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Outlander S5 Epi11 – Journeycake

Written by Diana Gabaldon | Directed by Jamie Payne

This conversation is between Blacklanderz Jessica L, Margot (has not read TFC) and Jessica H (has not read TFC). Arranged and edited by Vida.

JL: As soon as I saw the title card, I knew someone would be traveling to the stones. And the peanut butter and jelly sandwich brings me back to when not only Claire traveled through the stones, but also Bree.

M: Nice catch Jess L. I just noticed how she too had a PB&J sandwich and realized it was a call back to S3 and S4. The title cards this season, paired with Raya Yarbrough’s singing, have been wonderful.

JH: I remember recognizing that blue outfit Claire made for her return, and I was totally thrown off by the plastic wrapper on the sandwich bag. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have those in the 18th century, so I had a feeling some time traveling


Jessica L (JL): From start to finish, this episode had viewers on the edge of their seats. With DG herself being the writer for this episode, many scenes involve moments from TFC that are infamous. From the heartbreaking decision Roger and Bree make to the ending that left us terrified. This episode also brought the tension between the Browns and Claire to a climax, leaving the viewers wanting more. So many elements that make a great episode were on full display in this penultimate episode of Outlander.


Margot: I felt like this episode was the start of a new and darker arc with the Dutch family murder and their family. Lots of changes were about to happen which was confirmed when Bree and Roger found out Jemmy could travel and decided to go back to their time. I feel like they talk about time travel more this season, I don’t know why, maybe they do, maybe they don’t. This bad feeling I had with Browns from 5×04 was heightened in this episode and looks like it’s coming into play.


Jessica H (JH): From the beginning I had no idea what to expect from this episode, which made it much more exciting. I was figuring Stephen Bonnet would dominate the end of this season, but he seems to be truly dead this time. I hoped we would learn more about the bigger Outlander themes like time travel this episode and it did not disappoint! It was good to see Roger and Brianna finally come to terms with their decision to return to the future, and the writers continue to tease us about Ian’s past. This episode was definitely darker than the last few and gave us some great cliffhangers for the finale!

So, let’s start right in with the peanuts. The scene is actually intended to bring the Fraser party to the burnt cabin, but opening with them on site immediately is a little abrupt. Movement is always good, so let’s have Jamie, Claire et al going somewhere. Rather than just show them rattling along through the landscape, there should be conversation, probably something either referring to some plot point (either from the previous episode, or this one) or developing character, which can be startlingly interrupted by sight of the cabin.

So they’re coming home en masse from Woolam’s Creek. Where, obviously, they would have been doing shopping. What are they talking about, what have they been buying? Well, peanuts…and Claire’s announcement that she wants to make peanut-butter, so her grandson will not grow up deprived of the pleasure of peanut-butter sandwiches. And then…we run smack into the cabin and things get serious. ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

M: With this cold open, I definitely shift a change in mood from the rest of the season. I don’t know why, but I was literally and randomly, just wondering if Claire makes sandwiches for Jamie earlier before this episode aired and they give us this. IDK WHY, OKAY? I must be a psychic.

JL: Simple moments of them like this, with their family traveling on horses, makes my heart burst with love for them and reminds me of S1.

JH: This was such a sweet little exchange between them. It also provides great contrast for what is about to happen. She doesn’t want Jemmy to grow up without PB&J, showing that him leaving her is far from her mind at this point.

JL: As soon as I saw the burning cabin, I knew we officially entered ABOSAA/book 6. Let’s go!!!

M: So is this cabin on the Fraser’s Ridge land? OMG what happened? WHY? This is wild.

JH: That scarf mask isn’t covering Jaime’s nose very well.

Hasn’t Claire schooled him in proper PPE protocol?

Well, I can tell you what killed  
this one.

JL: The way they mentioned Natives when they saw the arrow is sort of strange considering we haven’t seen Natives at all this season.

M: OMG, this woman must be in absolute agony. How did they do the effects for this person?

JL: This scene was so upsetting to watch, that poor woman. I did like how Jamie said a prayer for her while Roger put her out of her misery.

M: There’s nothing else to do, but ease her pain and put her out of her misery. So sad. I’m so confused, why did this happen?

The cabin scene is pretty much straight out of the book, streamlined for film. There were two important elements: the notion that somebody is murdering people and burning their cabin(s), and Roger’s action when he and Jamie find the burned girl in the ashes. This is a call-back to Jamie’s killing of Aaron Beardsley in Episode 503, and we get to use a bit of Jamie’s Gaelic prayer (which is a real one; it’s called “Death Dirge”, from a collection of “Prayers, Charms and Incantation” called Carmina Gadelica, compiled by the Reverend Alexander Carmichael directly from the oral traditions of the Scottish Highlands. Great source!). ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

I’m thinking how more disturbing this must be for Roger because he doesn’t like the idea of ending a life.

At that point, however, it was just an act of compassion and humanity. At least they put them all the rest.

