love of his life, Ermenegilda. The reveal where we realize he’s preaching to his goats makes me smile.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

E: This is where the writers had to do a mash up to get some of the back story in. There wasn’t enough time to give all of the story because these two could have had an entire episode to themselves.

C: And she does . . . she pushes on and doesn’t shut down. I think she could push on for Jamie in a way she couldn’t for herself.  As a physician, she had to know how close to death she is.

Mamacita was a fun character from the book and Vivi Lepori naturally embodied her fierce sassiness. The scenes with Mamacita and Claire really pop as a result. Our production design and art department team also did a great job creating Fogden’s Hacienda, the exterior was on our backlot and interior in one of our stages. We had such an amazing South African crew!

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

E: Girl, if I woke up and found myself tied up, I think I would lose my shit! Mamacita is blunt and to the point. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to help Claire get better or kill her.

J: To continue with waking up in the house of horrors, Mamacita tied Claire to the bed. I know she said it was for her own good, but Mamacita…if looks could kill, she would’ve kept Claire tied to that bed even after the green slime healed her ant-bitten legs. But no, the wake-up in hell doesn’t stop with being tied to the bed. What was that green stuff on Claire’s legs? Oh LAWD I’ve thought about those damn ants again!

E: I don’t know what that stuff is they put on her legs but she should have had some scarring from all of the scratching. That is some magic there!

C: MAMACITA don’t play!

E: No, she doesn’t and she was looking at Claire’s undergarments like WHAT IS THIS? is brilliant. She looked at Claire like she was a witch and was for sure going to get her out of the house.

J: She wakes to Father Fogden (affectionately known henceforth as Father Cray-Cray). I mean the dude is an unassuming rescuer turned kidnapper turned forlorn and on the run priest. There’s just too many characters in this fella! But no matter how “insane in the membrane” the father is, they bonded over love: the greatest gift of all.

E: Again, very clever writing in this episode. Waking up to that face would be disturbing.  Everyone thinks Claire is a witch or some sort of supernatural healer even when she says she’s a doctor. Not sure about the 18th century and the word “doctor”…it seems to mean something else.

LOVE this turn where Fogden pivots from a super helpful and knowledgeable Good Samaritan to a nut-ball who consults a coconut for advice. Again, Nick is terrific in the role. And Caitriona does a lovely job processing the bizarre situation Claire has found herself in.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

Tomorrow? Oh no, my dear –
Coco says it is too dangerous
even for a lady as gifted as yourself.

C: That look on Claire’s face when she realizes the priest is bat-sh*t crazy………priceless.  Perfectly acted and added the right amount of comic relief.

Maroons? Escaped slaves.
Having fled their masters, they take
refuge in the remote hills.
They can be a rather unpredictable lot.
Did you encounter any on your way here?

E: What fresh hell has Claire landed herself in now? A house servant who wants to get rid of her, the home’s owner is looney tunes, talks to a coconut, and seems to not want to let Claire leave. He brings that coconut over to the bed like it needs to join the conversation. Bad coconut…you shouldn’t stare!

C: Mamacita is like, Get this heifer out my house.  How many insults … let us count the ways – whore, cow, you stink……did I miss anything?

Pure bliss. I guess that dye job was no match for sea water; Claire’s grey is like I’m baaaaaack.

E: I like how the animal heads were displayed out by the bath instead of a cabinet in the house. Claire was thinking, “am I going to wind up on that post too?”

J: Is this fella smoking a “peace pipe?” Does it control his schizophrenic behavior?

C: Yes, he was getting his euphoric smoke on … as if he’s not weird enough.

E: When Claire asks about the village again, Mamacita perks up! She is so ready for her to go. Here we go, the test of wills. Claire can’t catch a break. She seems to go from captor to captor at each turn.

Then of course you have Mamacita who will probably see that Claire is gone, either by walking out or toes up.

J: Claire does remember the amount of Faith it took to lose two daughters…hmm but is all really said and done. If thoughts of her daughter Faith still haunt her, will the same thoughts of saying goodbye to Brianna bring more harm than good?

C: Love – the universal language – created a bond between Claire and Father F.

E: It was a beautiful scene to have Claire and the pastor talk about his wife. Claire thought she was making an impression on him by talking about her husband and tries to bring up leaving. Coco has to give his two cents before anyone can leave.

