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Outlander S3 Epi13 – Eye Of the Storm ~ Season Finale

Directed by Matthew B. Roberts   Written by Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Tami, Iris and Tqwana. Arranged and edited by Vida.


Tqwana:  Don’t blink or you’ll miss something. This episode raced to the end. This is probably the most entertaining episode of the season. It has a little bit of everything, action, violence, humor, sex. This was a great end of the season, with a little bit of a cliffhanger to make the wait for S4 better (or worse depending on how you look at things).


Iris: Claire and Jamie always end up in the eye of storm, from the Red Coats/BJR’s obsession with Jamie and Claire, Paris and trying to stop the French from financing the ill-fated attempt to restore the Bonnie Prince to throne of England, Culloden, Edinburgh, and The Artemis/The Porpoise or figuratively like on Jamaica. Somehow the two of them, their love and passion always manages to win the day!


Tami (Ta): This one-hour action packed episode answers most of the questions viewer may have had. The previous episode concluded with Jamie being arrested and ultimately separated from his beloved Claire. Everyone knows things are always unsettling when the pair are apart. This final episode of season 3 began with Claire encountering Geillis but this time suspicions are high and the stakes are even higher. I think that they are playing cat and mouse. I have been waiting to see how they would adapt the ending of Voyager from the moment that they teased pictures. They compressed 100+ pages of intensity into 60 minutes.

Finally, our questions will be answered (What is the meaning of that prophecy? What will happen to Young Ian?), which leaves room for an even bigger question: Then what? One thing is for certain, whatever is awaiting Jamie and Claire, they’ll face it together. They are bound to each other forever. Overall, I was satisfied with the episode and the filming was fantastic. It left me satisfied and ready to begin S4. Droughtlander has begun!!

T: No cold open this week. But, I love that all the new images in the opening credits now have context. So, it looks like we’re starting at the end and going back.

I was dead.
Everything around me was a
blinding white, and there was a soft
rushing sound, like the wings of angels.

I: This opening scene had this non book reader panicking, when we last saw Claire she was on her way to Rose Hall, how did she end up in water?  Then I realized this opening scene was starting with the end of the episode.

I felt peaceful and bodiless – –
free of terror, free of rage,
filled with a quiet happiness.

Ta: Love the opening scene! I did not expect an opening like this, but it’s Matthew B Roberts and he’s brilliant.

T: Picking up right where we left off last week. Claire looks a little carriage sick.

Ta: Yes, we’re back to where they left us last week. She seems so distraught, but she made a promise to Jamie and intends to keep it. Ian must be found and rescued.

I: Her mad carriage dash to Rose Hall was a throwback to S2 when she was pregnant with Faith and rushing to prevent Jamie from dueling and killing BJR. She even braced herself in the carriage like she did in that episode, which makes sense considering there weren’t seat belts back then.  I could have used a Claire VO to explain where the slaves were going when the carriage stopped to let them by (not sure if they were Maroons).

Ta: I was curious how they were going to portray Maroons. So far, everything that they have depicted no matter how controversial, they gave it justice. I think I would have had an issue if they overlooked the whole topic of slavery. It is a vital part of the Caribbean history and the books.

T: I’m curious about how they’re going to find a balance between the Frasers not advocating slavery, but still using slave labor going forward.

[V: Yes, that will be interesting to see how they develop that in S4.]

I: I couldn’t help but to think Claire should have taken one of the coachmen with her to help her navigate the slave quarters at Rose Hall.

This girl definitely needs of a “danger” meter.  Of course Hercules grabs her! Really Claire?

Ta: I’m not really a fan of the series’ adaptation of Marsali, but I have no doubt that in time she will grow on me. In the book, she is more respectful towards Claire and likeable. She even refers to Claire as Mother Claire. I guess they’ll build on that in due course.

T: I love Marsali. She’s ahead of her time, much more like Claire than Laoghaire.

It’s from Milady.
Milord has been arrested by Captain Leonard.

Ta: They found the letter and will help anyway they can. Okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on Marsali but she needs to wear a different dress. It’s Claire’s and it was one of my favourite dresses (and scene in S2).

Fergus Fraser. I’m your wife and I’m coming with you.

I: Did you noticed that the inn where Jamie, Claire, Marsali and Fergus are staying is called the “Black Cat”? It almost hints that Jamie’s and Claire’s rescue mission to save Young Ian is cursed from the start. Marsali is witty and sharped tongued but right in her assessment to Fergus that they don’t have to worry about Mr. Willoughby. She is ready for action and won’t let Fergus go without her.  She also reminds me of a young Claire and Bree.

Ta: Her standing up to Fergus at least made me smile.

You’re lying. She wanted the sapphire. She learned about the prophecy.

I: For all of her scheming, you’d think Geillis would realize that if Young Ian didn’t mention Claire, that Claire has nothing to do with her plans/treasure?  But NO, she interrogates Young Ian again.  You’ve got to love his spunk; he refuses to concede anything to Geillis, even from his position of weakness. I am tired of your blathering, so leave me be or get on with you *itch! I swear, I’ll gut you!