It’s going to be all right,  

JH: That was so horrible. I’m glad Roger and Jamie were careful not to alert Claire. There’s no point in making her feel guilty seeing another patient she can’t save.

“Thou goest home this night to thy  
home of winter, To thy home of  
autumn, of spring, and of summer;  

Thou goest home this night to thy  
perpetual home, To thine eternal  
bed, to thine eternal slumber.

M: So, it was Bree that made the PB&J sandwich for Claire. Sooooo cute! Now I want to make one for myself to stan even harder.

JL: I love when Claire and Bree discuss things from the future. Also, Agreed M, we have no choice but to stan.

JH: I was surprised seeing those big buckets of peanut shells – imaging craving peanut butter but having to shell and crush all those nuts yourself!

JL: Seeing Ian playing with Jemmy tugged at my heartstrings.

JH: They have such a sweet bond! Will make leaving that much harder.

JL: In this scene, everyone, but Ian, knows what’s happening.

I love how he just looks at them so confused.

Also, how can they hear the stones? Was it the opal? Something don’t add up.

M: So is one of the rules for time travelers is that this opal stone gets hot for them? Where did Ian even get that stone to play with Jemmy?

[V: It was the opal Claire had from Otter-Tooth in S4.]

Here comes the peanut note again, but it’s subtext/background to the Important Revelation in this scene: to wit, that Jemmy can indeed time-travel. You know the old show-biz adage about never working with animals or children? Jemmy was played (at different ages) by two pairs of twins (you want twins when you’re dealing with small children, because if one of them is cranky or asleep when you want them to be awake, you have at least a chance that the other one is cooperative), all of whom did really well.

Does anyone else hear that?

But getting a very small child to both focus on something for more than thirty seconds and to say lines is a steep challenge. John Bell did it by singing “Baby Shark” to the young actor playing Jemmy, complete with gestures (the lines were mostly filmed separately from the actions and edited together). ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

I can hear it.

I dinna hear anything.

M: Now that they know Jemmy can travel, I’m sad.

They’re going to go back, aren’t they? Look at Ian, he feels so left out. I can see the wheels in his head turning.

JH: Such an interesting scene! We know that gemstones have something to do with time travel, but I don’t think the rubies have ever heated up.

He can travel.

Or, maybe gems only gain that property after the owner dies?

Major Plot Development, as the Browns of Brownsville arrive. Let me just pause to say that I love the Browns of Brownsville. Richard and Lionel are both Perfect—and superbly acted by Chris Larkin and Ned Dennehey.

Their arrival both interrupts the previous scene at the dramatic high point, where everyone suddenly realizes what this means, with Jemmy’s ability to hear the stones, and sets in motion the long-running sequence of events that will culminate in the next episode. ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

JH: It seems like such an aggressive move for their whole crew to just pull up to their front lawn, no invitation or warning!

JL: Every time the Browns are on screen, I get a chill down my spine.

Their theme music mixed with their costuming and the actors who play them, evokes such a sinister vibe.

M: I hate the Browns. They’re so creepy and I’m mad that Claire offered to help mend that guy’s wound. I know she has an obligation, but it could have been some Staph infection that would have festered and made him die. That would have been okay.

I sense they’re annoyed Jamie didn’t jump on their offer and that’s definitely going to amount to something later. The Browns seem spiteful.

M: That guy is so disrespectful he just spits on their land. Disgusting.

A more personal plot development here, as the animus between Claire and Lionel Brown is established and escalates. . . . And while Lionel is obviously not the most sympathetic person Claire’s met in the last century or so, his, “You think a father’s got no right to seek justice for his daughter, who’s been dishonored?” hits her where she lives—because that’s exactly what Jamie (and Roger) have been doing. Just because she doesn’t like Lionel (and does like his daughter and her illicit lover), he isn’t wrong. ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

M: I mean, I understand his thinking and I’m sure Claire agrees with him. I still don’t like little brother Brown though. He’s creepy.

JL: Yes, he might be a father defending his daughter, but it feels as if he’s always using these patriarchal ideals to justify the wrong things he’s done. This man is clearly dangerous and Claire needs to STAY AWAY.

You think a father’s got no right  
to seek justice for his daughter,  
who’s been dishonored?  

JH: Also not a fan of the Browns. I kind of wanted Jamie to lie about the cabin so they might just leave. Haha

M: These white people love jumping to conclusions. How do we know it wasn’t the Browns that burnt the house down? I hate them.

JL: I appreciated the way Ian defended the Natives in this scene. He piped up really quickly when they tried to blame the Natives.

M: Right? Love how Ian spoke up! I’m liking him so much more. I sense the Browns are annoyed Jamie didn’t jump on their offer and that’s definitely going to amount to something later. The Browns seem spiteful. I put a pin in that comment about the whiskey distillery. I love how Ian piped up again. Let them know you don’t need them.

JH: Go Ian! Yes, we really don’t know who killed them. I don’t think we’ve met any other Dutch characters so far. I wonder how much prejudice there was towards non-English speakers in colonial days. Could that be a motivation?