It was important to us that we made Fogden a cautionary tale for Claire. What would happen to her if she didn’t get to Jamie in time to warn him about the warrants? Could she survive losing him again? Or would she become like Fogden —a self-medicated recluse who is haunted by lost love? This scene is one of my favorites in the episode because Claire and Fogden genuinely connect over knowing what it’s like to love someone so much you’d risk everything for to be with them. Claire believes she’s finally gotten through to Fogden when he agrees that she must be reunited with Jamie, which is why the turn in the scene is so wonderful when Fogden tells her that he will consult Coco to see if the “time is right.” Claire’s hopes are buoyed, then dashed.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

[V: Mamacita washed and mended Claire’s clothes.

A true sign she wants Claire on her way!]

E: Hilarious that she started talking to Coco about feeling better. The pastor was beside himself that she was conversing with Coco.

C: Lord,  cookoo cachoo reappeared. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

A Chinese sailor killed Arabella!
Roasted her on a spit! He ate her!

Arabella! My poor Arabella!

Voracious little fellows.


From a sacred cave called Abandawe.

J: Symbolism is such the irony of life. Powerful cave of disappearance…the allusion is in MEGA form! Then shipwrecked sailors…see how fast Claire’s brain is. One yell of CHINAMAN and Mr. Willoughby is stereotyped! But it’s all the convincing Claire needs to get her ass going to Jaime! Where there’s a Willoughby, there’s a Jaime!

Abandawe? It is hollowed to the
natives in Jamaica, a place of
great power . . . It is said that
folk disappear there.

J: Since we all know Father Fogden/Dr. Stern/Father Cray-Cray studies the strange, it’s almost like he predicts Claire’s next journey: The Moors and the “Cave of No Return.” Nice to flashback on Margaret Campbell mentioning Abandawe swallowing Claire up. I’ve always felt that those “mentally insane” are gifted in ways we’re not advanced enough to comprehend. There are some societies that revere what we deem insane. Maybe their third eye is so advanced it’s trailblazing, and we have to catch up!

Abandawe will devour ye.
Abandawe. Abandawe. Abandawe

E: Abandawe is back! The flashback reminded me how Ms. Campbell is possessed. I can’t remember if Abandawe is a cave or a person but the foreshadowing about people disappearing is on point.

C: “….people disappear there.”  Claire knows what’s up. It will be interesting to watch this play out.

J: I love how Mamacita is so forthcoming with information because it gets rid of Claire’s butt!

E: Mamacita was ready to take Claire to the ship right away! Run! That way, go straight! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

C: RUN CLAIRE, RUN! My heart was in my throat. I realized at this moment, I had no idea what was going to happen next even though I read the books. THAT is the sign of a great adaptation.

The sea holds untold dangers.

Aye Milord. Those seen and
unseen. Even knowledgeable mariners
must be wary of uncharted shoals.

E: Sam looked good in his breaches and shirt…they must have shot this scene early on as he looks more muscular.

The banter between the two Scotsmen about getting to Jamaica was great. I really miss Angus and Rupert.

[V: Now that we no longer have Rupert and Angus, it is good to have Hayes and Leslie to provide that comic relief.]

‘Tis hotter than the Devil’s arse —

Aye. Must be what it’s like to burn in hell —


Nice ball-breaking scene with the fellas. It’s understandable that they’re aching to swill Jamaican rum and chase ladies after all they’ve been through on the Artemis. But Jamie’s eye is still on the prize—reuniting with Claire. This was also a brilliant day at Silverstroom Beach (our location) because a pod of adorable dolphins came to play in the waves.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

E: I have never seen a mast rebuilt and I always wondered how it was done at sea. I really enjoy the accurate depiction that the writers and producers bring to this show. It always amazes me the level of detail they put into it.

[V: I also thought this was a good scene. They gave it time to breath with an explanation of what they were doing. Something that they couldn’t rush to do.

I am just glad they didn’t waste time showing us what all happened on the Artemis and how they got on the beach.]

E: Run Claire Run!!

[V: I just loved these shots on the beach, showing what was happening from all angles.

Caitriona acted her butt off. I was feeling what she felt . . .

He is just right there and I can’t get to him and he can’t hear/get to me.]

J: I guess Claire has picked up a thing or two from Jaime by stealing that mirror. Here I thought she was going to use it to light a fire or something, but no it’s the reflect light.

The irony is that mirror can trap or free a soul. I thought it clever of Claire to use it to shine right in Jaime’s eye to free herself.

Like I said before, Claire’s mind is a beautiful thing and she deserves every Girl Scout badge imaginable.