I am tired of yer blathering. So leave me be, or
get on with it, ye bitch!

T: Ian is not afraid of Geillis. He’s so fierce here, threatening to gut her. I’m glad the zombie slave storyline was cut also. That whole voodoo thing didn’t sit well with me in the books.

I swear, I’ll gut you!

Ta: Cheeky Ian is my favourite! I always imagined that he did indeed put up a fight.

Ta: The cat and mouse game commences. Who’s who? I’m not so sure.

What brings ye here?

I: Claire and Geillis face off like they are in an old western.  Geillis’ welcome sounds hollow, although she fakes sincerity. I am surprise that Geillis didn’t offer Claire some truth serum tea! I wish that the writers would explain how Dougal came to process the McKenzie jewels and how they came to be on Silkie Isle.

I: Someone needs to smack the smugness out of Lieutenant Leonard; he is so full of himself!

Halt there, Lieutenant.


We’ll be taking Mr. Fraser into our charge.

By what authority?

Ta: They cannot do this to me… such a close up of Lord John without notice. Swoon! Two very handsome men in one room…

T: Thank God for Fergus thinking on his feet and going to John.

I: Yes, LJG to rescue!

He stands accused of murder and high treason,
a warrant has been issued for him in Scotland.

T: John Grey is my hero. He throws the classiest shade at Lieutenant… Captain Leonard. That smile was hilarious. Then he picks him apart with logic and rule of law. He is having none of this arresting Jamie nonsense. God, he does angry authoritative governor well. I want to see more of that when we next see him.

Of course.

Ta: I love him too! The way he is composed and smooth, yet condescending! I only wished Leonard got punched in his face. In the book, I believe Jamie beat him to a pulp which was warranted.

May I see the warrant?

I: As long as he is breathing and nearby, he will not let any harm come to Jamie.  His checkmating of the Lieutenant was better than a WWE smack down.  No warrant, no affidavit, no authority, no James Fraser, oh and no Captain rank, Lieutenant Leonard until you rightfully earn it!

I . . . don’t have it in my possession, your Excellency.

You don’t have the warrant? Then, what do you have Lieutenant Leonard?

If you are unable to produce the warrant,
then what have you to support your
claim against this man?

I: Bye Felicia!  LJG doesn’t even bother to ask Jamie if he’s guilty as charged because LJG knows his man; awe parting is such sweet sorrow!

A member of my crew encountered
this man in Edinburgh while in service of the crown
and can attest to the incriminating activities he saw there.

I see. Then, I presume your witness has made
an affidavit and sworn its veracity before a magistrate.

T: I’m still disappointed that they didn’t hug.

Your authority ends at the water’s edge,
which is precisely where my authority begins.

Until such time as I am satisfied
as to the validity of this alleged warrant,
this man will retain his liberty.

Thank you . . . Lieutenant Leonard.

Ta: Lord John deserves a standing ovation with his thank you. I thought I would be jealous for Claire because Lord John and Jamie have chemistry. However, it is somewhat intriguing. I’ll let you know how I feel next season.

I: We are treated to his last look of LJG’s longing and eye sex before Jamie races off to save Claire.

They have a great relationship there, and there is unfinished business, but at this moment Jamie is going to go find Claire. That’s his priority.

~ Sam Heughan, Entertainment Weekly

How much longer can you wait for your big cause, which you’ve been fighting your whole life, to be achieved? How much patience can a person have? She’s starting to lose her shit. And I’m so excited that we get to see her darker side. It’s so much fun to play. I finally get to blow the lid off!

~ Lotte Verbeek, ELLE

Ta: She told Geillis her story of how she got to Jamaica. At least TV Geillis is more direct. To the point of accusing Claire of conspiring against the rising. Yes, Jamie and Claire did but with the best intentions.

T: I wonder if the choice in Geillis’ wig is deliberate. To make her look more like a witch, maybe.

I: She is determined to believe that Claire is here to disrupt her plans to restore the ‘true King’.  Wish I was as singularly focused and dog eared about the causes that are dear to my heart as Geillis is.

T: This woman is so unstable. She’s slipping, letting Claire know too much about her plans, the prophecy.

I: Geillis is evangelical about freeing her people, but she doesn’t care how many people she kills to bring about this freedom.  She is a prisoner of her mind! This is horror movie that Claire can’t seem to escape!  Run, girl, run, find Young Ian and get out of there as fast as you can.

I: After 20-years, she is still trying to restore a Scot to the throne. Damn girl, get your life! Geillis could have been a mother, although not a good one. Lucky for Rodger, because she probably would have used the baby as a sacrifice to travel through the stones. Who is this ‘true king’ Geillis speaks of?  How many claimants to the throne are there?  I am going to bone up on Scottish history during Droughtlander!

