Outlander | Inside S3 Epi 11


 On Season 3, we’re in yet another new world, as is the joy of Outlander. Back in Season 2, I was exploring our potentially different avenues. I looked at Australia. I looked at the Caribbean. Dominican Republic. I looked at all the various places across the world that have specialized water tanks for filming. But really there was only one place and that’s South Africa. We’ve been very, very fortunate that we’ve been able to inherit a lot of the assets from Black Sails, and we transformed some of their ships and some of their sets down there in Cape Town to make them work for Outlander. So, you see a rich, different, varied world with wonderful tall ships, troubled beaches, forests, plantations, sugar mills…

I think the biggest challenge in finding a place to film Jamaica, was first, obviously, we have to find the ships. Then we have to find tanks to film the ships in. Also, we have to find different landscapes: colonial architecture, forest, jungle, and beaches. It was difficult to find a place that had all of those elements. We did search in Australia, we did think about Jamaica for a brief moment, but ultimately Cape Town offered all that stuff. It had beautiful beaches. We were able to build a jungle on our back lot. They already had ships from Black Sails, the tanks we needed to film the water sequences, and they had amazing colonial architecture in and around the region, so it had everything that we needed in one place. Cape Town just offered everything in an amazing package, and an amazing crew.


Source: Outlander Community




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