M: UGH. I do not want Bree and Roger to go back. Promise? I don’t remember a promise.

He said he wanted to go back, and she didn’t answer. Where’s the receipt?

JL: When Ian pulled out Otter Tooth’s journal, the music changes and we hear Otter Tooth’s theme from S4. The tone shifts immediately; got to love Bear and his brilliance.

M: Ian is sharp. Call back to when he said in S4 he just doesn’t ask Claire questions. He does notice things though and I’m quite impressed.

This sequence, with Ian demanding to know things about the opal and other goings-on, was on the list of required elements from the Writers Room. I wrote it, and it was later rewritten more than once (by other people), condensing some things and adding Otter-Tooth’s journal, which I thought was a good touch. ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

M: I’m impressed Jamie can read Latin but at the same time not surprised. It was probably a required skill at the time.

I am; I still exist. Did I, in  
that place between?
I do not know exactly when I am, 
nor can I find out —

these people  
will not reckon years by any scale  
I know, even had I their tongue to  
ask. But I know I am too late.”

 JL: I am so glad we got to see them tell Ian about the time travel.

M: Ian has a right to know, he’s so close to them and we can trust him. He would understand. Peep how he thinks she’s a fairy, not a witch. I love it.

JH: I remember Jamie telling Claire early on that he was educated in Greek and Latin.

I guess that was a sign of status back then.

M: I liked the cinematography of Jamie’s silhouette closing the door. Nice transition.

JL: I was so confused trying to see where they were going. But then, I saw the love shack and was even more confused. Who could be in there? LOL

JL: I found the addition of this Ulysses storyline quite interesting and random. We have not gotten much set up for this Ulysses storyline. We sort of have seen his devotion to Jocasta, but not enough to fully invest.

M: My Man ULYSSES!!!! Yes Jess L, I found it random but I’m glad we got a little back story on him. I’m also so happy he took out Forbes! ONE TIME FOR THE ONE TIME. I’m happy he knew to go to Fraser’s Ridge for safety.

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded

In this instance, the important gift is not food, but a book. I specified to Props that the book should be a particular book: Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded by Samuel Richardson, and that it should be noticeably large. This is one of the most popular books of the 18th century, and a genuinely Big Book, too (the original printing ran about 1200 pages, though a modern paperback printing is only 554 pp.). This is one of the books that Jamie and Lord John discussed during their dinners in Ardsmuir Prison. ~ Diana Gabaldon, Annotation

M: Nah Ulysses, you’re not a murderer. YOU ARE THE G.O.A.T.

JH: So glad Ulysses is okay!! I knew he was screwed after he killed Forbes, even though he was protecting Jocasta.

In fact, sir… I am not…  
exactly… a slave.  

M: Those manumission papers made me happy for him and appreciate Jocasta. I still don’t like her though and never will on principle. Maria Doyle Kennedy though is amazing. Forbes witnessed the document.

CUT FROM SCENE: I was born free, mistress. But my father died soon after my birth, and my mother was obliged to sell herself — and me — in order that we might live. When she died, my master sold me to an itinerant scholar, whom I served on his travels. He talked to me, and finding me… intelligent… taught me French and mathematics and many other things. Mostly, as he said, in order to have someone worth talking to during long journeys. The scholar died, and I was sold again, but as I was then educated and had… fine ways, as they said… I could be sold as a house slave. So I came to River Run,  where your aunt and uncle soon discovered my talents.

Christ, a document of manumission —

JH: Ulysses has such an amazing story!! I hope we get to learn more about him next episode as well.

He has such a unique story – he’s free, he’s educated, and now he’s wanted for murder.

Signed by Jocasta, and… witnessed  
by Gerald Forbes?

But — you mean that you’ve really  
been free all this time, and yet ––  

My mistress insisted upon  
manumitting me as soon as Mr.  
Cameron died. I… chose not to  
leave… her.

JL: Roger finally did something useful and finished that loft.

That small moment when Bree says Jemmy’s extra sensitivity to the stones could potentially be because both his parents are time travelers. I love that so much.

After Bonnet’s death last episode, I appreciated the small mention of Jemmy’s paternity.

M: Look at Roger! He did that loft and HE WANTS TO LEAVE? UGGHHHHH

JH: It’s so interesting that time traveling is genetic. Definitely makes for a cool paternity test!

M: What are the rules for time traveling? I am again confused. Roger is ready to get up and GO. I do like how Bree is laying down the terms.

They need a story to not give that responsibility to her parents and she wants to say goodbye to everyone.

JL: Lizzie lurking in the background while Jamie and LJG talk, had me cackling.

She is always in other people’s business. Lizzie needs to go hover over the Beardsley twins.

M: Lizzie is so cute, she likes mess. I can tell.

M: Was it? Was it really the river that took Bonnet? Was it really? LOL Did Brianna not share that detail with him?

[V: She obviously didn’t and neither did Roger.]

It was. But not by my hand.
It was Brianna’s wish. He was
sentenced, and the river took him.

I’m sure she will rest easy now,
knowing she’ll never see his face again.