Ta: Is it just me or is Claire giving Geillis too much information? Why? Mind you I liked that she didn’t keep Brianna a secret. That was one thing that bothered me in the book, but I also understood Jamie and Claire’ intentions. Claire you’re making this too easy for Geillis.

I: Yes, she spills the beans about Bree, as if she had drunk a cup of Geillis special tea!  I scream … “Not the pictures, do not show Geillis the pictures”, too late.  Bear McCreary’s music is so hauntingly beautiful…

T: And the 200-year-old baby just clicked into meaning for Geillis. Is Geillis the first person in the past that knows about Bree? I always thought Geillis saw Claire at the stones. Am I just remembering the book wrong or was that a change for the show?

Ta: I was never really keen on Claire and Geillis’ relationship. At least now, they see each other for what they really are. The emotions are high! Now, you’re telling her your daughter’s name and told her that they have met before. Again, you’re telling her too much. She has Ian!

I: Well, her husband Greg Edgars’ lovely cock was not enough to keep Geillis from sacrificing him!  Poor dude! You can’t trust a woman who would kill a man with a lovely cock!

Geillis is evangelical about freeing her people, but she doesn’t care how many people she kills to bring about this freedom.  She is a prisoner of her mind! This is horror movie that Claire can’t seem to escape!

Ta: She is officially crazy! She has been crazy, but switching from hostile to a courteous host is unnerving.

Where are they taking Young Ian?

T: Claire should know that was too easy. Of course she’s locked in.

Geillis wasn’t taking any chances still thinking that Jamie was in jail. But, she didn’t count on Fergus and Lord John.

[V: Luckily for her, Fergus used his street smarts as to what to do next and sent word to LJG. I thought she was going to bash Jamie’s head in. Glad he jumped back.]

Ta: Jamie to the rescue! All is well again. Okay, maybe not all but it’ll be okay.

I: As Claire and Jamie head towards the drumming, I know that we will see a Voodoo ceremony shortly.  I have mixed feeling about this scene.

I: Some explanation of what the ceremony was for would have been great!  I did like the switching back and forth between the ceremonies at Craigh na Dun and the African one.

I hope the viewers could see and understand that all people had their own sacred ceremonies.

It seems as though Margaret’s vision may have been the cause for the ceremony, but once again, the show misses an opportunity to fully explain the purpose of the ceremony and it’s important to enslaved Africans.

Ta: This part with the drums and the dancing is a little too dark for my taste. Although, I love the connection that she drew to the dancers on Craigh na Dun.

Loved these costumes and masks.

T: And the crocodile makes an appearance. I do not miss Claire tripping over the live one in the book.

Ta: I kind of wished that they adapted Claire’s encounter with a crocodile, but that would have been too expensive to film.

T: I love the parallels drawn to the druids dancing in this scene. But, did this all seem to linger a bit long on the ritual part for no real reason, especially since Margaret’s visions aren’t a part of it?

The drums in the background were great for setting tension, but visuals had no real place after initially seeing it.

[V: Claire looks terrified. Love the parallel shots of the different dancers and rituals.]

Ta: Compliments on the person responsible for altering Willoughby’s storyline. The one in the book was too dark and made him sort of villain. After Jamie helped him and was kind to him, he betrays Jamie and told Sir Perceval about Jamie’s smuggling. Mr. Willoughby was alone and also framed for a murder.

T: Yi Tien Cho is saving Jamie this time.

There’s just acceptance here for him and Margaret.

Ta: This storyline is much better and he deserves his own happy ending even though it’s with a crazy lady.

What are you doing here?

I’m with this Ms. Campbell.
These kind people heard of her gifts
and, they asked her to come.

She is the first woman to truly
see me. The man that I am and . . .

Have you seen Ian?

Ta: Margret’s visions are disturbing. It was portrayed very well. I wonder how many takes it took to nail that scene. Her sight brings everyone back to the beginning. That’s lovely and yet chilling. Margret bringing Brianna to life was even more disturbing, but brought her to life beautifully. I never was too keen on this part of the book as well.

T: I wish this scene of her visions was just a bit longer. She’s seeing both their lives apart, but there’s a bit of Bree in there. She sounds almost exactly like Sophie Skelton.

I: Margaret ties together the rabbit and the bird.

I see you in an orchard of death sewn
with blood.

It seems that Jamie and Claire where calling to each other from both sides of the stone.

I see the rabbit.

I: This leads me to believe that Jamie is just as magical as Claire.

I see a bird in a windowsill.

Maybe Claire is right that it depends on who is calling her from the other side.  I don’t know how this works for Geillis, or maybe it is different for each traveler.

It sings to you when you are sorrowful.

But, you hear him.

I: It sends chills down my spine when Margaret speaks to Jamie in Bree’s voice.

I knew it was you, my father!
I’ve been dreaming about you.
I love you.

You too, Momma.

Which brings me a question: Are Mr. Willoughby and Bree travelers too?

Oh no! Monster!
Don’t let it take me!
Help me! Help me!


Ta: Mr. Campbell is so cruel to Margret. At least he’s still portrayed as a villain in the series.

