Outlander S6: Storylines That Need To Happen After Intense S5 Finale

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

If you have not seen the Outlander S5 finale stop here!!

The Season 5 finale of Outlander proved to be an incredibly intense episode. Viewers had to watch as Caitriona Balfe’s Claire Fraser was kidnapped, beaten, and brutally raped by several men. Although Sam Heughan’s Jamie came swooping in to rescue her with a band of men, the damage was done and Claire spent the rest of the finale coping with the ordeal with the support of her family.

In lieu of a massive cliffhanger, Outlander’s Season 5 ended with a bit more uncertainty as to what awaits Claire, Jamie, and the growing number of extended family members in Season 6. Keeping in mind that I haven’t read Diana Gabaldon’s books, which the Starz series is based on, here are six storylines that need to happen in Outlander Season 6.

6. Season 6 Needs To Explore Claire’s Trauma

Claire went through an incredibly traumatic experience that saw her raped by several men. She was ultimately rescued and her kidnappers killed, but it was obvious that Claire struggled to move on in the aftermath; and no one could blame her for not going back to normal so soon.

Season 6 should take the time to explore Claire’s harrowing ordeal. There has been enough sexual assault on Outlander that it warrants more than a couple of conversations before she’s able to move forward. Therefore, it would be great if the Starz series explored Claire’s state of mind over the course of Season 6 and how surviving the assault affects her day-to-day life and relationships.

5. Bree And Roger Need To Go Back To The Future

All throughout Season 5, Brianna and Roger contemplated going back to the future with their son, Jemmy. However, they were unclear whether Jemmy could travel safely through the stones and waited until they could know for sure before making any final decisions. Bree and Roger got their answer in Season 5’s penultimate episode and began saying their goodbyes to Claire, Jamie, and Ian.

But, as soon as the family vanished into the stones, they were dropped right back to the 18th century. Bree and Roger should go back to the 20th century for good by the end of Season 6. After all, Season 5 hinted that they would return to the future so often that it would be a missed opportunity to not have them actually go through with it. I think it would make their story far more interesting than being stuck in a time where they clearly don’t belong.

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