Colin Kaepernick on the Impact of His Netflix Biopic Series, Acting and Whether He’d Return to the NFL

The athlete and activist, who is on the cover of ‘Ebony’ next month, also opened up about being adopted by a white family in the rare interview.

Colin Kaepernick discussed his upcoming Netflix scripted series and its appeal to different audiences, and if he still wants to play for an NFL team in an interview with Ebony released Wednesday.

As the cover star of the magazine’s November issue, Kaepernick spoke with The View’s Sunny Hostin as well as Aicha Sacko and Elsabet Franklin, two Lower Eastside Girls Club members who also graduated from Kaepernick’s nonprofit called Know Your Rights Camp. The organization works to support Black and Brown communities through youth-empowerment camps. The KYRC is one of the many projects he is working on, including his biopic series.

Speaking about his upcoming series Colin in Black & White, which he co-created with Ava DuVernay, the athlete and activist said he hopes audiences will be uniquely impacted by the show. He explained . . .

When you look at Black and Brown folks, especially Black and Brown youth, the message is staying true to yourself, believing in yourself, having confidence in your identity, and not letting anybody take that from you.

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