1745 | Untold Story of Slavery in Scotland

I had never heard about this time of Scottish history and am glad The Rank and Files notified me of this upcoming movie. It looks fascinating to say the least and insightful at most. Hope it will come out soon. Once it does, we need to have a discussion about it!

Although the story of Outlander is centered on Claire and Jamie, this was a missing piece of history that I was surprised did not make it into the storyline.

I provided some information about the film and its creators below. ~ Enjoy Vida

Project Backgound

1745 highlights a forgotten part of Scotland’s history: while Scotland was fighting for its national freedom in that fateful year, its economy was in large part founded on the booming colonial slave trade. While the majority of slavery happened elsewhere – off-stage, across the Atlantic – there were African slaves here, kept as trophies and pets in the houses of their rich merchant masters. “1745” was inspired by advertisements that writer, Morayo Akandé, discovered for runaway slaves, placed in Scottish newspapers of the time.

See Cast & Crew – Outlander fans will see a familiar face!

 ‘1745’ Short Film – Indiegogo Promo


Two sisters torn from their home in Nigeria and sold into slavery try to retake their freedom in a foreign and hostile land, attempting to elude their master in the perilous Scottish Highlands. As they experience the dangerous and transformative power of nature their battle for survival intensifies, and they draw strength not only from within, but from each other and their shared spiritual roots in Africa. Yet can they ever be truly free..?

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