I: Margaret’s brother is too wicked! Using a stick and threats to keep Margaret in line.

James Fraser is not the only savior of good women, Yi Ten Cho defends Margaret’s honor and permanently ends Archibald Campbell’s hold on her.

Ta: This scene where he explains the prophecy of the 200-year-old baby was a good idea. When I read that, I had to reread it to better understand the meaning. In the books, Claire finds out about the prophecy in a letter that Mr. Campbell wrote that was intended for Geillis.

It’s all making sense to Claire, the prophecy is about Brianna.

Although, I think in the book it mentions something along the lines of it coming from Simon’s -The Old Fox -bloodline.

Either way, we understand that Brianna is said child.

Claire, you know better than to trust Geillis. You should have checked as soon as she gave the photographs back to you. Another scene I wished that they had not alter.

In the book, it’s Jamie that discovers one of the photos missing. It signifies Jamie’s familiarity and attachment to the photos because it’s his only visual of his daughter.

T: Can’t say I’m sorry to see Archibald meet his end, even if the show didn’t make him a murderer like the book. He was still an awful human being.

Ta: Willoughby is proving to be Margret’s knight. He is standing up to Mr. Campbell and intends to have her.

Mr. Campbell used to beat Margret? No wonder she went insane and would go into her fits. Willoughby is showing us what he learned from Jamie. I approve!

Ta: Another scene I did not enjoy; this is too dark for me personally. The ripping off the chicken’s head and drinking the blood. I would have been okay if they had omitted it from the show.

I:  I wish that the writers would have explain what the chicken and Archibald sacrifices where for.

Without this explanation I am afraid that viewers are left to think it was just another “heathen practice”.

Ta: Claire and Jamie are going to Abandawe! I had a feeling that they would put Abandawe on the same island.

It would take too much time for Claire and Jamie to travel by boat.

Mr. Willoughby defeated Mr. Campbell. However, why are the people stabbing him repeatedly? Not a fan.

Then they take away the corpse. What are they going to do with the corpse? I did chuckle a little when they snatched his wig.

Margaret and Yi Tien Cho are now free!

Ta: Heed the warning, Abandawe is dangerous!

It looks exactly how I pictured it. Kind of like Scotland but there’s a cave below.

Thank you Mr. Roberts for depicting this scene.

Ta: I love that Jamie and Claire are making sure that they both know what can potentially happen but they both have to move forward. Most importantly, save Young Ian.

Ye ken that . . . If anything
should happen to me, you must
still follow her.

You must go.
We lost Faith.
We will not lose Brianna.

[V: I liked the scene too. It was as if they knew, once they got in the cave, anything could happen and there would be no time to make a plan. At least this way, whatever happens, they are both clear on the next step.]

I don’t know how many caves we looked at in Scotland. I’ve seen them all! But they were more like holes in the ground, or indents, or quarries…. They look fake. I told Gary, ‘Okay, design me a cave.,’ But you always have to remind him to keep it large, because even though he’s an amazing designer, if it’s too authentic, you won’t be able to get the crew in there, too.

~Matt B. Roberts, ELLE

T: This cave is amazing. Is it all set design or some CGI? I’m assuming the pool/portal is.

I: The cave scene was epic. Did anyone notice that Geillis had on 20th century boots?  We see Geillis is all of her fanaticism.

I really liked the idea of being murdered by Claire, my frenemy. I thought it was really good. I didn’t know where we were going to be shooting and it turned out that we built the whole cave structure in the studio. So we were there for a day. The scene has so many elements with the water and the fight between Hercules and Jamie. I think we did a good job — I hope.

~ Lotte Verbeek, Vulture

I: Claire and Jamie really are the dynamic duo, and Geillis became the sacrifice for Hercules’ freedom. Jamie pulls Claire from the edge of the pool in time to prevent Claire from returning to her own time.

Ta: This background is beautiful! The crew knocked it out of the park yet again. Look at that pond!

[V: I would love to know how long it took to create such spaces for the show.]

Ta: Geillis is pouring alcohol on Young Ian to burn him. That is very disturbing but again, she is crazy.

Ta: Poor Jamie has to fight Hercules; he’s huge. That punch Hercules administers to Jamie’s back looked painful. That’s enough to break a person’s back.

Oh, he was. They cut a lot of the fight, actually. He’s a wonderful actor and absolutely enormous. That was the idea. He was this real strong power against Jamie. It was a very difficult fight to shoot, actually. Gary Steele created this fake cave. They built this in the studio. It was so lifelike, but the floor was very uneven and jagged. It was quite painful to be thrown around, but an amazing set nonetheless.

~ Sam Heughan, Entertainment Weekly

Ta: Geillis wants the debt repaid! A life for a life. She saved Claire at the witch trial and now she feels entitled to take Brianna’s life. She believes she lost her child for the cause, but it was revealed back in S1, Dougal gave the child away to a random family. Did anybody else notice Geillis’ resemblance to Roger? For the first time, I noticed the similarity. After all, that is his great-great-great grandmother.