E: Clever girl…using the mirror to signal.

[V: It is also clever that they continue to show what is seen through the spyglass. Love that!]



Great Steadicam work from our camera department. It’s no easy feat to keep pace with Sam running with a 50-60-pound camera rig. This scene has a bit of a From Here to Eternity vibe, which suits Claire and Jamie well. Romance is alive and well on Outlander.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

J: The way he took off running to her, priceless. The only time a man has ever ran towards me with such zeal had a snotty nose and a smile as bright as the sun-my son.

C: This scene had a very From Here to Eternity feel to it (yes, I’m dating myself).  The music! There is a common thread in Jamie and Claire’s reunion music and it gets me every time.

[V: You are correct with that observation.]

E: My favorite phrase of the episode: “Mac Dubh’s wife turns up in the most unlikely places does she no? . . .

Mac Dubh’s wife turns up in the most unlikely of places, does she not?

Aye. she just drops in out of nowhere.

C: Drops in out of nowhere. If they only knew!

Turns out Gary Young, who plays Willoughby/Yi Tien Cho, is very talented with a needle and thread. He served as his own hand-double on the insert shots of Claire’s arm being stitched up.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

Sir Percival found the body in
the cask of crème de menthe.

E: Jaime is so not happy with Claire jumping off a ship no matter what. HE thinks she is daft, but loves her for her insane level of courage.  She is missing the fear gene. I am starting to enjoy the nuances of Sam’s depiction of Jaime. He has such range and this aged wisdom side of Jamie is nice to see.

We should have cut that body up –
left nothing to find.

C: Yi Tien Cho is gangsta! Dude, was like we should have cut the body up and leave nothing to find.  I really love what the writers have done with his character – not romanticized, not a caricature, just real.

E: We got to see a little more of him, but not a lot of dialogue. I get ancillary character on the show, but he played a larger role in the book. With two episodes left, I am not sure if the writers will write him into the important scene in Jamaica.

J: Oh, and why didn’t she pour some of that wine over her wound? I know the alcohol content is low, but it beats an infection! Who knows way back when the alcohol content could’ve been higher in wine (or maybe that was whisky).

C: Fergus’ love for Marsali equated to Claire and Jamie’s. Until this episode, I didn’t see the fire and sparks between Claire and Jamie.  They are finally back to the couple of old, and so equating Fergus and Marsali to them – now means something.

This scene was important in order to buy why Fogden agrees to marry Marsali and Fergus, after one of his favorite congregants, Arabella, was eaten. Apologies needed to be made. Nick and Gary did a great job in this scene. Ultimately, Fogden would empathize with Willoughby’s unfamiliarity with his customs. It’s highly plausible that Fogden committed some faux pas when he first arrived in Cuba, so he remembers what it’s like to be a stranger in a strange land and not be aware of the local customs. He’s a forgiving soul.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

E: At first, I thought this would be like Episode 107, but realized there was not a lot of time left on this episode.

C: And the “if looks could kill” award for this episode goes to Father Fogden. I felt the apology was real, but with a bit of shade thrown in – where I’m from, we don’t revere goats . . . not a direct quote, but close. Then he got lit – Yupa – by any other name, still gets you high!

J: Mr. Willoughby and Father Cray-cray smoking the “peace pipe” to get over mistaken animal cruelty was too funny!

J: Since Father is a sucker for a love-story, his own and Claire/Jamie’s, a wedding is the perfect farewell to him.

E: YUPA! Mr. Willoughby was not going to pass that pipe up after the apology. It would be rude to say no. ☺

E: That was so sweet for Claire to help Marsali into her dress. She does remind me of Claire…very stubborn and head strong. How do you know you are going to like sex if all of your examples of someone pulling away.

J: Look at Marsali building a bridge to her step-mom! But is Claire her step-mama or no? I’m still laughing about that “first wife.” Never has 2nd place felt so bad!

Any nerves?

C: Yes, she is. OK, can we talk about what a phenomenal actress she is? It helps that she gets some of the best lines, but still, her delivery is impeccable. Marsali is my home girl.

No. Why would I have nerves?

E: I love how Marsali asks Claire how not to have a bairn all shy like. She finally opens up and sees that Claire is not the devil her mother made her out to be.

J: Having motherly advice before a wedding night is a rite of passage. It’s sweet that Marsali notices the genuine love Jamie and Claire have for each other and wants to emulate it for Fergus and herself.

