Best Outlander Fan Videos E-V-A-H!!!

Thank you, Courtney (@Courtilini14) and Karmen (@OutLandAnatomy), for bringing this talent to the CLANdom!

These are the BEST Outlander fan videos I’ve seen. Make sure you follow KING FIREMAN on Twitter: @LothbrokFan and subscribe on YouTube: King FireMan. ~ Vida

LAND CON 3 ~ via King FireMan

Brianna & Roger || The Choice (Outlander) ~ via King Fireman

See more videos>>>


Disclaimer: We hold no rights to any of the pictures. No copyright infringement intended.


4 thoughts on “Best Outlander Fan Videos E-V-A-H!!!

  1. Absolutely agree! As I told him on his YouTube channel, these are amongst the finest I’ve ever seen for Outlander, and that us in the hundreds. His editing and use of orchestration is unique and moving, and should not be missed. They are inspirational. And he’s just getting started! Spread the word everyone!


      1. They will absolutely be missing the proverbial boat if they don’t use this. Just think, some day we’ll likely be saying, “Hey, remember when he was just a 22 yr old French kid no one knew?!” 😉


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