[V: She also told Claire at the Governor’s Ball what happened to the baby. I think she means she was unable to raise to child for fear of people finding out who the parents were and harm it. She is just vengeful and wants Claire to pay on top of thinking killing Bree with fulfil the prophecy.]

We are the chosen.
We have to change history.
I gave up my child for the cause and you must do the same.
This is God’s will.

Ta: Claire has got the machete or what my grandma refers to as a cutlass.

If you know what’s good for you, Geillis don’t move. Claire will do whatever she has to protect her own and that extends to Young Ian.

T: Oh my goodness that was way more graphic than I was expecting.

T: Momma Bear Claire was not about letting this woman sacrifice her child.

Ta: Omg! She severed her head. I know she beheads her in the book but seeing it is different. The graphics are good, but gory. Nobody messes with Claire!

Yes, so they took a full face cast of me back in February — luckily nothing really changed during that time, so they put that onto a body. They took all of my measurements and made a second me. So it was interesting, when I walked into the makeup room, to see myself laying there in my outfit. Apparently it’s hard to get the eyes right, because when they make a face cast your eyes are closed. When they have to open your eyes, you look quite dead, which, you know, isn’t all that wrong in that moment because she’s supposed to be dead. So yeah, that’s how that was done. I wasn’t there when that was shot, so it was interesting to see that — the out-of-body experience. Of course, it was an important moment, not just for Geillis, but also for Claire to realize that she just killed somebody.

~ Lotte Verbeek, Vulture

Ta: Even Jamie was taken aback by her skill. He’s probably saying to himself that he needs to be careful not to piss off Claire. Hahaha.

[V: I would be too. Claire used a lot of force, probably more than either thought she had. Guess it was adrenaline.]

Ta: Jamie frees Hercules after their fight instead of killing him. It says a lot about him. I love that! Hercules better make good use of his freedom.

[V: I wondered who would take over Rose Hall now that Geillis is dead.]

Ta: Jamie and Young Ian are reunited! Finally! I love their relationship. Young Ian was another brilliant addition to the series.

[V: I love their relationship too and that John Bell’s portrayal of Young Ian is spot on!]

T: Don’t do it Claire. Turn away.

Ta: Oh no! She seems like she’s hypnotized by the pond.

T: But, of course Jamie’s touch is the thing that pulls her back.

I: Him pulling her from the edge of the pool was just in time to prevent her from returning to her own time.

Ta: Only he can save her. Him grabbing her arm is sublime.

The Frasers are richer and found their photograph. They have fled from the cave and its daytime! Personally, I always picture the whole Abandawe scene in daylight.

Let’s get out of this place.

I: Did you notice that Young Ian was not too shaken that he would leave the jewels that Geillis was using as part of is sacrifice to go through the pool.

I knew you’d come, Uncle Jamie.

Ta: He really looks up to Jamie as his hero.

But ye left it a bit late, aye?

Poor kid, he has to deal with the aftermath of his ordeal. Jamie will be there to help him cope.

I: Funny how Claire doesn’t drop the cutlass she used to kill Geillis. She is shaken to her core, but is it because of the flashback to Dr. Abernathy and bones or because she had to killed Geillis? Probably a little of both.

T: There’s Dr. Joe! Claire realizes how her worlds, past and future, have collided. I always thought that was one of those giant coincidences when you really have to suspend disbelief, even for a book/show about time travel.

Someone tried to cut her head clean off.

Ta: This flashback confirms what I always thought! It wasn’t so obvious in the book. The reader would have to really think back to the very beginning, to remember that moment. I always wondered why Geillis shared the same family name as Joe. Will we ever find out why? Not sure.

Shocked Claire reminds me of S1 – Both Sides Now. Both events Claire endured shook her to the core, but I think this one was more profound.

This time, Jamie can help her and she is not angry with him. Claire better hold on to that weapon.

They’re a family! That scene is what I have been waiting for. After being separated for 20 years, reuniting, then having to rescue Young Ian, they finally have a moment of respite.

I:  At least Jamie won’t have to write to Jenny and Ian that Young Ian died.  Jamie has his family with him at last. Reunited and it feels so good…

Ta: What makes this scene even more magnificent is Jamie looking heavenward. Lovely shot!

Ta: They’re all heading home! Is this a different ship? Or maybe a different view of the same ship. Anyways, the windows really brighten the room.

I: Jamie appears to be a little vain and can’t stand four days’ growth of hair on his chin!

Ta: Gasp! Shirtless Jamie! Claire is indeed lucky and she knows. It does not seem like Claire has any malice toward Lord John. At least now he is not in her presence.

T: The way they look at each other.  *sigh*

I: These love scenes are the best! DG and the writers come up with the best dialogue and the way Sam delivers the lines make me almost . . . . I would love to go to the private spot and let him take me on his knee.  Sorry I digress…  Where was I?