JL: I like how Ian mentions the way Claire and Jamie thought they could change history with Culloden.

Actually speaking of changing history, there has been no mention of Jamie and Claire death, the whole reason Bree came through the stones to find them. LOL

JH: It’s great that Ian now understand his Aunt better – why she was gone for so long and came back, and where she got her knowledge.

I also loved their little discussion about preventing war and the limited influence one person can really have on the course of history.

JL: This moment broke my heart. Ian is so heartbroken and the way he says he wants to travel through the stones, he is so desperate.

M: What exactly happened to Ian that he’s so pressed to go back in time?

JH: Wow, he was so desperate to fix what happened that he wanted to time travel! I wonder if he left of his own free will, or was he exiled?

[V: Margot and Jess H, if they don’t reveal it in the last episode, I will tell you.]

Not sure if this bit actually made it into the final version or not. We went back and forth a little on how much to show of Ian’s backstory with the Mohawk. I had included a small flashback to that actual time that would have provided a clue as to his distress without stating the reason, but they didn’t want to go that far, so “something between a man and his wife” is as much as we included in this season. ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

JL: Helwater? No comment, NEXT!

M: I was so excited to see LJG in this episode, but now I’m just annoyed that he’s talking about Helwater and Spawn. Taking up space in the episode.

JH: All I’m saying is Helwater is missing an L.

M: WHY ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT WILLIAM (SPAWN). STOP BRINGING HIM UP! Let him and his memory stay in London. So was Jamie or Claire in charge of the decorations in the big house? Wow John Gary Steel is such a talent.

JL: I don’t know a Willie…

JL: There are moments when I appreciate the friendship between LJG and Jamie, but this moment was unnecessary. The utilization of LJG this season has been sort of underwhelming. He has served no real purpose.

JH: He has had kind of a weird arc this season – every time I see him, I remember “Oh yeah, he’s here.”  LOL I guess he just can’t stand being too far away from Jamie!

JL: Why did Jamie put his picture right next to their bed? Why remind Claire of his kid with someone else? Strange and highly unnecessary. Jamie needs to put it away before someone sees it and ask questions. Plus, the viewers don’t want to see it.

M: Jess L, I was literally wondering out loud why that damned picture was there. I DEFINITELY did not want to see it. Write Spawn out of the show – I’m tired.

JH: I can kind of understand Jamie. But then I think of how I would feel about seeing my husband’s out of wedlock kid every morning….

JL: I love the small moments when we see Jamie and Claire being domestic. Just them conversing in their home they built for their family, makes me emotional.

JL: Claire dabbed that perfume on, had her shift pulled down exposing her shoulder all for Jamie, feeling hot and heavy, and this man has the nerve to fall asleep. Jamie, step ya game up bruh.

M: Claire was READY! Jamie how are you just going to fall asleep like that – WAKE UP, MAN.

JH: I wonder if she still uses lavender oil? My guess is a hard NO! Lol.

 JL: Seeing Jamie fall asleep and the way Claire looks at him, reminds me of their wedding night. It’s a soft look she gives, and it makes me smile seeing her watch him

JL: She was probably having some hot dreams after Jamie fell asleep on her. LOL But for real, they had a fire burning with the windows closed in NC.

No wonder she woke up hot and sweating. Between her sweating and Jamie practically fully clothed, I myself started sweating.

JL: So much to discuss about this scene, where to begin. First off, I love the way Jamie was troubled at the thought of not pleasing his wife when she needs and wants.

Second, they are so soft and gentle with each other in this scene. It reminds me of that scene when they say, I love you, for the first time at Lallybroch.

Last, when he picks her up and starts kissing his way down, exposing that thigh and getting a good grip…MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY. GOOD LORDT!

MV: So this was the scene that everyone was having a meltdown on Twitter about this week. Jamie clocked the perfume and realized he messed up by falling asleep. He knew it was time to fix that. Damn, leave it to Jamie and Claire to make a window sexy.

JH: He just knows her so well, he can tell what she’s thinking just by how she SMELLS. UGH.

For The Fiery Cross, the microscope scene was my go-to reading piece; it always worked. My original script included the final line of that scene, where Jamie turns back at the door and says to Claire, “Can ye not take them out and give them decent burial?” No idea why they wanted to leave that off, but they’d also (in an early rewrite) deleted the, “Whose are they/how did ye get them” exchange, and I argued for that and got it put back, so I wasn’t pushing my luck with “give them burial.” Every second counts! ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

 JL: Who knew microscopes have good magnification back then.

JL: Claire’s face during this entire scene was absolutely amazing and hilarious.

She was so amused and the way he asked her where she got the sperm from, dead! Also, this scene was too short for my liking!!!

 M: It’s a Biology lesson ladies and gents!!!! Claire drinking tea and going, ‘Aren’t they marvelous?’ HAHA.

I like how Jamie was complimenting the sperm the whole time, and he didn’t even know what they were, ‘handsomely thrashing tails.’ RIP ME, I JUST DIED.

