‘This Is Us’: Where Things Left Off and What to Expect in S4

I just love this show and can’t wait for the start of the new season! ~ V

A refresher on what happened with the Pearsons at the end of season three, what happened in the flash-forward and what ground the new episodes are set to cover.

The fourth season of This Is Us marks the beginning of the end for the series.

Creator Dan Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter in May that he felt his family drama had reached its midpoint with the season three finale, and NBC’s rare three-season renewal would seemingly bring the Pearson family saga to a close after six seasons (although the final season has not been confirmed).

With that, each of the Pearson family members are beginning new journeys in the present-day of season four (returning Sept. 24). Each season has begun with the Big 3’s birthday, and this year the siblings turn 39. One is moving to new cities, one is taking on a new roles as a parent and one is starting over after a breakup. In the past, the flashbacks will continue to explore Jack and Rebecca’s courtship.

Read on to find out what else to expect from the series’ fourth season, plus read a refresher on where season three ended.

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