There is one thing I dinna ken . . .
When Fergus and I lie together . . .
how do I no have a bairn?

C: She doesn’t play! I’m glad to see her warming to Claire.

Mabbe ye’re no the Devil after all.

E: Claire and Jaime are her only different example and Marsali comes around to thinking it will be ok, but wants Claire to say it will be.

C: And the wedding scene! Hilarious!

Him? Are you sure?
He is missing a hand?
Will the bride mind?

I will not.

J: Marsali’s like the unsung comedian of this episode. When Father Cray-Cray is on his rants about Fergus’ missing hand, Marsali’s comment about hurrying the wedding along so she can find out if Fergus has the “name and the cock” is LOL hilarious!

C: Marsali killed it! Clearly Fergus and Jamie have the same taste in women – smart, strong, vocal.

Well, I don’t suppose it’s an
impediment – not as though he’s
lost his cock. He hasn’t has he?

If ye’d hurry up and get on wi’ it,
I could find out.

E: This ceremony lived up to the book and I laughed my head off. The Pastor is baked! The commentary on Fergus’ missing a hand and he hoped he had a cock was fabulous. IT read funny in the book, but said out loud, it was even better. Marsali chiming in was great too…”IF you hurry up and go here, maybe I can find out!” love it!!

C: It was funny and so touching.

J: But, the unsung heroic moments of the wedding is Jamie proudly giving Fergus Claudel the Fraser name. Fergus is Jaime’s first son. That scene was a tender and heart-warming as it was meant to be. Love everlasting because a father’s love for his son and vice-versa.

E: Cesar’s face when the pastor asked him for his name and if he had a cock sent me rolling again. Jaime giving Fergus his surname brought a tear to my eye. So sweet and acted very well.

 Fraser. His name is Fergus Claudel Fraser.

C: The one time my eyes leaked was when Jamie gave Fergus his name.

C: I would have liked to see more of a reaction from Fergus (or more time), but don’t know if that was acting, direction, or editing.  A missed opportunity for a Fergus close up … who wouldn’t want more of a close up of that face?

Fergus Claudel . . . Fraser.

E: Marsali and Fergus were so sweet. I really liked the back and forth banter between them. Shows a couple very comfortable with each other. When the camera pans back to Jaime and Claire, you can see them reminiscing about their wedding and the proud parents they are. A lot of the things Fergus says about Marsali can apply to Claire. Fergus chose someone just like his Mother.

Je t’aime, ma femme.

I love you too.

J: How appropriate is it for Claire and Jaime, “wildling lovers” [#GOTfan4life] to be receiving a wedding blessing too from Father! It’s a silent nod to the reaffirmation of their love since Claire’s return!

Turtle soup! This is such a great scene —in the book and in our adaptation (if I do say so myself). While we deliver a fair share of intimate scenes between Jamie and Claire, this one is a favorite. It’s playful and fun. And no surprise that Claire is randy after imbibing so much sherry-spiked soup. But it’s more than her drunkenness; Claire nearly lost Jamie again, so making the most of their first time alone in a long time makes sense as well. It’s a well-earned exhale after all of the tough times our characters have faced in the previous episodes. Caitriona and Sam really committed to the scene and did a tremendous job. Gary is wonderful as well.

~ Karen Campbell, Outlander Community

C: Turtle time; I mean turtle soup!

E: Claire spooning out the soup was hilarious!

It’s impossible to ladle out soup on a moving ship anyway and now that she is drunk it’s even funnier!

E: Jaime was looking at Claire like he could eat her up. One handing putting that syringe together was masterful.

Wonder how many takes that took! She is so drunk! Jaime holding that syringe like a dirk was hilarious.  The first time sticking someone with a needle is hard but you get desensitized the more you do it.

C: I think it was cute how big, tough, Jamie couldn’t bring himself to give Claire an injection.  As pragmatic as he is, he can’t intentionally hurt her.

J: Poor Jaime can’t harm his bonny-lass’s ass! Look at him wanting to puncture it but remembering his oath to never harm Claire after that spanking of long ago! But for real though, every down-home chef knows that turtle soup is the bomb! But between the sherry, bonafide bacteria fever and that other kind of fever from not having seen your man, Claire is wild-n-out!

J: If you can get past the visual eroticism, did she just snatch him by the balls? Just listen to the words y’all: Nipples the size of cherries; Bolt the door! This is what it must feel like making love in hell with a burning she-devil! Let’s just say that kind of talk stirs the oceanic womb!