Ta: Jamie’s wig has to go! They said that they needed to age him and believes the wig will do just that. They both need to get rid of their wigs! Again, I know why they have them, but I don’t care for them.

T: This is the cutest, sexiest exchange. Almost like phone sex with Jamie telling her all the things he’s going to do, with an obviously better pay off in the end.

Ta: We’re being gifted another Claire and Jamie moment. I love that Claire is so confident and has no problem expressing herself. It’s very modern of her. Any Claire and Jamie moments are a favourite. They’re chemistry and love for each other radiates both through the pages and the screen.

I: Oh yeah, we get one of the love scenes that Outlander is infamous for!

T: We didn’t really need to fade to black before the actual love scene. I feel cheated.

Ta: This scene was not at the end of the book but somewhere in the middle. I’m okay with them developing the dialog and scene. After a 20 year separation that lasted for quite a few episodes, the writers have tried to compensate the viewers and fans. They’re more together this season than S2. S2 felt a bit rushed and there was some space between them. I think losing a baby and trying to prevent a rising can do that to any couple. That being said, I am always a fan of their moments, no matter how brief.

Ta: I think this is the first time, I’m really seeing their age. Claire laying on Jamie peacefully, it’s believable that she’s 50. No matter what she’s gorgeous!

I: Just when we think our couple has traversed their last optical, they enter into the Eye of the Storm.

I: I expected to see the Porpoise chasing the Artemis, after LJG pointed out that Lieutenant Leonard’s authority to apprehend Jamie stops on land and the Lieutenant seems determined to capture Jamie, return him to Scotland for trial and receive his proper promotion. Our King of Men, Jamie, uses all of his might to steer the Artemis through the storm.

Ta: This was the calm and now commences the storm. Now, I notice it’s the same ship. These scenes must have been challenging to film. Hopefully, it was warm on set.

T: Okay Claire, I get you’re the ship’s doctor and you took an oath, but really? What did you think you could really do on the deck of a ship that’s in the middle of a hurricane? Going up there really made no sense.

I: I just wish she would take her own advice and stay below deck. Thanks to the opening scene we know it’s just a matter of time before she ends ups overboard.

Ta: I know she has a duty to save people, but this is not the moment. Now, Jamie has to worry about steering the ship and Claire’s well-being. Listen to Jamie and get below.

I’m really excited because we’re going to new places. The show started in Scotland and it’s about these particular people and this particular place. Now it’s really going somewhere else. By the end of the season, we’ve reached America so it’s the New World. There’s so much to explore in that.

It’s like the only thing the viewer has now is the characters to anchor themselves to. Everything else is new and, I think, there’s so much of a scope for options of things we could explore in the next season. Obviously, we’ve got the books to go on but it’s been nice to take these characters, who we think we know and we do, but see them in different situations.  Who knew that Jamie was a great sailor? Eventually.  [laughing] Terrible at first.

~ Sam Heughan, Parade

Ta: This does not look promising for the ship. Oh no, I think that an important part of the ship just fell. This storm is intent on sinking them.

These shots were beautifully stunning!

I: The cinematography makes me feel as if I am on the ship in the midst of the storm and that wall of a wave signals that our heroes are in big trouble.

Ta: Now, Claire realizes she should have been below.

As soon as Jamie is at her side, they are about to encounter an enormous wave.

If anyone gets a moment to pause this scene, pause it when both Jamie and Claire look at each other. Another incredible shot! Love it!

Ta: I’m surprised the wave did not destroy the ship or even knock Jamie out. Of course Claire went overboard! That humungous wave swept petite Claire away. Now, the monologue makes sense.

I was dead.
Everything was blinding white.

I: This scene of Claire in the water is beautiful and tranquil and mirrors the first scene of the season when Jamie was on the battle field and he didn’t know if was dead.

There was this soft rushing sound,
like the wings of angels.

Ta: Jamie saves her once again. The book said that he was a skillful swimmer.

I felt peaceful and bodiless, free of terror,
free of rage, filled with a quiet happiness.

Note to self: when bound and submerged in large bodies of water, always have a Scot around! They can swim and usually have a dirk.

T: This shot of him swimming to save Claire is just gorgeous.

I: He was not having it; he will not let Claire go this time!

I feel like the finale was the toughest. It was just physically tough. Without giving away too much, there’s a lot of different environments in the last episode and just physically I was battered by the end of it. For instance, even our first day of shooting on the boat was incredible. You stand on these boats, they’re actually on wheels in the middle of the desert, but, somehow with the wind going and the sails up, it feels like you’re on this amazing galley, and suddenly, they’ve got water cannons going and sprays.

~ Sam Heughan, Parade

Clothes are very difficult to swim in, especially while you have someone that’s covered in dresses, and also not swimming. It is pretty tough.

~ Sam Heughan, Entertainment Weekly

I: This was a beautiful scene.

T:  I love this “kiss.” Reminds me of Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in Splash.

And the music. Everything worked so well here. Favorite scene of the episode.