JH: I was dying at Jamie saying “they’re so many of them” – of course Jamie g-damn Fraser has a healthy sperm count well into his fifties!

JL:  This is literally the cutest wee cheetie I have ever seen. Why is this cat so damn gorgeous?

M: Ayyyeeee my cat Adso. I keep telling everyone, I will be a cat person for the Outlander cat.

JH: Hi Adso!!

JL: Again no comment. Let’s move on to something that really matters.


JH: As for Willie, don’t care, didn’t ask. Plus, you’re spawn.

JL: I did not have any real emotions that are positive when Jamie tells Bree about the boy. I feel like this took away from a much-needed Jamie and Bree moment.

JL: Finally, after waiting the entire season, we got a Bree and Jamie scene. So sad that this scene involves them saying goodbye to each other. And I started bawling when Jamie said “You have made my life whole.”

M: RIGHT, Jess L? That line was heartbreaking!  I’m so glad Bree and Jamie finally got to meet and spend time together. Do they really have to go?

After yer mother left me, with you
in her belly and I thought I’d
never see ye; I kent you were
there. I was a husband, and a
father. And now I am a grandsire,
and even if I never see any of ye
again… ye’ve made my life whole.

JH: Gabaldon knows how to go in for the emotional sucker punch. Just as Jamie and Brianna are developing a truthful and loving relationship, she has to leave.

M: Boston is far away. AND IT’S COLD. Why do they want to leave?

 JL: I love how Bree and Marsali have become sisters. It’s been so beautiful to watch their relationship develop this season.

JH: They really picked Boston over New York – could not be me.

M: But Jess H., we are currently living in Boston! 😭

JL: My 21st century mindset finds it funny that they think Boston to North Carolina is really far away.

M: Also, Marsali is fully pregnant again? Wow.

JL: Fergus must be stopped before he kills her having all these damn kids.

M: Claire doesn’t even want to acknowledge it, that they’re leaving. This is hard.

M: I love how Lizzie just assumed she was going with them.

When she realized she wasn’t leaving with them, that was gut- wrenching. That’s how you know she’s loyal. Lizzie is adorable. Love her.

J: This was such a sad scene. Lizzie has been with Brianna from the beginning. And back then, someone living as far as Boston means you will most likely never see them again. So, it’s the perfect excuse for Brianna to give but still so heartbreaking!

M: There goes this Brown guy spitting on their land out of pure disrespect. I knew it, Jamie declining their invitation is not going to be a good look to them.

JL: The Browns definitely took it personally that Jamie turned them down.

JH: I knew something would go down when Jamie turned him down. There were no twitter feuds to follow back then, people had to make their own pettiness!

M: Look at the way he handled his wife, Rose. I can already tell something is up. He answers questions for her, and he makes it uncomfortable when Claire asks how the wound happened. He really broke the bones in her whole forearm? That’s awful.

Claire is literally just asking questions that doctors are taught to that screen for domestic violence. Even took the step to get the husband (perceived aggressor) out of the room.

This is exactly what a healthcare professional should do, but I’m afraid it’s not going to rub well with Mr. Brown. Now, I’m scared.

M: Naaaahhhhh! I don’t like how she took on the blame. This lady is smart, knowing that she shouldn’t bring a child into this.

JL: The way Lionel looks at Claire just makes me so uncomfortable and scared for her. That man looks at Claire with so much displeasure, almost hate. You can see it in his eyes that he thinks Claire is too dominant or outspoken for a woman. He looks like he wants to show her she needs to stay in her place.

JH: Yes, Ned Dennehy performance of Lionel is perfect. You can see the hostility he feels because he looks down on her, but still needs her because she has a skill he doesn’t possess.

JL: The conversation between Claire and Rose, reminded me of the way women are treated in the 18th century. Rose’s mindset is so sad to me; she thinks women are only there to please their husbands and have children. Moments like these remind me of Claire’s modern mindset and behavior for a woman.

JH: I was so heartbroken hearing her, but it was great to see that (thanks to Claire) she can practice some sort of birth control. It shows how empowering reproductive education is.

JL: When Lionel saw that insignia, I knew immediately THIS IS NOT GOOD. Protect Claire Fraser at all costs from this man, please.

M: That man IS TOO NOSY. But the jig is up, Claire. He may be evil, but he’s not entirely stupid. You’ve been found out and now I’M MAD AT FERGUS AGAIN.

JH: I knew Claire was in deep shit when he saw that insignia.

How many men has she angered with her pamphlets?

M: Ian just wants to accompany them to those stones, so he can see if he can travel (also to see them safe of course). Nah fam, it’s not going to work.

M: Roger I– YOU HAVE A WHOLE STRIP OF LAND AND YOU WANT TO LEAVE? Honestly. I know for a fact, if it were just up the Brianna, she would choose to stay. Who wouldn’t? Jamie, Claire and Bree – a whole attractive family.

JH: I agree. Does she really want to throw that all away just to work for Boeing or something?

JL: Ian did not care about that land Roger tried giving to him. LOL I found the way he sort of said whatever to that because he wanted to travel with them.

