Inside Stacey Abrams’s Documentary, All In: The Fight for Democracy

With her new Amazon doc ‘All In,’ the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate cements a Hollywood partnership.

Like most Americans, Stacey Abrams has spent the past five months at home. But from her makeshift workspace in the living/dining room of her townhouse on Atlanta’s east side, the 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee has been keeping busy, tackling the issue that helped cost her that election — voter suppression — via a documentary she produced, All In: The Fight for Democracy.

“I believe in meeting people where they are, not where we think they should be,” Abrams says during an interview in mid-August, the day before she was to call Donald Trump a “president of cowardice” during a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. “I’ve written a book about voter suppression. I’ve done op-eds about it. I have digital conversations about it. But film is a unique medium that has reach and scope. It has the ability to draw in the watcher and turn that watcher into an activist.”

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