Ta: Another pause worthy moment, Jamie’s lifesaving kiss. This moment is on my list!

We had this really cool water tank at the back of the Cape Town Studios in South Africa. Sam and I had done some underwater scuba training so we could stay underwater, and they would just come and feed us oxygen every 30, 40 seconds.

~ Caitriona Balfe, Entertainment Weekly

She was very good at that. She was like a mermaid. She has done scuba diving before. I’ve never done it.

~ Sam Heughan, Entertainment Weekly

Ta: I adore the fact that they captured such a riveting scene under water and you also see Jamie’s struggle to bring them both up to the surface.

I: I couldn’t help but to laugh when he tells hers how he is going to kill her if she dies here now!  That shot of them floating on debris in the eye of the storm is was epic.

Ta: The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Jamie and Claire on the log was: Jack and Rose! I also laughed a little when he threatens to kill her if she dies.

Damn you, Sassenach.
If you die here now, I swear I’ll kill you.

He is holding on for dear life and succumbing to his emotions.

I: That shot of them floating on debris in the eye of the storm is was epic.

Ta: They are indeed in the eye of the storm.  It’s all woven together beautifully. Clever idea, Mr. Roberts!

I: As I see the little girl poke Jamie with her stick, I find out our couple has made it to the beach.

Ta: Thus another chapter in Jamie’s life! He found dry land! He thought he lost Claire. Another Jamie and Claire moment! Now they both believe that they have lost everything but at least they have each other.

T: How long were they drifting before washing up on shore? Because Claire seems to have gone a long time with water in her lungs and possibly not breathing… More suspending disbelief, I guess.

Thank Christ, I thought you were dead.

I: Jamie has willed Claire to live to fight in another season.

I told you I’d never leave you again.

T: Did she lose the pictures? I hope not. Let that be one of the changes. I’m sure no one would mind.

I: The beach scene is beautifully shot. The crew of the Artemis has survived to find themselves shipwrecked on the coast of Georgia.

This is the mainland, in the colony of Georgia.

Obviously, America to Claire is something very different than it is to Jamie. Their intention was to get back to Scotland — and at this point maybe their intention is to still try and do that — but for Claire, America is really home, and that’s been her home for 20 years. But this time it’s with the man that she loves and it’s in a different time and it’s at a different historical point.

~ Caitriona Balfe, Mashable

Ta: It’s amusing and heartwarming that while Joseph Oliver is trying to acquaint himself to Jamie and Claire, they’re both too enamored with each other… it’s as though it’s just the two of them in the beach.


T: Welcome to America, Frasers.

It’s just relief for Jamie. And, to be in America, I think it’s something he’s never really thought about. He had no intention of going there, but he’s got her and I think that’s all, at the moment, that he can really rely on.

~ Sam Heughan, Mashable

T: I love this sweeping view moving inland, like a preview of where they’re off to next.

Ta: The final shot of the beach and greenery is filled with so much promise and hope. A new beginning!

I: Bear McCreary cues up the fifes and drums score and, just like, that this season of Outlander is over!

Over the last three seasons, Jamie and Claire didn’t know where they are going to live. They never plant their feet. Now they’re getting to that place that they can call home. But the meaning of home is different for people. That’s what we will dig into in S4.

~ Matthew B. Roberts, Entertainment Weekly

The final shot, what the music is saying is… It’s triumphant and epic, but it is a conclusion of this story that you’ve seen. It’s playing themes that are associated with Jamie and Claire. It’s very much rooted in the familiar. When we cut to the end credits, it’s completely new sounds: It’s fife and a drum marching ensemble, just doing a Revolutionary War sound. We get that satisfying conclusion of Season 3 and then over the end credits, you get your, ‘Next year, on Outlander, we’re going to do this.’ Which is really cool, I’m super excited about it.

~ Bear McCreary, Mashable

Episode Rating (1-5): 4.5 – Shots

We give this episode 4.5 –  Shots. This is the type of episode we’ve been waiting on for the past five weeks. The acting was on point; the costumes were realistic and the set was magnificent. The whole cast and crew really pulled it together for the season finale and it was everything that they had promised. Jamie redeemed himself, a hundred times over, and Claire shone. The episode moved at a good pace – no wasted time on the flora and fauna. This episode also put all of our characters in the eye of the storm – Young Ian being held by Geillis; Jamie being held by Lt. Leonard; Claire looking for Young Ian, only to be held against her will at Rose Hall; then, they are all trying to weather the storm in order to make it back to Scotland only to find themselves in another country.

The entire episode was visually stunning from the opening scene with Claire floating in a suspended animation, the nighttime shot of former slaves/Jamaicans/Maroons walking in mass with torches to showing the parallel of the Druid dancers and the dancers at the ritual and the exterior shots of the Artemis going through the storm. The special effects were beyond realistic. Regarding the ceremony, though it was a beautiful sight, some of us thought it was extended a tidbit too long and others wished the writers had developed more content for it that explained who the individuals were and the significance of the ceremony. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the parallel imagery of the Druid dance and the dancers at the voodoo ceremony, as well as the costumes and all the masks the extras wore.