 JL:  I feel badly for Ian. He is so broken, someone give him a hug, please.


JL: I am still trying to figure out what purpose he serves in this Outlander world.

M: WOW! AGAIN, WE TALK ABOUT SPAWN? Like we get it; he exists. Leave him and his memory in LONDON.

JH: Does Spawn have some fan club we don’t know about? This is one plot line they really don’t need them to tie up.

JL: Sometimes, I am shook by the chemistry between these two and I love the friendship their characters have.

M: It’s electric. Love scenes with these two. Wow everyone is just leaving. LJG and Ulysses are leaving now? I’m happy for Ulysses though. Persevere my guy. We support you!

JH: I love when LJG says it’s impossible not to like her. They’ve come a looong way since she threatened to out him.

JL: Every time I see Jamie and Claire with their grandchildren, I think about how THEY DESERVED TO RAISE THEIR CHILDREN TOGETHER.

M: Jess H. and I have literally started flipping out together when we remember Jamie and Claire never raised their child together. It pulls at my heartstrings so much. WHY?!

JH: It’s so sad!! Like I said, Gabaldon has a special talent for torturing her characters!! And just as they’ve managed to be a family again, it’s coming to an end. UGH.

JL: My heart aches for Bree preparing to leave her parents and I love the way Roger is there to comfort her. During this entire season the development in Roger and Bree’s relationship has been so great to watch. They did a great job making the viewers invest in their relationship this season compared to last season.

M: Roger literally just admitted that he never really had parents (aside from the Reverend). So why does he want to leave? Yoo Roger, you can find a purpose somewhere in this century. Stop being annoying.

M: Also, has no one thought about what they’re going to say to people when they get back? What happened to the apartment in Boston? Is rent control a thing in the 70’s for Boston? It certainly isn’t right now in 2020. Will Brianna go back to school? Do they have a birth certificate for Jemmy? A social security number? What are they going to say when doctors ask why the kid hasn’t been vaccinated? They’re going to look like anti vaxxers. Will they stay with Fiona until they get themselves together? Or Joe Abernathy? Will Joe understand? I have lots of questions. I’m confused.

JH: Margot – yes exactly!! Maybe living in the past has made them forget how complicated 20th century life is. I guess they can just go with the same “stolen by the faeries” excuse Claire had, but will the same trick work twice?

JL: This scene is so heartbreakingly beautiful. The way Bree runs up to Claire and hugs her so tightly, reminds me of 409 when they reunite. Claire has such a peaceful look on her face as she hugs Bree. Even though Bree is leaving her and taking Jemmy with her, she finds solace in knowing they will be safe in their own time.

M: Nah, fam this ‘aint’ it. I’m so upset. I know we all love Jamie and Claire’s storyline, but we have to give a round of applause for Brianna and Claire’s love story. They’ve come a really long way since S2 and we love to see it.

JH: Another scene that breaks your heart. Claire and Brianna’s relationship has been through so much – finding out you’re the product of an affair can spell estrangement. But they’ve both grown so much, and they have such a great bond!

M: Jamie is eating a whole PB&J sandwich with a knife and fork and I am FULLY dying of laughter. (I’m going to make myself one.) Question: Are they having something extra for dinner with those sandwiches? That can’t be the whole dinner.

JL: Right M, Jamie cutting a piece of the sandwich sends me. LOL

This is a scene where great acting and good direction were very effective; where the script calls for Jamie to bite into his sandwich, onscreen he picks up his knife and fork, and cuts a bite in a businesslike fashion, putting it daintily into his mouth. That was cut in the next to last version of the episode, but they obligingly restored it when I asked—along with Ian’s very good impression of Scotsman Eating Peanut-Butter for the First Time/What The Hell…? ~ Diana Gabaldon Annotation

JH: Love that comment about using it to fix boots. LOL. Also I’m hoping George Washington Carver will still get credit for one of his many inventions in this timeline!

JL: This toast tugged at my heartstrings and I ugly-cried. They think this is the last time they will be together as a family.

To home, to family, to hearts that  
beat as one. Slàinte mhath!

Slàinte mhath!

The last time Jamie and Claire will have their daughter at their dinner table.

Slàinte mhath!

Slàinte mhath!

M: Wait…they’re really leaving? Wow I love the soundtrack this season. I need Bear McCreary to release the soundtrack.

JL: Its funny how we find out it took them two weeks to ride to the stones. LOL

Definitely couldn’t tell based on this scene.

JH: Man everything took so long back then! And they had two weeks to think about their decision and not turn back – their minds are made up.

JL: I never get tired of bonny Scotland and the landscapes we see on this show.

JL: As Roger and Bree start to walk up the hill toward the stones you see them grab each other’s hands.

I love the small things.

JL: Every time I hear that buzzing sounds from the stones, all the scenes we have gotten throughout the series flashes in my mind all at once.

JH: I hope we get to learn what that buzzing sound is eventually! And this time, I thought I heard a weird groaning sound too?