E: Claire is one drunk and randy patient.

C: She wasn’t feeling any pain by that point anyway, but she sure did feel something else right after. She had her hands full (pun intended).

J: How are they getting their groove on during Fergus and Marsali’s honeymoon night?

E: The witty repartee was FUN!

J: Ahem…but y’all Mr. Willoughby at that door with that “honorable wife” while they’re grunting…

Is Honorable Wife feeling improved?

E: Jaime trying to keep Claire quiet when Willoughby came by was hilarious. Very well written indeed.

Verra much.

J: I spat my wine out at his smirk! Lol! I’M IN STITCHES! I love me a blushing man!

Does she wish to have more?
I’ve made a fresh pot!

No, she’s had quite enough
For one evening. Good night!

C: I loved the multi-dimensions of this scene – humor, tenderness, passion.

Episode Rating (1-5): 5 – Shots

We give this episode 5-shots.

We really enjoyed this episode as the writers had a lot of material to select from and they created their own path on the interpretation of this part of the book. It was a fun, light-hearted, and overall entertaining.

How far would you go for love? This seems to be a common theme throughout S3 and this episode more than all the others. We loved the comic relief thrown in the form of Father Fogden and those playing off of him.  The sets were spot on as usual. Gary Steele is a master and we appreciate that bolt on the door!

This episode also had the theme of stitches woven all through it. There are the obvious stitches: Mr. Willoughby stitching Claire’s arm; Mamacita stitching Claire’s clothes; Marsali stitching the sails together on the mended ship and Claire ripping the stitches apart of her bustle to use the cotton innards for fire. But then there are the metaphorical stitches: Jaime stitching together Fergus’ name; Marsali and Claire stitching together some common ground on the love for their spouses; Mamacita stitching Claire back together again after finding her like a worn rag doll on the road.

Nick Fletcher and Vivi Lepori were the perfect Father Fogden and Mamacita. We thoroughly enjoyed their performances. We all agree that Marsali (Lauren Lyle) was the standout and the naming of Fergus the most moving scene. The only way this episode could be better is if it were longer (we can’t get enough) and aired closer to Epi 2…the wait is killing us! There was one thing we wondered: Why Fergus’ character has lost his cheeky impish arrogance. Adult Fergus seems to have lost the young Fergus’ haughty and aristocratic air. Perhaps life took it away, or maybe we will see more of the pickpocket born in a brothel later.

The last 15 minute of this episode makes the turtle aphorism at the beginning sensible. Turtles are considered fertility gods with some cultures. Survival on land and sea, kind of like Jamie and Claire’s journey. The turtle is the perfect animal to connect to the book title Voyager. The connection to earth and water – the turtle is one of the few animals at peace on both the land and sea. They swim in the sea, but voyage miles to return to land to bury/lay their eggs.

We applaud the female directing/writing leads on this episode: Charlotte Brändström, Karen Campbell and Shannon Goss. It was beautifully shot from the aerial shots of the beach and view of the vast ocean to Claire wondering through the jungle at the beginning to the end when she was running through it trying to reach Jamie and the Artemis. And again, the spyglass view point was a nice touch. You all also capitalized catching every fear imaginable for a woman stranded on an island in the 18th century!


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Jean:  I’m looking forward to freeing Ian and the return of a long lost traveler … who shall not be named! Hopefully, we will get our first taste of a certain pirate/smuggler soon! Last, but certainly not least, I’m looking forward to seeing some Black people, or as they’re known as the Maroons. One can’t be in Jamaica and not see a black person!  

Cathy: I’m really looking forward to how the writers et. al. handle the plantation/slave characters and scenes. Diana did a good job with the books, writing them realistically and with care and if the writers treat all future characters in the same way as Yi Tien Cho, I’m not concerned and looking forward to it. I’m also REALLY looking forward to the Jamaica Ball, more about Ian’s journey and if Fersali will play a larger role.  

Evelyn: I am looking forward to all the interesting goings on in Jamaica – slaves/slave auction, other characters introduced and the ball/party.

Up next:

Outlander S3 Epi12 Preview – The Bakra ~ Video via AresPromo

Directed by Charlotte Brändström   Written by Luke Schelhaas

The Artemis finally reaches Jamaica bringing Jamie and Claire that much closer to their goal. During a lavish ball on the island, the Frasers encounter old allies, as well as former adversaries who threaten to derail their mission.


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Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended. 


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