50 Surprising Outlander Facts to Get You Ready for the Season 5 Premiere

Perhaps, these aren’t a surprise to most; but, they might be for some.

We’re in the final stretch of Droughtlander, and all our burning questions will be answered (hopefully) when Outlander season 5 premieres Feb. 16 on Starz.

Will Brianna and Roger finally be happy?

Will Jamie betray rebel Murtagh and turn him over to the Redcoats?

And most importantly, will we see more “intimate moments” between Claire and Jamie than last season?

To tide us over until we find out, check out these exciting tidbits Parade discovered about next season, plus little-known details about the show, weird quirks about its stars, random facts and must-know info for every Sassenach.

1. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, who play Claire and Jamie Fraser, know each other really well. Wait, not in the way you’re thinking! “We have a secondhand with each other and I know exactly what he is thinking many times,” Balfe said recently at New York Comic Con. “We know each other and I can tell if she is upset or she has a sticking point,” Heughan echoed.

2. Those sex scenes are painful (but not painful to watch)! “Caitriona and I—it’s very physical between us and it’s usually in the most uncomfortable places,” Heughan says. “It may look great for camera being passionate on the floor, or on a carpet, or on a boat, but actually it’s really uncomfortable. You go home and it’s, ‘I’ve got carpet burns,’ or ‘I’ve got bruises on me.’”

3. Claire and Jamie will have what sounds like a very interesting love scene in season five. “We had a scene the other day—I can’t give away too much—but we made love without making love,” Heughan says. Could this be the 18th-century version of sexting? We’ll have to wait and see.

4. Sorry, shippers: Balfe and Heughan are definitely not a couple in real life. “I think things are pretty clear now that I’m engaged [and now married] to someone else,” says Balfe, whose husband is music producer Tony McGill. “Everyone gets it now.”

5. The way Jamie looks has changed. “We have a great makeup team—for myself, they do a lot of shading. The wig has more grey in it,” Heughan says, now that Jamie is middle-aged. “And he has more scars.”

6. But there’s a reason why Claire never looks like she’s aged when she’s in the past. “When she goes back to the past, back to Jamie, I feel like she’s an ageless person when she’s with him,” Balfe says. “Together, they are not old. Their hearts and their souls are ageless with each other.” That’s one way to explain it!

7. Balfe and Heughan are producers for season five. “If it is good, we will take full credit. If there are any complaints, don’t call us,” Balfe jokes.

8. In seasons four and the upcoming season five, colonial America is actually Scotland. “We’re still shooting in Scotland for America, so that’s a challenge,” Heughan says. Caitriona adds, “When you look at the Scottish countryside, to be able to imagine that somebody can transform that and make it look like North Carolina in such an incredible way.

9. Before Outlander producers decided to use Scotland as a stand-in for the U.S. colonies, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts visited America to get a lay of the land.

10. The second biggest Highland Games in the world is really in North Carolina, according to Roberts. So, the producers based the season four episode in which Brianna and Roger go to the Scottish games there on real photos of the event in the 1970s.

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