Outlander Star Sam Heughan on His New Book Clanlands with Graham McTavish

Fans still slogging through Droughtlander received a welcome reprieve this week. Sam Heughan (James Fraser) and Graham McTavish (Dougal Mackenzie) have released their book, Clanlands, which follows the two men on a road trip as they drink, laugh, and bicker their way through Scotland’s historical sites. Written in first person, they frequently interject each other’s accounts, alternating between Scottish history, their road trip, and anecdotes from filming Outlander and their respective acting careers. As Outlander author Diana Gabaldon writes in her foreword, “Think Jack Kerouac, but with fewer drugs, more paragraphs and no sex. Well, almost no sex . . .”

It will be followed by a docu-series, Men in Kilts, to be released next year on Starz. Here, Heughan tells T&C what filming the road trip was really like and hints at a few things to look for in season six of Outlander.

It was mad actually. I was shooting Outlander all week, so I would finish up Friday night, drive to shoot Men in Kilts on Saturday and Sunday, and then drive back. We did that for three weekends. It was full on, but so fun. It is funny because it takes, you know, four hours to drive to the Isles of Skye and that is nothing to Americans, right? But in Scotland that is a long drive because the roads are narrow and winding, it is not like driving on the freeway, it is a bit of a challenge.


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