One thought on “Blacklanderz® Convos! Outlander S5 Epi10

  1. Once again this was a great convos! From Bonnets broken social norms to the death blow at the end, you all captured the true essence of Episode 10 Mercy Shall Follow Me.

    Everyone keeps calling Bonnet a psychopath, but he’s a sociopath because of his charm and fake demeanor of being a caring person. If you cross him or will cause him to lose anything of monetary value he will kill you.

    Bree thought she outsmarted him by reading too him and using psychology on him that she was going to out wit him. She made one small error talking about let me go get Jemmy alone, wrong answer girl you messed up. Kissing him that had to be revolting to Bree and a definite tell. Which caused him to do that horrible scene with the prostitute. Yes, it had to be horrible to Bree, she had to relive her trauma again.

    Jamie and Roger are getting along well, there’s an easiness with him, but you all were right there was no urgency in getting to Bree. It wasn’t like they were worried about what was happening to her. At least not until they got to the beach.

    Speaking of the beach scene Roger was finally able to release his rage against Bonnet. I was thinking it was for Bree, but you all were right when you talked about it. Being for those Bonnet threw overboard on the ship. He whipped his ass good!

    Bree was also able to add closure to her trauma. When I read the book I thought it was mercy, and I think she promised him he wouldn’t let him drown. However, I read the book in 2014 or 15 so I don’t remember. In this episode I think she did it for her family, every last one of them.

    Again, it was an awesome Convos!


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