M: I started thinking they’re acting like parents whose children just left to go off to college. This is sad.

JL: You can see Claire’s eyelashes are wet from crying and now I’m emotional all over again.

JL: Of course he grabs her hand and they hug so sweetly.

Then, the forehead touch is just beyond perfect. These two and that unforgettable chemistry.

JL: The way Jamie mentions Brianna becoming an engineer in her time, so sweet and tender; he is so proud of his smart lass.

JH: I love it! He probably still isn’t entirely sure what an engineer does, but he’s so proud of her just the same.

JL:  That rope Roger ties around his wife and son, to keep them together as they go through the stones, personifies the way he has tried to protect and care for his family this entire season.

M: I still don’t understand the rules of time travel, but I hope that rope works.

Ian — thank you for everything  
you’ve done for us. Take care of my  
parents… I love you!  

M: Can we all appreciate Bree’s coat, here? I’ve been admiring it all season.

I love ye, too, cousin!

JL: When Bree tells Jemmy to take the stone from her and hold it tight, his wee voice said, I will hold on.


JL: The camera shot of the three of them touching the stone together gave me 2×13 vibes, when Jamie and Claire were at the stones.

M: Wait —THEY’RE GONE FOR REAL? I was hoping it would spit them back out. Lolololol

M: Ian, it’s not going to work man. Give it up and go back to the ridge.

JL: The image of him trying to travel through the stones is so upsetting. He is clearly searching for that excitement and purpose in life that he thought the Mohawks would bring him.

JH: Wow, he is willing to risk so much just to fix whatever happened with his wife! Or could he just be mourning the loss of family? A very emotional scene and John Bell pulls it off!

JL: I am so confused at this part. Who did Jemmy confidently run to?

Where are they or when are they?? I need answers.

M: I’m still confused, what happened?

JH: Roger and Bree look terrible after coming out, but Jem is totally fine. Guess those traveling genes are strong! What on earth happened? Are they in the wrong time?

JL: Fergus line, “what a privilege to help with such a task.” LOL

M: Jess L.! LOL I love Fergus. I’m so happy he’s still around. I accept him whether he’s talking or just quietly and judgingly watching.

M: OOP! Y’all remember that pin I placed in that line big brother Brown said about the whiskey still earlier in the episode?

He’s come to collect. YEESH.

M: I love how Marsali just picked up how to reset a joint so easily.

Aye… sort of the opposite of what  
ye do when ye joint a hog?

JL: The way my heart stopped when that man backhand Claire. WTF

JH: They really blew up the still as a distraction?? How could they be sure Claire wouldn’t go with them??

M: Look how Marsali was ready with that knife to throw down for Claire!!! I STAAAN

JL: Yes M, she was so ready to defend Claire!

JH: Marsali is a G, always has been.


JL: I gasped so loud when that man knocked her out like that, AND SHE’S PREGNANT.

JH: That hit looked like it could have killed her! MARSALI!!!

JL: This entire situation makes my stomach hurt and scares TF out of me. Claire is shouting for Jamie, while they drag her out the house. I CANNOT.

M: So, disturbing! My heart was racing!

JH: Is this all really because they wouldn’t join the Committee? OR, will she be accused of being a witch again for her pamphlets?!!

M: I’m guessing both.

JL: I found that shot of Germain on the porch so eerie and made me even more emotional.

This poor laddie watched his mother get knocked out and his grandmother screaming as she is kidnapped.

Germain! What are you doing out  
here by yourself, mon p’tit? It’s  
nearly dark! Where is Maman?

Maman won’t wake up, Papa!

JL: The way Jamie screams Claire’s name. He is so desperate and terrified.

The thought of losing his Sassenach breaks me.

M: He looked so horrified, that episode went from 0 to 50000 REAL QUICK! This is legit one of his worst nightmares. Why would someone kidnap Claire? I’m confused again.


 M: RUN, MAN. We have to alert the ridge.

JL: Jamie took off with that torch to light that cross.

JH: Such a badass scene!!

M: Jamie: ‘I’m about to F**k some people up next week and get her back. Watch.’

Oh, I will.

Episode Rating (1-5 Shots)

We give this episode 5-shots! We knew we were going to get many moments from the books, but we were worried the right moments would be skipped due to time. However, this season and this episode, exceeded our expectations. It was a wild ride!

We were served everything and more in this episode. Domestic Fraser family on the ridge, lighthearted moment with the dinner scene, and the bittersweet goodbyes. This emotional roller coaster took the viewer and left us wanting more. We enjoyed the Claire and Jamie moments, windowsill and microscope scene. The latter scenes were ones we were afraid would get edited out, but they weren’t, and the adaptation was phenomenal on screen.

Also, there was so much action and they explored many of the bigger Outlander story arcs. It felt like everyone in this season was coming together and stories were being tied up. Each relationship had its own special moment, from Bree learning about Willie to Ian playing with Jem. It felt like the writers were careful to create those quality moments so it would be even more gut-wrenching when we learn that they will be leaving each other. We even learned a few more details about time traveling.

