Halle Berry Comes Out Swinging in Trailer for Directorial Debut ‘Bruised’

This looks like it might be a good one!! ~ V

The mixed martial arts drama, which stars the Academy Award winner as a disgraced fighter whose redemption takes an unexpected turn, will release in theaters and on Netflix this November.

Netflix released the first trailer for Halle Berry’s upcoming directorial debut Bruised on Thursday.

Written by Michelle Rosenfarb and produced by, among others, Basil Iwanyk (John WickSicario), the story follows Berry’s Jackie Justice, a mixed martial arts fighter who has a fall from grace and leaves the sport. Working as a cleaner and with a surprise — Manny (Danny Boyd Jr.), the son she gave up as an infant — on her doorstep, the down-on-her-luck Justice is still boiling with rage over her lost past life.

But when she’s persuaded to participate in a brutal underground organized fight by her manager and boyfriend, Desi (Adan Canto), she snags the attention of a fight league promoter played by Shamier Anderson. With the promise of a return to the mat, Justice isn’t pulling any punches in her fight to get back to her old world and old life, while also exploring her new role as a mother.

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Bruised | Official Trailer ~ Video via Netflix


Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) is a mixed martial arts fighter who leaves the sport in disgrace.

Down on her luck and simmering with rage and regret years after her last fight, she’s coaxed into a brutal underground fight by her manager and boyfriend Desi (Adan Canto) and grabs the attention of a fight league promoter (Shamier Anderson) who promises Jackie a life back in the octagon.

But the road to redemption becomes unexpectedly personal when Manny (Danny Boyd, Jr.) — the son she gave up as an infant — shows up at her doorstep.

Bruised is slated to release in theaters on Nov. 17 before dropping on Netflix on Nov. 24.


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