As the season has laid out, Claire and Geillis’ face off was inevitable. Lotte Verbeek is an excellent actor and has perfected the craziness of Geillis down to all of her great one liners from 20th century books and movies. However, alas, Geillis’ time to exit stage left has come. Or, has it? It’s Outlander after all; she could be in a flashback of some sort. She posed such a threat to Claire, Bree and Jamie, that she left Claire no other choice but to kill her. Frankly, her fanaticism for the cause was too much to bear, so we were happy and sad to see her go. As for the other characters, Marsali and Young Ian are still our favorites, especially with Young Ian always threatening to “gut’ somebody; he shows absolutely no fear.

They should have Matthew B. Roberts direct more often because he is brilliant! The entire episode was well woven together. It left us replete and blanketed us with the closure some of us have craved for since S2 finale. Matt’s attention to details and his symbolisms kept us on our toes. We also appreciated that he did not waste one single moment.

Now, it is established that Jamie and Claire are an unbreakable duo. Also, Terry Dresbach was definitely right about Claire’s Batsuit! That costume withstood time, harsh weather conditions and a deadly storm. Kudos to Gary Steele and the art/set departments. They did an outstanding job throughout the season, especially with that print shop and cave. It was so realistic.

Last, but certainly not least, Bear McCreary created a score that hauntingly underlines the ongoing drama of the episode. We absolutely loved the addition of the Afro-Cuban percussion instruments he added to the Skye Boat song for this back half of the season. He also mentioned that we are in for a new intro for S4 now that Claire and Jamie are in America and we canna wait to hear it.

We truly hope, one day, this series gets the recognition and accolades it justly deserves.


What we are looking forward to in the upcoming episode.

Tqwana: Droughtlander is here again. It’s hard to say what I’m looking forward to in S4 without giving away massive spoilers. Seeing Bree and Roger again is at the top of the list though. Also, Rollo. I am not however looking forward to anything that has to do with Jamie’s aunt Jocasta or a certain pirate.

Tami: S4 cannot come any sooner! I am anticipating Jamie and Claire reuniting with Murtagh. I do not believe we have seen the last of him. I hope Murtagh has a happy ending. Since Jamie and Claire are in Georgia, how are they going to adapt? We know Claire loved the Americas because she resided there for quite some time, but will Jamie enjoy it? Most importantly, I’m looking forward to more Jamie and Claire moments (there are never enough of those). Crossing my fingers that the interlude isn’t too drawn-out.

Iris: I am looking forward to seeing the trials and tribulations Claire and Jamie experience in Georgia/the colonies and how their story is woven onto early American history next year. Hopefully, we will get to see LJG, Willie, Lieutenant Leonard, Bree and Roger.

Up next – Outlander S4 

Based on Diana Gabaldon’s The Drums Of Autumn ~ Video via TV Guide

We looked into it [shooting in the Unites States], and it just didn’t make sense to us for a lot of reasons, both financial and also we have this enormous infrastructure and this amazing team of artisans and craftspeople and crew in Scotland, and ultimately we just didn’t really want to let go of and start all over again. So we will shoot Scotland for America. We will also travel to Eastern Europe to do some exterior work to sort of sell the mountains of North Carolina the rivers and things like that.

~ Ron D. Moore, Mashable

One of the great things about season four is that we really see this couple as pioneers. It’s that birth of the modern American nation and you see them arrive in North Carolina, they try to build a life for themselves there, they come into contact with a lot of Native Americans. So it’s this beautiful look at this stage of America 300 years ago.

~ Caitriona Balfe, The Hollywood Reporter

They’re the outsiders in a way, the Outlanders. It’s about these immigrants from all sort of walks of life and different time periods as well, bringing all that we have, not only each other but the rest of our family, trying to build a new life. Ultimately, that’s what Claire and Jamie have been trying to do this whole time — just build a life together.

~ Sam Heughan, The Hollywood Reporter

Diana Gabaldon’s The Drums Of Autumn

If you haven’t already read the book, getta reading . . . you have time!


It began in Scotland, at an ancient stone circle. There, a doorway, open to a select few, leads into the past—or the grave. Claire Randall survived the extraordinary passage, not once but twice. Her first trip swept her into the arms of Jamie Fraser, an eighteenth-century Scot whose love for her became legend—a tale of tragic passion that ended with her return to the present to bear his child. Her second journey, two decades later, brought them together again in frontier America. But Claire had left someone behind in the twentieth century. Their daughter, Brianna….

Now Brianna has made a disturbing discovery that sends her to the stone circle and a terrifying leap into the unknown. In search of her mother and the father she has never met, she is risking her own future to try to change history…and to save their lives. But as Brianna plunges into an uncharted wilderness, a heartbreaking encounter may strand her forever in the past…or root her in the place she should be, where her heart and soul belong….



Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures.  No copyright infringement intended. 




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