The acting this whole season has been on another level. This episode, we all thought Sophie Skelton stood out. The way she has embodied Brianna’s character was in full force. The Lizzie goodbye scene was a scene that we did not expect to hit us the way it did. Unexpectedly, some of us got so emotional during this scene because of the way Brianna felt is so accurately depicted by Sophie. She has been incredible all season and deserves kudos for embodying and embracing her character. We also loved the way Caitriona Balfe and Sophie Skelton play off each other, a brilliant portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship. This relationship is so strong, at times, we must remind ourselves that it’s just acting! The way Brianna says “Mama” and runs to hug her…. We can’t imagine the complex emotions of having to time travel away from a parent, but Sophie Skelton somehow captures it.

We also wonder what Sam and Caitriona really think when they do scenes like the windowsill and that microscope scene? Are they dying of laughter like us, who can’t believe it? Or, do they swoon also like us because they can’t get over how dynamic they are. Sam’s portrayal of Jamie, at the end when he realized something happened to Claire, was gut wrenching.

Overall, we have loved all the costumes this season; we have even seen the characters in new clothes that we never have seen. The costumes this season have embraced the back country surroundings and give a different vibe than the costumes last season. One of our favorites is the burgundy/red coat Bree wears. That costume is so strong and embraces her fiery and strong personality. She seems to be fashion forward no matter what century she lives in. I love her time traveling drip – her hair is slicked, her coat is perfectly tailored, and that rope snatches her waist. What an icon. We have also noticed Claire has been dressed more in purple and wonder if there is any significance to it.

The big house is practically its own character, and so much care went into each room. The color of the walls in the living room area and the furniture are all so beautiful. That staircase is fantastic. We love noticing a little pot of flowers or cute wallpaper in the background of each scene. John Gary Steele and his team really built that from the ground up? Fantastic. Another set that was done well was the burned cabin.

We loved all the sweeping nature visuals. It really gives us a sense of the beauty and isolation of this period of history. From the transitions of the bonny Scottish landscape to the lighting in certain scenes, this episode was visually stunning. The close-up shots of the characters talking captured the emotions of the moment. That shot of Jamie closing the doors to the parlor so he and Claire could speak with Ian was amazing. And, at the end, the transition shots and the overlook of the different landscapes each time Jamie called out for Claire made everything more tense.

The themes and transitions captured by Bear’s brilliant compositions evokes so much emotion that makes you feel what the characters are feeling in the scene. It never seems over dramatic. In this episode, Otter-Tooth’s theme captured the tone in the scene with Ian and Jamie and Claire. We love how it’s developed over the series. The melodies still seem to remind us of their time in Scotland, but it’s changed with their travels. The S5 soundtrack cannot be released soon enough. We need to own it immediately! Bear McCreary is a genius!


What we are looking forward to in the S5 Epi12 – The Season Finale!

Jessica H: We all know it’s going to go DOWN next episode. Jamie has had Claire taken from him before and it never goes well for the perpetrators. I’m sure Claire is well loved by her community for all the help she gives. So, Jamie will have plenty of allies in the fight. It’s still a bit of a mystery exactly what they will be facing next episode, which just makes it more exciting! I’m also dying to know what happens with Roger and Brianna – could they be stuck in the 18th century after all?! Follow Jessica H on Twitter – @calypsomoon9.

Jessica L: I know for a fact the season finale will be tough to watch, at times, but it is essential to get through for many characters’ arcs that affect future events. I am looking forward to the pain and to be completely honest, I bask in the drama and hurt because it truly makes you feel. The performances we are about to get from the cast is going to be award worthy. Caitriona Balfe is going to tear our guts out and I am so ready. HURT ME, PLEASE. I am trying to ignore the fact that, after next week, we probably won’t get new Outlander episodes for quite some time. Follow Jessica L on Twitter – @LOutlander.

Margot: I felt a shift with this new episode, so it does feel like we’re in a new book, even though I haven’t read the books. Overall S5 has continued to blow me away. They really picked up steam from Epi7 and I have been shook every week since. The next episode is going to be the last one we have for a WHILE (Damn you COVID) and I can tell it’s going to be a HUGE ONE.

I am just looking forward to seeing what happened to Claire, and how far they’re going to push it with this one. How will Jamie handle it? More importantly, how will Claire handle it? I liked how in the promo for 5×12 it was mainly shots of Jamie and Claire, so it makes me feel like it’s going to be a big Jamie and Claire-centric episode. This whole story started with them, so it’s fitting that it ends with them. Also, what happened to Roger, Brianna and Jemmy? I want them back on the ridge so I’m hoping something happens that makes them go back. Whatever happens to Claire, she’s going to need her family to help her get through it. Follow Margot on Twitter – @Margot94V.

S5 Epi12 – Never My Love


Claire struggles to survive brutal treatment from her captors, as Jamie takes drastic measures in a bid to save his wife.

Outlander | S5 Epi12 – Finale ~ Video via STARZ

See ye in next week!

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